Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Modern Tragedy"

Modern Tragedy

The crowd begins to swell.
The audience takes notice
as the instruments find rhythm
to perform the first opus.
The bright lights slowly dim
and the characters fall into place
before the drapes separate
to reveal this detailed showcase.
This whimsical piece of fiction
is sprinkled with pain and strife;
but to those of modest opinion,
it truly relates to life.
The protagonist free falls
through stints of joy and majesty
before smacking the cold ground
of yet another modern tragedy.

Incensed with unshakeable passion,
wearing his heart on his sleeve,
our main character is firmly fastened
to what he truly hopes to receive.
No matter what befalls him,
he still finds reason to believe
that his faith will be rewarded
and love will grant him some reprieve.
He is inclined to the pattern
that his emotions choose to follow.
The only setback to this path
is that it sometimes leaves him hollow;
but he just pushes through the sorrow
and lets time blow the tears away
as he tightens his grip on tomorrow
without letting go of yesterday.

His train of thought remains intact;
but his emotions are sporatic.
One can't deny the glaring fact
that he's a true hopeless romantic.
He gives chase with little shame; 
even if he appears too frantic.
While some think all love is the same,
he treats each girl like a fanatic.
Those close to him try to admonish;
but he throws caution to the wind
and the crowd is left astonished
by how things turn out in the end.
His heart is always an open field
searching for willing hands to tend;
but when the fruit that grows is crushed,
he is left alone when trying to mend.

The crowd is immersed completely now.
Moist eyes form in unanimous fashion
as they hang onto every word
and latch tightly to any reaction.
Some wanted to lend their effort
and help pull him from this hole.
The actor's current state of being
left so many willing to console.
In spite of what he must endure,
he still stands up with a smile
because he knows God's blessings are pure
and his will surely come in awhile.
His heart's desire will arrive soon;
because true love is not a fallacy.
Besides, one is never truly doomed
to remain in their modern tragedy.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"It's Bedtime"

It's Bedtime

It's bedtime; but for me,
it's never bedtime.
It's just phone down, TV off,
as I examine thoughts in my head time.

In the middle of the night, 
I love to do myself a favor
and let my mind release
the fruits of my mental labor
and as they are dispersed,
I pick those that I truly savor
and carefully construct each verse
before the ink pen meets the paper.
Some thoughts are quite perverse.
Others force mental makeovers;
but they will always be diverse
and none of them are mediocre.
This atmosphere that engulfs me
puts me in the perfect position
to reach deep within myself
as I let out nocturnal emissions.

It's bedtime; but for me,
it's never bedtime.
It's when I climb under the sheets
and give my girl some head time.

I gently manuever past the socks
and use my teeth to remove the panties
whilst I wait for that precious moment
when I get to consume the candy.
I don't always have to stand;
but I know how to deliver
as I french kiss her flower
while her thighs begin to quiver.
I just let her shake and shiver
while my tongue twists the lock.
My inner beast takes center stage
when that craving starts to knock.
It's best to let him run rampant
and just allow him to ravage
because until he's had his fill,
there's no way to tame this savage.

It's bedtime; but for me,
it's never bedtime.
The only difference now
is that I have so much dead time.

I hate feeling confined;
so I just search for something new.
When there's nothing to headline,
It's hard to find something to do.
Maybe it's better this way.
Maybe I should just unwind
and just sit back and reflect
on anything that comes to mind.
I can ponder all the answers
to some of my biggest questions
or take time for what it's worth
and try learning some life lessons.
I can acknowledge what I've done
and what I still have yet to try
and rest easy with my growth
as I thank he who sits high.

Let this setting take it's place;
whether morbid or sublime
because nothing yeilds to your pace
quite like the musings of bedtime.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz