Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Last Night"

Last Night

Last night,
The rain fell in generous amounts.
I laid stationary in my bed;
but my mind was running about.
I'm usually much more resolved;
but my heart was ready to shout.
So emotionally enveloped and involved,
my desire steadily seeped out.

Last night,
I remember words so tender.
They tossed and chopped.
They mixed and churned.
My lust for her would not stop:
She's my pulse. I'm her blender.
Each statement grew more profound.
Inhibition began to lose leverage.
Hunger increased with every sound
as she listened; sipping her beverage.
Later on, I laid my intentions down
in a very detailed text message:

"Suffice it to say:
I want you
in the best form
of the the worst way.
I want to lay at your side
after taking your body for a ride;
letting fingers glide whilst I'm erect;
ready to playfully and purposely
linger inside of you.
What others hold true
I smote in insignificance.
I only wish to bore through:
Deep and Strong.
Hard and Long.
I want to offer tangible deliverance
in the form of our favorite pain;
and if the rain persists,
we'll do it again..."

The morning sky held no moisture;
but my mind was fully lubricated.
Upon getting up, I struggled with posture
as if I were heavily sedated.
I'm bothered and frustrated;'
because now, I'll never forget
how something so subconscious
could feel so real.......... slippery.

Last night...

felt so right.
Nothing was cloudy.
It was all in plain sight.

Last night...

I could feel every bite.
I closed my eyes as her thighs
straddled me with all their might.
We performed so many wrongs;
but every single act was right.

Last night...

we decided not to fight.
We broke free of our reigns
and self imposed chains;
taking every fiber and grain
that two yearning bodies
could ever hope to maintain:
Basking in the rapture
of perverse pleasure and pain.
Any and every other concern
was washed away with the rain.
All we wanted was ours to gain.

It was the perfect night...
.........but not quite;
because I woke up feeling good;
but no warm body was in sight.
Soon enough, I'll take that flight.
I hope to arrive late that night.
I plan to make sure last night
will never be our last night...

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz
For Her....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Sowers Of The Seed"

Sowers Of The Seed

Sense is common; 
but we act like it’s a rarity. 
Excuses are often shrouded;
but we like to call it clarity.
It’s almost like polarity:
Positive meets negative;
And both are vexed and stressed;
Wanting to be the other’s sedative.
Something has to give:
We can’t possibly expect to thrive
When our minds are six feet under.
We walk tall: still buried alive.

Being alive is suicide,
Days like this I don’t see why 
Jesus allowed himself to get crucified,
Cause people take life for granted, 
Chasing after money 
that they will never touch,
Life doesn’t suck. 
You just didn’t take 
the time to apply yourself,
Could have been something special 
but you continue to lie to yourself,
Afraid to pick up the book called Truth 
that is sitting on your shelf,
The music is my savior… 
Thank God for hitting me up on my pager…. 
Time to teach the youth what’s important… 
Goodbye ignorance, I’ll see you later…

No doubt that the future
Is what our efforts should favor,
But it seems like today’s youth
Lust after such bland flavors:
They choke down large portions 
Of ignorance and mediocrity
Until their innards incur contortions;
So they wash it down with hypocrisy.
Such a dreary, disdainful variety
Almost makes me consider monotony.
Only the foolish gain notoriety.
Unsavory trends have become a monopoly.
Although it has been recurrent pain
To see what has become of modern society,
There is always wisdom left to gain;
Because truth holds everlasting propriety.

While I continue to walk 
down this hallway of lies,
Where so many die 
from telling the truth,
Our words destroy this black plague 
that is dominant within 
these high school walls,
I doubt that our message will fall 
because we have the strength of our ancestors 
so we're able to stand tall 
and take this punishment 
that we don’t deserve
If I happen to pass out 
while speaking my verse… 
just remember my last words 
were far from insanity,
These words have to be shared 
with the rest of humanity,
The ink spills from my mouth 
because my body is a pen,
My body evaporates 
and floats in to the clouds,
A thunderstorm brews the message 
that i didn’t speak…

I share those cumulus clouds.
That’s why my pupils are rarely dry.
This soul screams hard and loud
From what I’ve seen with these eyes:
I’ve watched hope float sky high.
I thought that it would find a pedestal;
But it was snatched and balled up;
Left to wallow in trash receptacles.
Please take me at my word
When I say some have had the nerve
To treat our sacred nouns and verbs
Like fast food: half cooked when served.
Still, I refuse to become unnerved.
I’ll continue to combat their negligence;
No matter how crude or absurd, 
Nothing will compromise literary prevalence.
Our undying thirst for knowledge
Through avenues of consciousness
Will nourish us as we acknowledge
Our profound thoughts as decadence.
We push past what most can’t bear;
Through the morbid and austere
Because some are still out there
That deserve to know we care.

Indeed we care the same way 
the past poets shared there nouns and verbs, 
For us not to deliver the message 
would be absurd
Lets look down history 
and look at all the faces 
that went through so much misery, 
Kicked off chairs, 
beat to death by whips and chains,
Society doesn’t understand the pain 
nor realize that those were my brothers 
stained with the blood of sheer ignorance,
Prosecuted for telling the ugly truth, 
If you want proof 
just look in the american soil 
and you will see the truth, 
The plants are us,
We are just the seed 
that grows and surpasses the weed,
Once we become complete 
we're at the top like the tallest tree,
See whats makes us special 
is that we started from the bottom 
and made our way to the top…. 
We're the tree of life 
and our message won’t ever stop..

Written By: Manja Wiles and Devin Joseph Metz

"Gravity: Circumstance Defined"

Gravity: Circumstance Defined


keeps weighing me down 
like an anchor 
latched at my ankles 
as if to make sure I drown. 
Pound after pound 
plows me to the ground.


feels like much more 
than I can bare at times; 
like a set of endless stairs 
that I've been forced to climb. 
I loathe this twisted paradigm.


is it's own absurd paradox: 
it keeps me "safe inside my box" 
while dangling the keys to the locks; 
leaving me with blunt rocks.


only succeeds at keeping me surrounded 
by staunch views of nobility; 
making sure that I am grounded 
while the free voices are resounded.


will gnash away at my judgement; 
letting the crumbs weigh down my depth; 
each belch holding remnants 
of what there was left.


won't allow me to take flight. 
It seeks to impose and indict; 
making my ambition resemble plight. 
It extinguishes my light.


never meant the best for me. 
It covers my eyes so I can't see 
which branches hang loose from my tree. 
Suffice it to say: I've fallen consistently.


won't allow peace without unneeded risk. 
It does not cease; will not desist. 
It could care less if I were pissed...
.....such a selfish bitch.....


You won't let me be or leave me. 
You don't have to care for me; 
so why don't you want me to be free? 
What is there left of we?


Do you hear me? 
Am I coming through clearly? 
I used to love you dearly; 
but your motives are no longer near me. 
I don't have to fear thee.


get far away from me...
further than all vision can see. 
Give me joy or give me leave. 
I want my reprieve.


........just leave me be....

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz