Monday, March 31, 2014

"The Blackout Part 1: Residual"

"The Blackout Part 1: Residual"

Fruit from the vine
plucked after setting it ablaze.
Not phased by this wine
and it's scorched notes so heavy.
I'm forever ready
but can't even pace myself.
Not for sake of lost control.
Just constriction in my role.
Slow roll offers conniptions for commitment,
some restrictions I can't get with,
lustful thoughts I lay here sick with
and no perfect setting to ask why.
Diverted eyes away for moments
but made time to take a glance.
Glance by my fixed definition.
More like staring in contradiction.
Diction my explicit act
When I want that old thing back.
I would write until I pass out
and daydream until I black out.

Responsible for what I say in confidence.
Compliments while endearing to the past
earn a leering from the present.
Presented with opportunity.
Once unity forlorn and torn
into chunks of fast melting confection
by those scorned for sake of affection
have become sought after connection.
I have to watch what I tell you
because lord knows I'm a bad habit.
Had it in the worst way on the wrong days
but it was the very best in awhile.

Just wait for the street lights.

Nights like this with wrists so weary…
bound by exhaustion, overworked often,
won't be long before snoring.
Time worth exploring thoughts
we never had to speak.
Tension peaks to serve purpose.
Bright becomes dim after limbs stretch.
Time stamps stressed in importance.
Before this, we would never cross paths.
I still sometimes wonder if it's too much.
Too much to ask of my eyes
closed thinking about thighs

no longer my own……………

…………ask about how you're living.
Not if I'm forgiven.
Just some time to reminisce
is all I need to give in
and you plant them carefully.
Those subliminal seeds.
You strike a pose to curl my toes
and give me what I think I need.
You don't care about what I want.
Daunting when you flaunt
and place it all before me;
nearly inviting me to address you openly.

Act like you don't know
and I'll show you a little.
Play around until I frown.
Hands down.
Imagine my strength within your grasp.
Clasp crossed legs like big business.
Penciled in this meeting.
Greeting an existence that I tried
so hard to see as grotesque
when I fantasize of you at best.
Fresh the flavor of your flesh.

Between yawns we disappear
until we know the coast is clear.
Kept no vast account of fear.
Secrecy runs far and near.
Sought after this much for years.
Tears we've cried diluted pride
and our will to confide in others.
Full of old feelings left to smother us.
Violently choking on it all.
Guilt to the hilt.
Playing with the blade
under the wiles of nightly shade.
We come in waves to overwhelm
as if blatant at the helm
casting all we stand to lose
to the floor next to the shoes.
Nights this busy.
Agenda unspeakable
when addressing the unreachable.
Seemingly, at least.

On bouts of confidence we feast.
We decide if this will cease.
Quite refined yet savage beasts
dashing peace in search of piece……

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Autumn Drapes"

"Autumn Drapes"
You never seem this open in person.
My mystery pronounced intrigue.
Deceived the overtly ambitious…
…delicious fragments of your nature
I collect in obscurity.
Certainly, there is purpose in displacement.
Certainty is the fact I long to taste it.
All of it, honestly.
All that my honesty won't acknowledge.
Every remnant in your wake.
Awakened to the scent
I've imagined you would trace
walking into crowded rooms
or an open office space.
We've only shared proximity
proportionate to that of
this window pane and that turning lane.
You sit across the street.
Only twice we've come to greet
with a glance, a wave, a smile…
…all the while wishing and wondering.

You don't normally do this,
do you?
Not that it shows.
Not like everyone knows.
Intrigue the greatest muse.
Inspiration courageous in this setting.
Forgetting what to say on the way.
Paved the way atop wonder.
Raw form.
Less room reserved for charm.
More for insatiable enchantment.
We lay flat with intention undiscovered.
Uncovered more remnants to savor.
Flavor rich but not transparent.
The only apparent notion
is that emotion preserves drive.
If I might dive, I hope to see
what you were bound to save for me:
fancier of precious notes
soaked in wishful thinking and desire.

Lest you judge me,
I have no regret to face.
Faced with the choice
of imagination or affirmation,
let the former set the pace
for the latter to take it's place.
We will chase uncertainty
until deliberate means manifest.
Limbs stretch wide, perched high
where clouds rival shoulder blades.
Gentle wind acknowledging sweaty legs.
Arms loose like the first lift.
Gift from the skies matching teary eyes.
Cries mark progression and possession fully.
Unruly interaction.
Actions never outlined better than now.
Moments in this mind
carving out portions of time
hopefully revisited in frequency.
Frequently enacting what I've only dreamt of.

Clothe the window.
Seal with shade.
Set aside the time we've made
bring priority to fruition.
Dirty decadence distorted.
Pushed past all limits purported
by those seeking brief encounters.
Slick your tracings on my counter.
Smeared across my clothes.
Streaming between finger tips
Playful pecking at your lips.
Didn't have to hold your hips.
Gripped my mind and left behind
more than I would hope to find.
with recollection this refined,
I've found time to part these blinds.


Written By: Devin Joseph Metz