Thursday, December 20, 2012

"By Our Hands"

"By Our Hands"

Peel away my skin.
Dead skin with the nerve to bleed.
Alive it rives in pain of need.
I need you to touch me;
But you weren't here today.
Our minds have gone astray.
Found reasons to delay.
When there's nothing to say,
We slowly drift away.
There is bound to be a rift.
Something shifts us from our hearts
To that which aims to tear us apart.
Late night and one wonders.
Midnight milling through phone numbers.
There was no we today;
But did that incur dismay?

How about leeway?
Intermittent in a segue
Bred of what fortifies the wedge
That breaches such a fragile hedge.
Our house is broken.
Homeless amid four walls,
drippings sinks, dark halls
And shallow sheets in the fall.
So who is there to call?
Who lurks among them?
What unspeakable girth of men
Have clamored for severance?
There is no portion of reverence
Reserved for the hearts it truly deserves.
It gets on my fucking nerves.
Don't dare label me absurd.

I'm not insane. There are just implied times
When one's definition of sanity
Resembles that of a vanity
And that mirror never stood a chance.
At first glance, I may appear at ease.
Nothing easy about my grace.
No energy wasted or misplaced
Because I'm saving it for the chase.
I will lay here on this floor:
This broken house with padlocked doors
And I will dream of ways
To bring this drowning life to shore.
Swore I'd never let us die.
Let this fly. Don't ask me why.
My patience is wearing thin
And I'm not even trying to win.

So please.

Peel away my skin.
Wear my tendons thin.
Tussle with my muscles
Until my bones are crumbled.
Slam me against these locked doors
Until it leaks from my pores.
Plunge me into these windows.
Sweat and blood drips as wind blows.
For once and for only.
Don't leave me so lonely.
Against what you're condoning,
Be here like crowds before stoning.
Witness all the trials.
Watch my mind race for miles.
Soak up all this shame
As loved ones fight under my name.
Partake of my failure.
My self imposed disaster.
Embarrassment so damn extreme
That no one should have to look after.

Be here when it hurts
To be attentive through the spurts.
And the shouting.
And the screaming.
Be here for excuses
that I make to keep believing.
Tear down the cluster fuck:
Down on luck per his own volition;
Granting procrastinate permission
To wash away what should be.
This should not be me.
This will not be we.
I'll have you steal away.
I'll have you remain at bay
Before I rue the day
That I let it end this way.

Before I accept this sin
Of not reaching deep within
For where our forever should begin,
I'll let you peel away this skin.

And shatter all these bones.

What remains can be left alone.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Help me.
I couldn't see
Above this wall
Placed in front of me.

I'm bound to fall
In floods so deep.
Can't weather the squalls.

Stood up straight but I'm on my knees.
Figured I'd scale these bricks with ease;
But with the dawn of new days,
You simply spread more clay.
You wouldn't dare let this wall decay.
No breakaway. No brief delay.
Determined to view me serpentine:
Crushed under you, life much maligned.

No life of mine.
Far from complete.
We've drawn our lines.
They're obsolete.

I stand more than six feet tall;
Yet in your hands, I feel so small:
Fragile in wind that howls and blows.
Fingertips feign care before you let me go;
But even if I fall, I'll never be free.
A year full of squalls prepared for me.
No one to call trapped beneath the sea.
Then you lower your wall in taunt of me.

Scaled your wall hoping to survive.
Pain ingrained so I'm still alive.
You let me live just to mock my drive
In hopes that I'll soon take a dive
Face first so that I lose grace first;
Embracing your quench like endless thirst.
You thirst for plea. I thirst to be free;
But one can't flee from uncertainty.

So tall this wall.
The gusts extensive.
The love is free;
This life expensive.

We cannot afford one accord.
No fee will ensure that we agree.
I will never give you all of me
And your rain will stain if I try to see.
Violent squalls that scratch these eyes.
Storm surge rapidly starting to rise.
Spiteful dam placed against the seas.
Flood for the forlorn gathered at my knees.

Leave me.
Just let me be.
Remove this wall
Placed in front of me.

Even if I should fall
In floods this deep,
I doubt you'll cease these squalls.

Hands hang from nails. I'm crucified
Until your storm takes me for a ride.
You know how badly I want to get over;
Yet you sweep me off like I'm perched on shoulders
Another splash in your grand scheme.
Bound my ankles with an anchor of shattered dreams.
Never knew a mother's love so destitute.
If I gave you chance, who would you shoot?

no one at all.
Won't even breach this wall
Placed in front of me.

You're so ready to stall:
Keep me between this wall
And this flood too deep
Until I fall asleep;
Tired from times when I weep.
Bricks so slick that I lose grip.
Can't clutch this wall; so I just fall;
Washed away beneath these squalls.

If you truly love me…………

If you really want me to succeed…………

Then why hover above me?

Why can't you accept what I truly need?

Raised me to stand tall.
Taught me to look high
And here you've built a wall
That you won't let me climb.
Showed me how to swim
Should I ever take a fall;
Yet you refuse to calm your winds.
You won't sweep away these squalls.

The rain rinsed away fond memories.
I'm afraid this is as close as we'll ever be. †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, December 3, 2012

"Shards Of Honey"

"Shards Of Honey"

Sharper than fresh thorns.
Roses picked in the wiles of winter.
Air left to those who dare
To toil for one so fair.

I'll pick you some flowers.
I'll bleed for the need
To snatch up what's born of seeds.
Place them in my lap.


Maybe there's no need.
You don't have to save me.
I am not green to this enslaving.
Martyrs always die twice.
So many mini deaths.
So marvelous is the massacre.
Meticulous disaster.
I rive in it like little else matters.

Died thrice times after midnight.
Made me tremble.
I've shed some tears here;
But I've never cowered in fear.
Did you hear?
Nothing reminiscent of a cackle.
No chains or shackles
Yet screams fill my dreams…………

Drawn out like fresh cream.

I steal away.
You snatch me from so far.
You plant me in so deep.
Petrified in elation.
Excited in the rapture
Of such an exceptional capture.
Tight lips like vice grips.
Hands slip and I free fall.
Slammed against walls.
Stained and scratched fabric.
Wreaking havoc.
Never got used to the habit.

Nourishment delivered
From the sacred river.
Floating in ambiance.
Circumstance must stand aside.
I will take control…………

…………I will fold.
…………I will yield.
…………I will give in.

This beard shapes my face
As I run through bare fields
Like one in search of refuge.
I seek something to live in.
I dig in;
Drawing warmth in generous squalls.
Walls close in abruptly.
I've the divine luxury of excavation.
The thrill of the thrust.
Lust in my drill.
Anger in my stroke.
Moist tips and soft lips
Trapped between teeth
That have torn bed sheets.
Teeth that grind and grit;
Only standing aside when you spit…………

Spit trickles where the whistle meets the missile;
running free before tracing your face;
following tears through ears
like they've fallen from grace misplaced…

Lost are the wholesome means.
Whole tongue and cheek.
Knees weak from work and withstanding.
The unspoken so demanding.
Words never heard exclaimed so plain.
Pleasantly listening to me complain
While you willingly drain;
Knowing not where dilemma stakes claim.
So satisfied in my frustration.
Your unruly demonstration demonic;
Unholy your actions. Your devotion celestial.
Pedestal reserved for the one it deserves.
We perch together.
No jocking for position.
Your glowing skin glistens.
Never felt so funny.…………

You inquire: "Do you need me?"
I admit with great anticipation.
Legs streched far across nations.
A world of love where thighs rub.
Soft are the peaks I seek.
The valley thick and slick.
Wandering about plains that transform pain
Into a degree of pleasure yet to be measured.

You feed my greed
You acquiesce in lieu of need.
I crave you more than money.
Swallowing shards of honey whole.

Sharper than fresh thorns.
Your flower void of scar;
But it's dew flung like shrapnel.
Deep cuts only I can handle.

Nothing new for honeydew.
Passion fruit out of pursuit.
Heaven sits higher than melon.
I want the pain that is your rain.

Soaking in your torrents.
Nothing worse than the abhorrence
that is your clear skies.
Can't wait to rinse these eyes
With outpourings from your crease.
I hope it will never cease.
Drenched in drops like towels rung.
Sweetest remnants line my tongue.

Sharper than the winter rose.
Worthy of all fawn and prose.
Shards of honey fill my cheeks
Until words I barely speak.

Went down low to take you high.
Shoulder smolders. Burning thighs.
Daggers falling from your skies.
Sticky swords splash and gash my eyes.

Sweetest cleaver ever felt.
Passion surges as it pelts.
Where love stands, I've surely knelt
Until your shards of honey melt. ♥

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

My desire undeterred.
All admire. Few discerned.
Those in wonder will infer;
But this piece? It's about her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Bittersweet Subconscious"

"Bittersweet Subconscious"

Dreamt about you yesterday.
Found some time to hide away.
Found a place far from the chase
Where the mind invites a slower pace.
Thoughts of you sweet to the taste
Like candy chewed standing in place.
Bitter are the yearning moments.
Careful in chaste. No land of atonement.
Soft and delicate your pose.
Remnant petals from our rose.
From dormancy, the ones we chose
Befriend the wind and find our groves.
Cherry blossoms in the fall.
Hands sink deep within the wall.
Sorry that I missed your call.
I just needed time to stall.

Didn't want to wake up.
Our ringtone chose to shake up
My seldom surrendered faculties.
Wanted back my fantasy.

Dreamt of you tonight.
Felt more like a nightmare.
Felt like you didn't care.
Why did you cut your hair?
Swag in your bag,
Swerve on my nerves,
A woman full of fads
Claiming Barbie doll curves.
Wanted back my baby.
Only God could save me
From abhorrence so enslaving
In contempt of my fair lady.

Multicolored wigs,
as shapely as a twig,
and an insatiable itch
To cackle like a witch…………

My eyes twitched for hours.
Took a cold shower
and laid back down
After a few sighs and a frown;

But nothing was better
Than that daydream I had
While writing you love letters.
Sat among an angel's feathers.
Found myself surrounded by clouds.
Suddenly swept up in a swarm.
Spoke to my favorite storm.
She brought you to me.
Everything was so bright;
But I maintained pristine sight.
Dark as ever on this night,
So we collected shards of light.

Since we had light works,
We'll illuminate the sky.

And if it's light work,
You'll feel it in your thighs.

And if this light works,
We'll place it up so high

That Celestial vapors burn pure
Whenever God's angels cry.

How often my heart swells
Amid stints of pure hell
Where the only getaway
are those moments in the day
When I push it all away
And gently scrape the sides
Of this ever active mind
Where fond thoughts of you reside.

I wake up alone late nights.
I pull through with you each day.
I waive no anguish when I say
That my dream is so far away…………

…………I miss you. ♥

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Other Side Of The Highway"

"Other Side Of The Highway"

Was told I shouldn't concern myself
with the other side of the road.
Stick to my direction.
Avoid the interjections;
But I only see reflection
When I glance past dashed white.
Broken lines separate nothing
Between I and this light.
Broke stride with less pride
And more curiosity.
Wasn't concerned with privacy.
Who's around to stop me? Not you.

Early intent will win this late night.
I've no desirable extent for staying to the right.
It's always easy to delve
When you were never willing to fight.
I'm not looking to get away.
I just never promised I would stay.
So surprised to find belongings packed.
I remember saying I'm not turning back.
No knapsack.
No can of beans.
Just a wallet full of receipts
and balled up dreams in my jeans.

Day by day, the end hides away.
I thought the destination was getting closer;
But you have become my choker.
Fashionable shackles for the fearful.
Said that the other side if the road
Could only bring me back home.
You needed me to need you.
You feared that I would leave you.
Manipulation is a manic maelstrom.
I wish you good fortune;
Feverish fool stuck in your whirlpool.
Motives undisclosed will flatten the frequent.

I've read the signs.
I know what they say.
They weren't designed to lead the way.
They were forged to collect my days.
I even make note at night
Of such an unflattering sight.
Even when the path draws left,
Each sign will read "Turn Right."
And you think that some won't fight?!
I just chose to play the game.
Your aversion was never strange.
We both know where guidelines pertain.

So I'm moving down the highway.
The one that traces my life.
You protest, you wax, you forewarn.
You indict and vow to do harm;

But I'm moving down this highway.
The one that houses my life.
You can impart guilt in swarms.
Let that same guilt keep you warm.

Wonder what I've pondered.
Breathe hard when I blink.
Can't track what I've discovered.
You should've never made me think.
You watch my wheels fall off.
You saw my car break down.
You say that you're the one
And no more can be found.

Quite profound.

Not enough to make me stay.
I know where I am
By what you say.

So you see:

I can't be concerned
With your side of the road.
We've shed our last load.

So I'm moving down the highway.
My phone has a flashlight.
I'm not staying to the right.
Get some rest tonight. Goodbye.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Inspired By: "The Highways Of My Life" by The Isley Brothers

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Phoenix Force: A Writer's Wings"

"Phoenix Force: A Writer's Wings"

Got big plans on kickstands.
From tunnels to platforms.
The launch pad isn't a new fad.
Just a recurrent chance to take
For those who choose to skate
Clean past what's "real or fake"
For that courageous leap of faith
High above leaves they used to rake.
So much at stake
For this lifelong raffle
That I broke out of the crate
But grew fond of the shackles.
Slave self served sans shame.
Sharp tongue with no game.
Untamed yet far from lame.
Unsung with no name.

Never really could claim
To be one in the same.
I've no exploitative aspirations.
You look to lord over nations;
But why should I set the table
when you dine in privacy?
Your indictments are unstable
Yet you assign dichotomy.
You try your best to pick brains.
You can command lobotomies;
But arms and legs still remain.
What of your vasectomy?
Where's the manhood?
What manner of man would
Search so deep under the hood
In loathing of what he misunderstood?

I'm not a rude dude.
I rarely shift moods.
I'm such a nice guy;
So I can't understand why
Our oppressors scream in pain
While living in the land of plenty.
I'm an advocate of change.
I'd offer my enemies some pennies
If I ever knew their names.
Joy is free. So is shame.
I don't melee for a payday.
Those were times I overcame;
But my two cents will knock five,
ask for ten back,
write an I.O.U. for payback
And loan back what you lack.

I'd rather press my collars and seams
Than let dollars line my dreams.
I meditate and mull over visions
Too complex for missions
Yet much closer than impossible.
The society at large
And I am but a piece
of this intricate collective.
The wiles of a detective
Would deem our methods effective.
Deduction is rendered defective.
Not true intent to be deceptive;
But a writer's mind is not planned.
We leave not room for one to stand.
You must float to understand.
Just hope to land on a kick stand.…………

…………and once perched,
Look miles past the earth.
God's stars are scattered for a reason.
The cynics call it treason.
The critics assign seasons;
But our calendar is undefined.
No wind chimes mark our time.
No crows of desolation.
No birds in search of scraps.
Just pages scattered, perhaps.
What few feathers are unearthed
Come not from where pigeons perch.
Heaven's angels. Trumpets loud.
Racing down from parted clouds
Willing to extend their hands
To those leaping from kickstands.

Poets fly. No need to land. P†F

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Oasis Of Forbidden Desire"

"Oasis Of Forbidden Desire"

Woke up in malaise
And I never felt so dazed.
We haven't talked in months;
But I swear it's been days
Since I last had this dream.
Thoughts as rich as cream
And I still have that gleam.
Frigid room filled with steam.

Kept you deep in mind.
Swore I left it all behind;
But what degree of privacy
Comes without a little policy?
Sure. I've been sure.
Said I'd never have to ensure
That there would be any occurrence
Where I would clamor for insurance.

Did so well without you;
But I still tuck you in.
Seldom mentioned among Mrs.
Because it's none of her business
And it shouldn't still be mines.
I'm still doing fine.
Possessed my daily grind
but I'm teetering the line.

Acting like you're here.
Said that you'd always be there.
Moments dreamt in dare
That I'll likely never share.
Protecting my baby's ego
And my future in swift secrecy.
Lingering desire lets me perspire
Between stints of recalled indecency.

Guilt is a trip.
Life is a bitch.
I dream of your lips
And my legs still twitch.
Gotta scratch the itch.
You're so far away;
But different times during the day,
I find time to steal away.

Words you used to say.
That smirk that shapes your face.
The way you used to taste.
The expressions on my face
And this is my fourth time today.
Quick draw and swift stroke.
Never really took forever
Before I pulled myself together.

Felt a little shame
When I almost used your name
To address my incumbent.
Emotions so vile and pungent
As when he was still her subject
And I was settled into predicate.
Drove me months past insane
Just having to hear his name.

I won't play that game;
But I still protect the flame.
Lust is strong in linger
But the love still looks the same.
Get away from me.
Please hold on tight.
Leave me be today;
But visit me tonight.

Can't make up my mind
Although I've divulged solution.
Told her I was clean
But there's so much pollution.
Can't call it confusion
When I aspire toward seclusion.
Nothing tangible between us;
But you're far from an illusion.

I asphyxiate myself with you.

Noose loose neck tie
Fashioned from your thighs
As you stretch and dangle
At such a cute angle.
Constriction my addiction.
Such passionate praise
For a desire that closes my airways.

I suffocate.

It's never too late
To grant myself reprieve;
But I'm not ready to relieve.
What's most difficult to conceive
Is how I'm so willing to deceive
Although I'm sure that she may leave
If she knew you lined the sleeves
Of my inner recesses.
You command corners in my mind.
It gets harder to find
A way that will not bind
Thoughts of she with thoughts of we.
This will eventually tear me down;
But before she sees a frown,
I'll submerge myself in memories profound
Rather than cast them to the ground.
I'll fancy my ankles bound
And without making a sound,
I'll dive into our past…………………………
……………………………………and drown. †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, October 26, 2012

"Diary Of A Valedictorian"

"Diary Of A Valedictorian"

Only want to leave
If I can get far away.
I'm on par today.
System running well.
Had to dodge hell
On the way to occupation.
He who rules a nation
Must contain the infestation.
No more lent to clues;
So in other news,
I just stripped the taxes
From my daily dues.
Praise to him forever.
Faith kept me together
When I knew that it would fall.
Never knew much at all.

So focused on learning.
Interested in earning.
Longing for new lecture.
No time for Trendsetter.
Nothing circles the cortex
Quite like a pair of squares.
Three angles of my attention
And I'm in the fourth dimension.
Stirred cyphers in study hall.
More than books lined the walls.
Academic bliss like a french kiss.
Rosetta stoned from the tongues.
Rhetoric I rarely ever speak
Splitting space with her tongue and cheek.
Said my study habits were weak.
She's my tutor twice a week.

On my way soon.
Just had view her swoon.
Time rescues the truth
From it's cage tooth by tooth.
Always took a chance
Without relinquishing my stance
And when making my advance,
I wield my wiles like a lance.
Javelin meets jugular;
Tearing down her muscular tones
Until her voice invites dial tones
And the need to be alone.
Not under the moon's eyes
Have I ever felt the need
To make room for another
Atop my restless, wandering steed.

So here we are. No luxury.
Traveling far across country.
Culture rich like cream.
Creating tomorrow's dreams today.
So much left to say.
Struggled finding ways.
I'm so fond of being fancy.
I should just say that I'm happy.

System well oiled.
Above par today.
Got so far away
And we did it all our way.
Home is in the miles.
Deeply delved in these domicile detours
and a haven of vast horizons.
We don't hear the sirens.
Crime replaced by wind chimes.
Gunshots are now slingshots;
Launching bullets at half speed
In the form of nourishment for seeds.
Blue streaks no longer scar pupils.
No blood left under cuticles.
No woeful sights to see.
Just my tutor and me.

Just daydreams.
Mercy me.

Life is so very grand.
She has a mean handstand
and a marvelous grind.
Such a rare find.
I want to use my hands
But this back to school dance
Is riddled with chaperones.
We can't be alone…………
…………we still have our zone.
We silence our phones
And sneak off to study hall.
Time to line her walls.
Skirt dangles from her ankle.
Awesome display of an acute angle.
A perfect forty-five degrees
Starts with her separated knees.
Coursing through trembling thighs
And deep sighs between cries.
Her love of pain against the grain
Gives me a residual high.

Everything felt right.
We walked home that night.

Okay; so it's all a story.
Let me forge my glory!
I'll never be a jock.
Nobody thinks I'm hot.
I'm cool with being a nerd.
The jocks don't know big words.
They can't even spell "absurd."
I win most verbal disputes.
I won't choose cleats over boots.
I'm sarcastic and astute.
I love to play the flute.
My tutor thinks I'm cute.

My words will pave the way;
But anyway,
There's not much more to say.
We'll talk another day.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Suicide Beneath The Sky"

"Suicide Beneath The Sky"

Held hands with hope
While forewarned by fate
That the sky would be falling.
I ignored the warnings.
It all crashed around us.
Stubborn heart.
Foolish mind.
Had to leave my hope behind.
Lodged within the rubble.
Said that she was trouble.
Nothing was more absurd
Than her dieing words.
At least that's what I figured.
Felt broken and disfigured.
Days from reaching for the trigger.
Guess I was waiting to be delivered.

The setup.
The sketch.
The plan.
The schematic.
It was so awesome and tragic.
Head over heels between meals,
more thrills, high heels, deep chills,
Thick legs well fed.
Restless nights in bed
Pondering her like stories unread.
Festering fascination and infatuation.
I wouldn't own up to obsession;
Yet I clung to it amid objection.
Down to ride although unidentified
As her affectionate equivalent.
Monthly lease. Not even rent.

I was content.
I wouldn't insist.
Never could resist;
Even while she would enlist.
So willing to desist
That I ignored the list.
No way I'm on it.
No way it exists…………
Jumped over turnstile and fence
Against the grain of common sense
Even when it all felt tense
For a love worth three cents.
Phrases coined for wooden nickels.
Penned verses profound yet simple
From a heart so quick and nimble
Threading heartstrings without my thimble.

Daredevil duty in surrender.
Relentless consent to malicious intent.
Stalwart diligence in pursuit
Of branches bearing little fruit.
Our tree yields no nourishment.
Seeds planted deep in holes wide open.
Token child of love's light well rooted.
Hopeless romantic rogue to paths chosen.

Hopeless? Yes.
Love? Sure.
Learned to hope less;
Yet I still loved more.
Loved with all I had.
Would borrow more from lenders.
Thought I wore her heart tender.
Not much progression rendered.
Played possum and pretender.
Her and I.
Her for reasons why.
I as if it would never die.

She doused my sunlight.
Stole stars before midnight.
Cracked the crevice of our heaven
And crushed my clouds with might.
Fate and time screams loud.
I ignore and stare like I'm proud;
Overflow of elation like asphyxiation.
Ties never severed for sake of circulation.
Brother smothered.
Twisted sister.
Makeshift markdown hoping one day
To be addressed as her mister.

Sky falls with tears.
Moist eyes trace trickles to ears.
Hope is all I see
Since she no longer wants me.
Hope would lay with me
When my emotions were doubled
and I ignored impending trouble.
Held hands beneath rubble.

Debris cuts my face.
I still seek her grace.
Eyes scratched raw and wet.
Blood burns like mace.
Here, my dear.
Hope, draw near.
Even she forsakes me.
Hopeless love sedates me.

Nothing more to shake me.
Worked so hard to break we
That she would even berate me.
My lifeless love so unrequited.
Death of hope like life extinguished.
Hope floats; leaving me undistinguished.
No substantial trace. Just my disfigured face.
Life of love for the death of me.

Hope floats. Faith anchors.
Love desired. Faith favored.
Lust savored. Time trials.
Tread me thoughtless. Heart defiled.
Basked, wallowed and riled.
So much ambiance in my wiles.
Faith couldn't stall. The sky still falls
And love for her trapped me under.

Nowhere I'd rather be.
She means so much to me.
I'm sure one day she'll see.
My body scorched whole for we
And scattered across the sea.
Extensive stints of tears she cried;
But I don't understand why
She'd choose to lie under the same sky…………†EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Black Water"

"Black Water"

Rinse that mind with black water…………

Rinse your mind with black water..
Collect my darkness in a coffee cup..
Press your lips to my broken identity..
Consume me..

Expound in space.
Search for grace
in plain sight without light.
Conjure a cure for the pure
that never new bright for night.

But the pure dies in agony
atop the bed of nocturnal respite..
once drowned in blue matter
the crater of light ascends truth..

Pillar is not pedestal.
Even intellectual brilliance
claims no radiant luster to muster;
flustered by the fact that black defies

But black embraces the corrupt
beauty of altered lucifer..
muted light absorbing the
ever present anomaly of intangible dark..

I agree. Isn't it lovely?
Darkness……how her arms hug me
with no comfort displaced.
First tastes left me
to revel without fear…

She..a deity..
a noir queen taking into her soul
the pungent taste of wandering youths..
we move thru her like radiant children

We the woeful left seeds
that she breast feeds with earnest.
Character slips with every sip.
Skin masked and shrouded in tone…

We..the remembered wicker of her womb
gathered like pearls at her feet..
hearts absorbing the energy
of metaphysical symmetry

No counsel of divinity.
Obscurity fashioned in rhythm
akin to the blind
that never touch but always bind;
clinging to acceptance.

..but acceptance cures obscurity
that drips from clouds
spray painted the color of eternity..
dark expands time..and we..die..

I defy that notion!
I partake of potion set in motion
for those void of their fathers:
Mother's black water rinses daughter fresh.

But mother's seed is as bitter
as the fruit she could not refuse..
a daughter bartered against the image
of what black eludes.

Crude course across corpse corps
riddled with plague because
their sin was being vague.
Black is depth in a queen's silhouette.

..and with the sins of a queen
twisted in spirits like skeleton keys
that don't belong to anything..
sepulcher winds blow..

and the moon glows in mockery of thee.
So decrepit is the world's decadence.
Why would I want to see?
Black water soaks pupils……

..hanging in the shallow balance
between the sin & the shadow..
a black lagoon washes clean
the muse of midnight moon's blues.

And I incur fits.
I have seen wicks
that should have never been lit.
Used to miss the way you greet the day.
Now I steal away………

..and yet we set the night aflame
and burn the clever envy
down to the filter..
black water fills the substance..
molding men..

Black water in abundance.
Wear me thin like onyx torrents
sharp as shrapnel until housed
within this ravaged heart torn apart………

..your delicate ebony pressed
to the essence of the queen's clarity,
cut from stones of jet,
a tempest reign.

Dare I feign to subscribe
to blinding existence of an adverse nature?
Would I so much as pretend
that illumination is favored?

Lit upon the brethren convened
for the word upon a treasonous tongue..
you need not express your rebellion..
black oceans cry..

And these tears would have me die.
The years would have me hide away.
Not today.
Leave me to swim void of shore.
I implore you.

And I control you..
give me the strength of depths
too dark to abide..
give me the murkiest sunrise..
drink of this acrid black tide.

I am reborn derelict to said orders.
Structure secures dismay and disorder.
I flow free within black water.
Come to me.

Rinse that mind with black water…………

Written By: Brittany Perry(Harlo Haven) and Devin Joseph Metz(EndlessInkPen)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Crumbling Shelter Of Repugnance"

"Crumbling Shelter Of Repugnance"

I'm coming home.
Been away for too long.
Felt like forever.
There are skies where I stare
And it all looks bare
Until I close my eyes.
That's when I feel her hair.
She was there. I swear.
I was never scared;
But I used to run away.
These lungs never last long
So I never got away.

Certainly not today.

Fancy me.
Used to fancy thee.
Fond of we.
Late night longing.
Hands dig with grace.
Sweat eludes your face.
Curdling cries lead sighs.
Lapped you up lovingly.
How they squeeze and hug me.
Loving vice grips.

Still on my lips.

It's been years.
Just a little while.
I still smile, albeit brief.
I don't focus on the grief.
So many memories.
Good times.
A million ways to rhyme.
Artful sublime.
My muse of sensuality.
Greatest casualty
Of a failed recognition
Of our eroding positions.

Slave nor Master ever matter.

One comes harder.
One comes faster.
It all splatters.
Not much laughter.
Too much chill.
Too routine for skilll.
We've grown disinterested
After all the time invested.
Likely why I'm sitting here
Comparing lust to fear.
Trying to power up
Like I've never shed tears.

This is comedy.

Parody complete with puppets.
Pawns in a play
That went through swift production.
Where's the eruption?
Where's the pomp?
Are we out of ambiance already?
I'm kidding, love.
The supply was never steady;
Especially since she'd let me
If I told her I was ready.
If it's been that many years;
Then maybe lust is fear.

Afraid to purge the mind.

So we always look behind
Like there's something new to find.
Same old. Same role. Same road.
Sane to scold? No.
Nothing sensible about we.
I could find a new she.
She could fall for a new he.
This will always be.
So we can walk away
As moments have us rue the day
That we said it was okay.
Never had that much to say.

But anyway,

I'm coming home.
Been away for too long.
Felt like forever.
Nothing up high for me.
Just fume and feathers.
Some fluctuating weather.
I've managed to keep it together.
Wrote a few love letters
About how we should be together,
She made it easy to forget her,
How my words got her wetter
And how we could've done better.

Words she'll never see.

I know she's lonely.
She'd never phone me.
We share no medium.
The pull is premium.
Lips connect to tip.
Bodies forge the script.
Never ending trip.
Hearts and minds unzipped.
We don't share many goals.
Just two filthy souls
That would sell them whole
To let the other take control.

I'm almost there.
I can feel her skin.
I can smell her hair.
Nothing really compares
And I never cared.
Not a matter of emotion.
This manner of devotion
Is reserved for shallow oceans.
Puddles that last a few sips.
Ravaged till the record skips.
Will dismembered. Power trips.
Love disfigured. Lustful lips.

She drips with every lick
From this pretentious prick.
I her flame. Her my wick.

She makes me sick………… †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Warmth In December Pt. 3: Come Closer, Baby"

"Warmth In December Pt. 3: Come Closer, Baby"

Racing past my fears
Like I haven't had it in years.
I can't help but cry;
But I'm laughing through the tears.

Pestilence and plague.
Your love my daily swarm;
But you no longer harm.
I've never felt so warm.

Racing past my fears…………

Legs churning.
Arms burning
Half as hot as the stains
Splashed across my brain.
Branded without bandage.
Thoughts tattooed atop the bruise;
But I still choose to cruise.
Running hard for a taste.
Can't key in on my pace.
Longing for your grace.
Willing to give chase.

Like I haven't had it in years…………

Like eight days,
Nine hours
And some change
Never happened.
Like I don't think back.
Like I can't retrace.
Like I can't link tracks.
Like I can't recall.
Like I don't remember:
That night in early December
When you took me in
Like I can't brave the winter.
Like we didn't revisit.
Like it wasn't explicit.
Likened to a rendezvous
Of the clueless and exquisite.
Like I never ate it up
Just to drink the juices.
Like you never gave it up.
Love, we never tied the loose ends.

In a rush for the touch.
Full speed for the need.
We planted the seed;
And I'm still ready to feed.
You still left no lead.
Won't answer your phone.
I hope you're still home…………
…………I hope you're alone.

You just can't move on.
You can't ask for more.
I want all of your warmth.
Embrace these open pores.
Freezing from profusion.
Shaken to the core.
Not from weather but confusion:
What's with this open door?
Glass on the floor,
Drapes left in shreds,
And a body slashed and scored
Rests within your bed.

I can't help but cry…………

Wishing to ask you why;
But you won't open your eyes.
I'm searching for the grace
As blood eludes your face.
No tact. Little taste.
Limbs severed and displaced
Like a rag doll fit for waste.
Too much to replace.
Deep cuts in your wrists
Where your hands once were.
Tongue removed smooth
Like you spoke too many slurs.

Who would dare to?!
Who would bear through
Stripping you bare to
Bind and ensnare you?!
What degree of twisted fascination
Incurred your numerous lacerations?!
What hunger for satiation
Involves your gross decapitation?!

Throat sore from screaming;
So I should start screening:
Look for signs of scheming.
Man, I must be dreaming……
……envelope near your waist.
My name on the cover.
This is your handwriting:

"To my twice lost lover:

If you're reading this,
I hope it's read aloud.
I don't regret that night.
I've never felt more proud
To give you what you've missed.
Each familiar kiss.
Every indecent wish.
Moments held in bliss.
I truly did want
You to ask for another;
But after you left,
I couldn't hide my blunder.
Time alone left me to wonder
If things had really changed.
Our love so misconstrued,
My heart was always strained.
I couldn't take the pain.
I wished to end my life;
But I had to tell him first.
I was a faithful wife;
But after tasting you again,
I knew that it all would end.
Painful wounds we couldn't mend
Was more than I could fend.
I wouldn't even pretend.
It was written on my face.
I implore you. Do not defend.
You've no need to make haste.
That night when we were together,
My soul rived in sigh and swoon.
We are bound to have forever.
You will see me again. Soon."

But I'm laughing through the tears…………

Sheer hilarity.
Chock full of chuckles
As I felt his knuckles
against the side of my head.
Fell next to you in bed.
Hand clutching your love letter.
He grabs his cleaver from the dresser.
I swear I've never felt better.
I can now grin
Without having to bear it.
Broken skin scars my chin.
He forcefully tears it.
Howling heartily from my lungs
As the blood leaks out.
Surprised he didn't take my tongue.
I just cackle and shout.

What's this all about?
You honestly can't see?
I suppose not since you're gone.
I am finally free!
No longer lustful and lonesome.
No longer held hostage.
I no longer feel the bondage
Of wanting to pay homage.
I ran back to you.
He crushes my ankles.
I reached out for you.
Loose limbs just dangle
Over my side of the bed.
The bottom line?
I was already dead.
That's the punchline.
What more needs to be said?
You've killed me twice already.
I can now lay near your body
Without the tension getting heavy.
My scars sore and sweaty.
I'd get closer if he'd let me.
He just continues to displace
But this smile stays on my face.

Gave my life for your grace.
I don't regret the chase.

I'd still race past my fears
Even if it took years.
I no longer have to cry.
I'm smiling from ear to ear.

Our past was pestilence and plague;
But we always welcomed the swarm.
Now that' there's nothing left to harm,
I swear I've never felt so warm. ♥ †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Warmth In December Pt. 2: Let's Try Again"

"Warmth In December Pt. 2: Let's Try Again"

It's been a week.
One week,
an extra day
and nine hours.
wind chill on overkill.
My fifth cold shower.
Uncomforatble heat.
Tingling feet;
but no numbness.
Just pain.
Smashed my window pane.
Still on my brain...............

Insane? Hardly;
But I'm on the brink.
I can't have a drink
or even dare to blink
without you sitting there.
Over there.
That chair.
It's not fair.
Threw it out two days ago.
Dug it out yesterday.
Always found a way
to make sure that it stays.

That chair.
That's where you would embrace me.
You would say "Just face me, baby."
and then proceed to taste me.
Whiskey on that dresser
that you used to chase me.
You consumed me whole,
took three shots and said "So tasty."
You complicate me.
You make me hate your guts.
You make me miss you dearly.
I'm not thinking clearly.

Of course there is no discourse.
We used to keep in touch.
Never could forget the rush.
Caught up in the rapture
of one willing to run faster
for nights of love and laughter.
I would move at blistering pace
just for moments dipped in grace.
Dredged, dunked and splattered
like upholstery never matters.
Such a lovely mess.
Onlookers were impressed.

I can't break away.
Called you yesterday
and three nights before.
Maybe you had chores.
I'm even a fiend
for your answering machine.
Prince may become rogue.
King misses his Queen.
Couldn't be much further.
I want back what we once nurtured.
I'll do away with the charmer.
I want us to be warmer.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Warmth In December Pt. 1: Old Time's Sake"

"Warmth In December Pt. 1: Old Time's Sake"

Can't help but listen.
Smooth emissions.
Acute addiction
To this new edition.
Thought my latest mission
To be born of dilemma.
Caught crazy signals
From your chopped up antenna;
But I've always been fond
Of the fuzzy transmissions.
Eloquence only comes out
When I visit the dugout.

I greet you from the outside
With wet hair and cold air.
I know it's warm inside.
I've been there before.
I've come back for more.
When you open doors,
Clothes crash to the floor
As you embrace my pores.
Such a lonesome chore
Just trying to stay at bay
Especially when your efforts
Won't force me to turn away.

Passion still mean.
Procedure messy but clean.
Skin smooth as cream
And I'm ready for the milk.
Sheets dress the scene
And it's not even silk.
Thought I was gonna dry off;
But you let me ride off:
Moving about familiar plains
Like this land has no name.
I still follow suit;
But it doesn't feel the same.

Was inclined to believe
That a woman's water works
Contingent upon the harder work.
What is this that you purport?
Barely even a slight graze
And I could swim for days.
Nothing found of malaise;
But you're so easily dazed.
Lips slick and glazed.
Passion fruit so tender.
Couture leaves your contour.
I lay deep within the river.

What the past delivers
We find ourselves willing to claim
Between lips that quiver
And remaining articles maimed.
I've missed you so much.
Please don't stop now, baby.
Out there I chase lost times.
Herein lies my lately.
Against the same walls
Where pictures still fall.
On the same counters
We once roved between showers.

Home isn't mine.
Never felt so fine.
This isn't my place.
Feels good not having to chase.
You don't have to cry.
Never said goodbye.
Those dismissive sighs
Won't mask yearning eyes.
Even the sun itself
Won't quell the sting of winter;
But at least I got to feel
A night of warmth to remember.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Chess Club: Bloody Crowns"

"Chess Club: Bloody Crowns"

Queen dismissed King because
King wanted to swing.
Prince took it hard.
Princess was scarred.
Duke called it a fluke.
Just hushes from Duchess.

After King escaped the fire,
he drew the Knight's ire.
Knight peered through Queen's window.
Already had the info.
Pawns move about the lawn.

Knight's ire?
Fawn and desire.
Chain mail and hooks across Rooks.
Blackest White on the board.
Dark Knight plays both sides
just to ride.

Queen swore by her Bishop
that she'd never fall again.
Prince and Princess fall asleep.
Queen weeps.
Knight creeps.
Bishop prays.
Sixth day.

King kept his ring
among other things.
With map in lap,
he returns to kingdom.
King dumb;
trusting one he placed on steed.
Queen had needs.

Duke told the story.
Duchess remained quiet.
Bishop tried his best;
but couldn't quell King's riot.
King entered at noon.
Knight left soon.

King observed Queen
sigh and swoon.
King asked why Queen
let his heart bleed.
Queen reiterated needs
before disclosing a third seed.

Queen wasn't the least
bit contrite about Knight;
citing late nights alone
while King was gone.
Duchess's sheets never remained white.

She remains silent for a reason.
King can't cite treason;
lest he wish to end up dead.
Queen kept a clear head
as hooks scaled Rooks again.

King can't win for losing:
Bishop is moving.
Pawns hardly matter.
Duchess called it off.
Duke is getting fatter.
Knight ensues laughter.
Prince is mortified.
Princess is far from flattered.
Kingdom torn apart.
Nothing left to gather.

Queen stabs King through the heart.
Knight tears him apart.
Beaten, bloody corpse.
Royal blood splattered.
King broken and battered.
Pawns stop and look.
King hung from Rook.

King is surely dead.
Queen wants proof instead.
Knight heeds what Queen said.
Knight lops off King's head.
Sad state.
Unfaithful magistrate.


Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Dark Phoenix: Black Under The Sun"

"Dark Phoenix: Black Under The Sun"

There will be no survivors.
Hack and slash.
Separate the ligaments.
Took away my innocence
Multiple increments.
Exponential anarchy.
Flames untamed mar and maim.
Introduced pride to shame.
I am the fire.
Darkness desired.
Wicks through the wire.
Wicked wings perched on spires.
Torched are the plains
that once housed the sane.
Grassroots rendered to ashes.
You can't purge the stains.
Curtail the campaign.
Too much to maintain.
No time to complain.
Derived from insane.
Insidious incarnate.
Skin peels where palms sit.
Ear lobe and armpit
swell up as swarms lick.
Ember and brimstone
flung like roaches and hornets
across this broken chasm
festering from filthy orgasms
subscribing to decadence,
sparing their intelligence,
displaying their negligence
and still sworn to be heaven sent.
I will consume them whole.
Every single soul.
The allotment of indulgence
layerd thick in pestilence.
Cast me out as derelict.
Came back to spear magistrate.
Talons through the hearts
of kings who've played their part.
My wrath yields exquisite art:
Etchings fresh and defined,
bodies scored and dried
after soaking in their brine.
The savagery is explicit.
I dangle the complicit
in manners that the eccentric
would even consider illicit.
You want to participate?!
Suck till spirits dissipate!
As I weave and navigate,
Swallow then evaporate!
My wings sweep the erosion
that will follow this explosion.
Flames singe those who run and hide.
You can't call this genocide.
There are no sides.
There is no class.
No one shall pass.
Borderline barriers reduced to ash.
Nothing will remain.
No distinction.
No more games.
No recollection of names.
Nothing left to tame.
What was left of shame
is now one in the same.
Once embraced by Phoenix flames.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Soft Drinks/Drunken Hearts"

"Soft Drinks/Drunken Hearts"

Prompt orders delivered
To my soft drink sipper.
Meticulous mixer
Offering elaborate elixirs
To palates preferring more.
More craft.
More quality.
More dedication.
The sensation derived
From an avid aficionado
who honestly could care less
about kudos and bravo.

I'm your favorite bartender.
Short story lender.
Smooth savant of spirits
That monitors your limits.
Fond hugs get frothy mugs.
Wipe your chin, baby.
Tie back your hair
So I can admire a pair.
I promise not to stare.
No early advances.
Just a few short glances
As you aim to take chances.

Six shots before seven.
You kiss the rim of each glass.
You tie the cherry stems
But the lemons get a pass.
I tend to other guests;
But you call me back over
In your cute little attempts
To feign still being sober.
Your coat falls from your shoulder.
Not like it covered up much.
You say your skin is colder.
It needs warm hands to touch.

Yeah, baby. You've had enough.
Your words sound real gruff.
You're trying to hang tough.
No more of this stuff.
Give me that back
Take two of these
And please:
Sip this slowly.
You treat me like you know me.
Such a strong rapport.
You just smile and nod
Until I close the store.

I guess this goes on your tab.
You've no money for a cab
And you're all alone.
I don't mind taking you home.
I didn't, at least.
Drunken hands feel and fondle.
I accidentally hit the throttle.
At the next red light,
You reveal a hidden bottle.
Oh yeah? Pass that.
Snatched that. Dumped that.
Flung it out the window.

Autumn wind blows
And you really start to shiver.
Bourbon on the breath,
But your lips still quiver.
The staircase was a challenge;
But we avoid the damage.
In some way, you've managed
To slip into your shower.
I should leave now;
But you might hurt yourself.
Conscience far too strong
To act like I'm not involved.

I remember when the schnapps
Used to be peach soda.
I remember when root beer floats
Were all you needed to get over.
Nowadays, three scoops of vanilla
Or a glass of Dr. Pepper
Are tall glasses filled
With what is triple distilled.
Those were better days;
But anyways,
You exit the shower
To greet my towel.

After drying off,
You eye your lotion bottle.
I wanted to be nice, right?
Alright; but I'm not spending the night.
Slick hair and optional underwear.
Still flaunting that nice pair.
Testing my sinew with your curves.
You often get on my nerves.
Please don't press my mettle.
You were never one to settle.
That's why my finger bears no metal.

That drink received no chaser.
Still a hard sip to swallow.
That's why I refuse to follow.
That shot glass will remain hollow.
Lights out in two blinks.
My love for you a mixed drink.
I offer a forehead kiss
Before considering myself dismissed.
But hey; it's all cool.
Dust off the bar stools,
Place this towel over my shoulder
And wait for you to come over.

I know it sounds like madness;
But I avoid the sadness
By allowing you to return.
Lessons repeatedly learned;
But I still look for the day
When you'll sit there and wink
And before I grab the spirits,
You'll request a soft drink. †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, September 7, 2012

"Four Hundred Year Notice"

"Four Hundred Year Notice"

Might just leave early.
Might just leave yearly.
I think I'll quit today.
Time to get away.
There's something to say
about the extent of my legacy.
Dove into black seas
and made it easier to see.
Brought hypocrites to their knees
so that the critical would see
that mantles aren't hung from trees.
Innocence will not be seized.

I am not example
or the mantle where it rests.
I am not the answer.
I do not see tests.
No rope binds my ankles.
No opposite angles.
I crush weeds that tangle.
I will not be dangled.
I am art in fact.
Not an artifact;
so I can walk away.
I'm not on display.

I'm not here to stay.
I'm just here to say
that this is my last day.
Don't call me "Runaway."
I devour labels.
I will not enable
the flaws found in your fables.
Your books are on the table;
but the message I convey
will never fade way.
Your words aren't worth the pay.
Please enjoy your day.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Maraschino Stems"

"Maraschino Stems"

She hangs on to every word
Like sounds she never heard.
Her focused stare calms my nerves
And quells the stage fright.
Consecutive Friday nights
And she sits right there.
Her preferred chair.
Optimal angle where her skirt dangles
As if inviting me to peek;
But she's a woman of chaste.
Thighs meet my eyes fast
But crossed legs ensue laughs.
Forgot my mic was open…………
………………Hey y'all. So sorry.
Love, positivity, prosperity and peace.
Now back to this piece.

She wasn't very wary.
She didn't find me scary.
Enticing eyes engaged me directly.
Her name was Cherry.
Every thread fit her right.
Hands receptive to my grip.
Her skin glows in dim light.
Convenient distraction from moist lips.
She was years beyond sight.
Her soft steps cleared pathways.
I envy the lips she bites.
I wonder about her past days:
Was she always so charismatic?
Are there underlying habits?
Are any of her secrets tragic?
Should I look for black magic?

Man listen:
I'll take her voodoo
With a side of her gumbo
And hardly care if I stumble.
Not muffled.
No mumbles.
I'm usually modest and humble;
But I must document the struggle.

She was fancy.
I often daydream and fancy
Where my hands would be
If she would have me.
She was candy.
My glass of vanilla milk
Mixed with French silk.
Ice cold role so refreshing.
My sense of smell
Lobbied for reasons to inhale
Until my lungs swell;
Bursting with her scent.
Fresh mint in her stare.
Stimulation and percolation.
Invigoration in her dictation.
Her words carry satiation;
But she prefers my prose.
She deserves what she chose;
So in my plain clothes,
I offer literary treasure trove.

Ms. Cherry.
My favorite berry.
Picked fresh and juicy
Amid the bitter, unripe groupies
That clamor for my grammar
With no internal sense of glamor.
They fade into the shade;
But she shines in candor.

Ms. Cherry.
If frank I may be,
Then I might be maybe
Bold enough to tell this lady
That she is so very……
So heavy…………………
Beautiful bevy…………
Routine in her richness.
Delicious in her thickness.
Smooth in her shake
As I hide mine, still stirring.
Her sexy is unnerving.

Ms. Cherry.
Hanging on my words
As they freely spill and splatter.
Cheeks rosy from her laughter.
Anxious mood;
But I'm a chill dude.
Among all that may be,
She came to see me;
Sitting in that chair over there
Long hair and a nice pair.
I would stop and stare…………


What was I talking about?
A world full of doubt?
A society afraid of change?
How typecasts are tied to first names?
That's what I wrote, right?
Right; but the words I don't write
Find forever in this open mic
And these very dim lights…………

Lost my head in her dark red.
Thoughts loose;
Drenched in cherry juice.
Well fed.
Full of fervor after feeding.
I don't think I'll be proceeding.
I apologize for daydreaming.
I guess I'll be leaving…… ♥

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Self Exclusion"

"Self Exclusion"

Young blood flows
Through the baby veins
Of this old soul
That still recalls milk stains.
Childhood easy to trace.
Makeup of a slow roller
Moving steady in life's race.
Mind set on a faster pace.
No time left for saving face.
I've a few lines to chase.
Thoughts scratched and stained.
Residual remnants to my brain
And I've never felt higher.
My supplier is a constant provider
Of uncut cranial candy.
My dealer understands me.
My friends examine me.
They say I lack sanity.
Uncanny how words are maintained
and I still offer even exchange.

I was taught to serve purpose
With a side of confidence.
If one offers their opinion,
It should be laced with consciousness.
Garnish is forever relevant.
Spinkle some significance
Before you call it evidence
Lest you aspire to be derelict.
If that is the case,
Then call yourself a dichotomy.
Be the unknown enigma
And the divine prophesy.
Be the seldom informed hypocrite
With more than pebbles to kick
That couldn't tell substantial slump
From splinters in tree stumps.
What of me? Well I'm the maven
That resides in this haven
Beneath wondrous erogenous storms
That would turn down your money
To enjoy cold milk
With a few shards of honey.
The house protects me.
The rain is sexy.
I don't fear the dark halls.
The world looks like four walls
To those who love the court.
I'd rather keep two balls.
To those who pack much,
Sack lunch will be served.
I pack light for my flights.
Muses minister to my nerves.

Sharp wit and blunt phrase.
Misfit on most days.
Blend in at will.
Warm heart and true chill.
More concerned with the thrill
Than just a display of skills.
If sub par fits your bill,
Then aren't you yet fulfilled?
While you focus on that,
I'll relax and sit back.
Examine facts before assembling
Or words will never bear resembling.
Ignore the trill and stand still.
Onlookers key in on trembling.
So abrasive is the shrill.
Pensive is favored over defensive.
Promote a concept that is fond
Instead of just pros and cons.
Sense is only common when dispersed.
Knowledge spitefully withheld is a curse.
Some minds are soup kitchens
That dare to ask for charity.
Some are privy to clear vision
But refuse to seek clarity.

I represent the society:
Bright minds inclined to crown heights.
Royal lines of higher learning.
Lit wicks and pots churning.
Fair shares and boastful earnings.
Pockets emptied out. Gave up riches
To gain much more than the wealthy.
I sit among the healthy.
Nothing stealthy.
Too proud to hide.
Too present to parlay.
More willing to display
For the love of words
Than a crowded coffeehouse
Where a handful know your name
But still won't shout you out.
This is for we;
But we do it for you
To forge new avenues
And sharpen your point of view.
We're not paying dues,
More approachable than shrewd,
Probably won't make the news
And didn't ask to be queued.

We are old groomed
To become the new age
Of colorful hues
That walk across a stage
Of blacktop and concrete.
New feats flawless;
Performed amid awkward pauses
And those that deem us lawless.
Larger than the concepts.
Brilliance personified.
Rhythm standing in place.
More than movements occupied.
Sharp stones meet flat screens.
Nothing televised.
A world inclined to it's limits
Does not deserve to witness.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Requiem: Idle Hearts"

"Requiem: Idle Hearts"

Left petals strewn
across water like the letters
that we used to write.
Thoughts take flight;
crossing paths with emotion.
Messengers to us.

I fancy the time
when your messenger would retire;
gorging my ire thoughtlessly;
replaced by your presence.
Words only fall new from you.

Utopia was never as tangible
as the days we sat here.
This porch.
These nights.
Street lights.
Just life.
Not much outside of abundance.

Not far fetched at all.
Garments snatched and balled
will always trump phone calls;
kisses moist;
born of wishes
voiced in eager choice…

But this?
Just retention.
A longing extension
of what I surely believe
you also reach out for.
Open pores soak
under the sun for just one.

None greater than the latter.
Not even the later
lush with ambitious favors.
Those who like me
will soon slight me;
but you still love me.

Your love read upon lips
like remaining red upon hips
I once sought out for stability;
the ability to see
short phrases without calligraphy…

"Yes" between breaths.
Cries between sighs…
Witnessed limbs stretch
as if longitude lies…
and today,
I don't want to ask why.

It hurts.

It always gets a little harder;
watching these petals
dance in the water.
Profound reminder, I suppose
of doors we never closed…

………………until we had to. <3 br="br" evl="evl">
Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, August 13, 2012

"P. O. W."

"P. O. W."

And she won't run.
And I will capture.
And it's light fun;
But there's no laughter.

High noon
Following the sunrise
that crept in after the moon.
She makes the platoon swoon.
Delicate and fine;
But she requests front line.
Top tier volunteer.
My cheerful concubine.
She's my favorite soldier;
Especially when heat smolders.
Soft, sweaty skin glistens.
I command. She listens.
I demand. She supplies
With lowered eyes, full hands,
Bent knees, full mouth
And an ambition void of doubt.

And we don't race.
But I chase after.
And I keep pace.
And I will snatch her.

Headboard and four pegs.
I love the way it feels.
Camouflage across her legs.
Soft, leather laced heels
That never grace the minefield.
Drove through her delicate domain
With little ease for pain.
I patrol her plains.
Shell shocked from the stains.
Soft, sticky shards.
Withdrew my fleet. Caught off guard.
More seductive shrapnel
Than one private can tackle.
Invasion at her post.
Crashed against the coast
With artillery to boast.

And she's out there.
And the air is muggy.
And she always dies;
But it's not bloody.

She throws silent shade.
Stealthy sonar grenades.
Soaked but heat seeking
Lodged in throats demeaning.
She trades belligerent blade
With the butterscotch brigade.
My jar head remains pretty
While scoping in on the prissy.
My sergeant hits her shimmy
Without moving her feet.
Under her quilted tent of sheets
is a meal ready to eat.
Treading trenches few have seen
Taking sips from her canteen.
She accepts every directive
And fulfills her prime objective.

And I touch down.
And she will report.
And she makes rounds.
And there's no retort.

Right to left boot.
One precedes the other.
I don't want the troops.
I don't need another.
Purporting stalwart diligence
Even if it claims her innocence.
At the top of every list.
As if nothing else exists.
Pledging her allegiance
To the utmost appeasement.
That's an order.
Stood still through squalls
Like she doesn't feel water.
Sun scorches like mortar.
Before taking it further,
She begs for me to hurt her.
How sick is this cadet?
Ringing wet with vigor.
She wont shake or shiver
Until I stand and deliver.
Lips quiver,
But no frown.
She won't break down.
She loves it.
Seething with anger.
Dashing through danger.
G.I. with geisha hair
Running this gauntlet affair.
She climbs endless stairs.
An audience of endless stares
As she bores through bare
And she really doesn't care.
Left. Right.
Warm days.
Not nights.
She says it feels right.
Devotion of emotions
So extreme, they're deemed obscenity.
Confinement is her liberty.
She lusts after captivity.

And it still rains.
There are still flames.
And there's no shame.
Just some war games.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Extra Value"

"Extra Value"

Funneled though tunnels
With open eyes.
I love how it stings.
Dredged from dripping things.
Tossed high. Tumbled,
But never dry.
Happily lost in the mix.
Spiked like punch bowls.
Soul stirred like hot coals.
Sea foam spirit quells the pain
But respects the heat.
Temperature revered.
Only it's absence feared.
Joy found in misty eyes
Celebrating burning thighs.
Celestial coronation.
Heavenly sensation.
Liberty found confined
By the many "me"
That have no idea
What it's like to be free.
Clogged arteries healed
From finding extra value
In your happy meal.
Save the toy for later.
My inner fat kid
Grants you favor
After sampling your flavor.
Diligent masturbator
In light of what's savored.
Nasty nectar nuisance
with some special sauce
For your two cents.
Sweet and sour.
Processed power to please
Packed with fresh lettuce.
Don't forget to add cheese.
You're the plum pear parfait
That I enjoy near the parkway
Pedestrian style.
Gotta watch my weight
The way I view your waist.
I swear it's a waste
To let age nibble away
Without giving me a taste.
Blush makes up your face
Without cosmetic means.
I enjoy your glow and grace
As well as your tight jeans.
Simple afternoon scene.
Dressed clean,
Frame mean,
Hair holds a light sheen.
How playfully sunlight beams;
Drawing us near the shade
Of this modern day delicatessen.
Not fond of flash frying.
Dying of thirst in the worst.
Panting heavy over the bevy
Of topics worth conversing.
Let's share a single serving.
Had a slight hunch
That you would deem this light lunch
A little more than unnerving.
Ignore my hypothesis.
Found years of peace
Amid this twenty piece.
Moments special and savored
Like your favorite flavor.
It's would appear that
I've lost my dipping sauce.
One would soon figure
That it would coat an action figure.
That little boy with his toys.
Our little girl in her own world.
Fraternal ambience and fawn.
Play Place on the front lawn.
No talk of life plans.
No scenarios of high demand.
Just toddlers in the sand
And proud parents holding hands.

I love you, too. ♥

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, August 3, 2012

"Weave Through Raindrops"

"Weave Through Raindrops"

Soaked for years.
Faced my fears
With trembling legs.
Hobbling around misunderstanding
As if on pegs.
Blistering cold.
This moment is growing old
Yet I never felt so bold.

It's wet out here.
Open up the sky
And squint your eyes.
The inexperienced.

The unsettled.
Those lacking the precision
to make tough decisions
Must undergo profound transition.
They shy away from cold
As if they'll always be warm.
They talk brash and bold
As if it were perceived as charm.
They speak the harm
But never braved the swarm.
The throwaway are washed away.
They will not survive the storm.

Wind dodges my face
As debris dances with grace.
Fragments twist and curl.
Remnants of the world.

A storm is coming.

Forecast called for clear skies.
They said nothing of dry eyes.
Clouds gather in midday
And we have nothing to say.
Hardly noticed.
Never talked about
Until the foolish unsuspecting
Inadvertently find out.

A storm is on the way.

Did it have to be today?
Why not?
There wasn't much to say
If it were any other day.
Now they look to hideaway.
Everyone won't get away.
Those looking to dodge the fray
Soon find ruin and decay.

The storm approaches.

As the gust encroaches,
The fearful surely scatter.
They hide behind the roaches.
Their plight won't go unnoticed.

The sky is dark.

Embrace the pain.
Gather scars and gashes.
Nothing left to gain.
Time to rinse the stains.

Time to part the sky.

We only blink our eyes
To rinse away past moments;
But when wondering why,
One can't release the torment.
That's why we have torrents.
Hearts that remain hardened
Can't fathom begging pardon.
They drown in their rage.
Swollen and surly.
Scorn and selfish.
Sworn to suffocating
From needless exacerbating.

The storm is what I crave.

Solitary soul. Singular slave
Yet I flow free.
Nothing marred in deceit.
No reason to remain discreet.
Standing in the street.
Dead center.
Willing sender
Of well wishes in the winter.
How I love her storm.
Been there through the harm,
Nights when it wasn't warm
And always kept her charm.

The storm understands me.

I walk against the gale
Instead of turning around.
The world is whipped and tossed.
My feet never leave the ground.
I confide in her current.
Compromise does not exist.
We represent the resurgent.
Beings this world could not enlist.
She won't impart neglect.
I won't withhold respect.
I know what to expect.
She used to graze my neck;
But now, I just pass by.
I've embraced my pain.
I don't run from rain.
Her teardrops rinsed my stains.

The storm will never die.

She will always cry
For those who stain their eyes;
But I'm just passing by.
Sit there and wonder why.
If you remain discreet
And stand behind those lies,
You will walk the streets
And never come back dry.

You see, I've soaked for years
And faced all of my fears
So when the storm draws near,
I stand next to her tears. †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, July 30, 2012

"In Confidence"

"In Confidence"

You say you don't know;
But I'm convinced you know better.
Your frequent freestyles
Flow fresh like love letters.
Was taught to see and believe;
But the display case deceives.
If I roll back your sleeves,
Your pulse provides premise.
Short abbreviations bred of more.
Novels galore.
Others will call it a bore.
I want to live in the store.
I want to hold hands
While we converse about past plans.
Your last man is of little importance.
Just divulge your dreams for reassurance.
It doesn't cleave to cry.
Free those eyes.
No sign of forfeit.
Loving tears trace a radiant portrait.
More or less,
I request the opportunity
to go toe to toe.
Let me challenge your stress.
No advantage is best.
No weakness is doom.
The playing field is level;
But two will leave this room.
Only darkness will remain.
You see, misery is vain.
She breaks the light switch
Because she can't clean the stains.
She won't break the chains.
She fancies shackles for bracelets,
Chokes herself with her necklace
And swears that it makes sense.
She wants your company.
You don't need to know why.
She'd prefer you didn't wonder.
Just lay down and cry;
But sunlight peeks bright
Beneath all of the shade.
Snatch off the sunglasses.
Toss them to the masses.
Exes might catch the shade
Like money shot magic.
The response will be subliminal.
It's not critical. Just tragic.
Not even worth your time.
Fine wine and expensive taste.
You're more than spare change;
So my receipt was misplaced.

You say you forgot about it;
But recall it all the same.
Barely chill. Hardly tame.
Lost the will to fight your flames.
Best believe I peep game
Without using the cheat codes.
I call it clairvoyance.
The kids call it beast mode.
Some women sharpen tone
In response to such things.
Others use warp zones
Searching for gold rings.
You crave me?
You want me
To enslave thee?
Pace it, baby.
Time is of the essence
And I know we're growing old
And I know that momma said
Eat up before it gets cold;
But let's savor the vittles.
Slow simmer before we sizzle.
Dial it down a little.
I just love to nibble:
Napkin rests upon your lap
As we exchange table scraps:
Misshapen morsels of mishap,
Fragments of flavored fancy,
Sherry and brandy spilled
Over a table stained with thrills.
Smitten with your glamour.
Warm from sips between banter.
You fit the crease of higher seams:
Closely knit within your dreams
Double stitched with aspiration.
How you peak my fascination.
Reluctant glances at my wrist.
I guess it's time to resign.
Would've fancied a kiss;
But a hug is just fine.
Peace signs exchanged.
We go separate ways.
A week passed by.
Spirits still high.
Bitters still bottled.
Room still glows.
Recent moments are never hollow.
My battery stays low.
Fell asleep atop my sheets.
Pillows strewn everywhere.
Subtle hints of your fragrance
And a hand full of hair.

So fervent.
So fair.
So beautiful.
You confide in me.
You request atonement;
But I'll never condone it.
No need to displace.
Nothing to erase.
Quit hiding your face.
Shame no longer stains it.
Display that loving grace.
Don't you dare contain it.
I stare at your smile
And get lost for awhile.
It resembles a vintage view:
Memories retraced and renewed.
Times of tranquility dashed
By such a dark past.
Lovely longing eyes.
Somber sighs.
Left hand cups your face.
Can't turn away from grace.
Soft skin grazes the fingertips
That gently trace your lips.
Illuminated scene.
Air crisp and serene.
Floor cluttered with worries
Cast among the jeans.
Remember when?
Me neither.
No need to recall
Anything past these halls.
We lay within these walls
With no salvaged regret.
Rest well, love. Never fret.
Live to forgive. Learn to forget.

It's been so long
Since I've heard your love song.
Guitar strings of neglect,
Piano keys worn and wet
From liquor spilled and slung.
Fell from a thousand rungs
Just to climb another ladder.
Thank me in the latter.
It's the morning after.
Just enjoy the laughter.
You feared love like the rapture;
But light shines from the rafters.

When the past is tragic,
We cultivate destructive habits;
But as long as you are willing,
I'll show you that life is valid.

I promise. †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, July 23, 2012

"Scrape The Sky"

"Scrape The Sky"

After hours in the grass
and I form fingertips;
pretending to capture images.
So used to this kind of intimate;
but not so much with you.
I wish to uncover you;
tiring of laying beneath
what keeps you so discreet.
I earnestly reach up high;
gently parting the clouds
as lovers would their eyes
in hopes of a better view.

I can't recall your countenance
or key in on what you resemble
but what happens in confidence
let's me know my hands are nimble.
I graze your fine skyline
like thread and thimble.
Your shape so fairly feline
but your skin smooth and simple.
Complex mental means and mixed dreams.
No solid semblance or scene.
Just faint reminders of slates unclean
sitting where the grass is green.

How poorly my memory serves me.
Truly unnerving.
Lord have mercy.
Forgive me.
I live lean;
leaving room for your saturation.
For the sake of fawn and fascination,
I ignore those who question maturation.
Some say you're a fabrication.
They claim that you aren't real;
but you transcend imagination.
I won't deny what I feel.

I let my hand linger
in the air like Gospel singers
or scorpions with sharp stingers
before I lick you off my fingers.
Such an amazing feat
I would proudly repeat
because your warmth greets my palm
with what tastes like expensive treats.
A milky way larger than Mars
better than milk chocolate marzipan
laced with maraschino marshmallows
dipped in Merlot and Moscato.

Dredged in syrup too sweet
for pancakes or waffles.
Dripping wild and free for me.
Deliciously coating fruit trees.
Magnificent decadence.
Such edible elegance
brings me to my knees
with an appetite Heaven sent;
So I've never had enough.
There's so much love to savor.
Extended hands are hardly labor
when reaching for your flavor.

I'll gladly be your skyscraper.
Keep me in your favor.
Time will never die.
With moist or dry eyes,
I will raise hands without shame.
I've no proof to claim.
You might not have a name;
but I love you all the same.
Thoughts of you shine bright
like street lights before the sun.
Even amid it's rays, I draw closer.
Make me your beholder.

Desire rests upon my shoulders.
I swear this air is colder.
The loneliness of weather
makes me wish I had feathers;
but I can only hope for wings.
This cold rain soaks and stings.
I'd relinquish worldly things
just to hear God's angels sing;
yet you just dangle on an angle.
At least that's how it appears.
I've stood on sheetrock and shingles
and I still can't see clear.

When I look up high,
can I scrape the sky
past the clouds that float
and the birds that fly?

When I look up high,
can I scrape the sky?
Collaborate with constellations
for a path drawing nigh?

When I look up high,
will you glance down low?
Will the planets align?
Will the galaxy glow?
Would God grant permission?
Would he allow you to go
to witness heartfelt renditions
of what I'll always show?
Can I show you forever?
With shoulders covered in feathers,
would you navigater weather
so we could be together?
If you have to leave,
will you ever come back?
I've rolled back my sleeves;
ready and willing to catch.

A gentle hiss flows
as the wind blows.
The softest of any kiss
never perched upon lips.
Dreaming of your hips.
Imagining your thighs.
From grassy plains, I take trips.
Mind slips and heart flies.

Onlookers will forever wonder why;
and until the day I die,
I'll chase that loving sigh.
till my life itself evaporates.
In search of you, I'll scrape the sky.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz