Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Everything And Me"

"Everything And Me"

Pretend to be concerned
while you conceal the laughs.
Press on until you strike a nerve.
That's when you'll start to gasp.
Once viewed judgement with disbelief.
Couldn't conceive the laughter.
The line between relief and grief:
A myth.
A missing chapter.
No thought worth missing after
we've fought to fuel the rapture.

"What's wrong?"

Thought to say something
but the ear as lame as trend
won't recall where I begin
yet the eyes will drift on end
to ticking hand's impatient rend
impartial to how this may end.
At my end I've wasted wit
in lieu of cause I've deemed legit
responding with full gall and grit
in hopes that all would benefit.
Still young the years
seen in these eyes
amid the fear
and tears I've cried.
Watch as I form lies
so yours aren't shed.
Better off in head.
Better off when dead
when they talk about
without talking out
and they love to shout
in spite of support.
Hate the cherished sport.
Meaningless retort.
Mix the news report
with the scathing post.
Navy boats called gravy boats.
Maintaining boasts of profit.
Twisted logic all the sudden.
This does not fit what was governed.
Sulk about aside the sullen
until news comes from the southern
tip of things we must endure.
Fleeting pristine.
Nothing pure will last this long.
Dissecting slurs like classic songs
whose lyrics ring well in the mind.
Lost on cordial, calm and kind.
Militant as long as time
lends credence to this headline.

"What's the problem?"
Never mind.

Mine never when
minds mine through mine mind
like mines.
Excavation on display.
Escalation that of carefully
calculated inflation:
considerably convenient in delay.
New in ways to rue the day.
Grew today
to be snatched at the root.
Fruit half consumed
as the rest are tossed aside.
Took pride in my impending denial.
Vile I appear in petition.
Classified under condition
should I ever challenge tradition.
Transition not commonly seamless.
Seen less after the fallout
than there was before I called out
to blame
and name
and shame without the desire to maim.
I the one of a lone few
that knew the need for seeds
was far greater than the wood
stripped away from less aged trees. 

The trees drew more concern
than the forest that slowly burns
and in term, there is nothing in turn
to expound upon what we have learned.

What have you earned?
My silence.

No whispers from violence
debated over more than dashed.
No inflection per direction
of selective dereliction
by those who support affliction
against opposing views of diction.
The conflicting views
seen as miscues misunderstood
by the very best bad
marching as the greatest good.
Stood here and witnessed transformation
in confused horror instead of elation.
God's creation hinged on fixation
taught that hate needs no translation
and that love kills universally
although hate would end us openly.
Over me you've made your choice.
From under you've snatched my voice
once filled with ambitious promise.
Skewed your views and bruised the polish
granted to untapped potential.
For your effort instrumental
in incidental, hapless chains
that will soon prove consequential,
I will slight this mind still rushing. 

"What's the matter, Devin?"

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Saturday, November 21, 2015


We're loving this past our limit.
Knowledge of right and wrong
has nothing to do with it.
Homage paid displayed
on trays with silver handles...
that we've never had to handle.
Thank goodness as we mishandle
every thing that we toast to.
I'm supposed to
treat our truths with tact,
ignore when you overreact
and enjoy in spite of the fact
that you've knocked over three bottles worth.
Bottles work well when they want to
like when I want you
and you've no will to decline
or like when we chase the silence,
an extra bottle is fine
or like when we spark the violence
and our actions define
that of a perfect disaster.
I talk
but you shout faster.
I walk
but you run faster.
She confronts
but he outlasts her
and the world notices.
All we know is this
besides the bottom of the glass
and the crash that is yet to be explained.
Maintain condition.
That pain commissioned
to replace a powerless persuasion
inclined to that of sober minds
so to find room for another campaign
for that case of champagne
makes these red and gold stains
almost completely worth it.
Drink until we find perfect.