Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Lustful Paradox: Til Death"

‎"Lustful Paradox: Til Death"

Cold corners. 
Closed quarters. 
Wet floors.
Open pores.
Spinning heads.
Spread legs.
Moist eyes.
Burning thighs.

Secure the locks.
Ignore the clocks.
You twist your locks.
You lick the rocks.
I tossed the phone.
We're all alone.
Scotch over stones.
I feel at home.
You're acting out.
You're in the zone.
You dog me out.
Come get the bone.
You hum and moan.
I take the throne.
I lose control.
Your mind is blown.
Fragments of frustration
Have be violently displaced.
You scramble for a taste.
You need to wipe your face. 

It's time for work.
Head still hurts.
One too many.
You're too friendly.
Such a flirt.
Short black skirt.
Unbuttoned blouse.
Too hot to douse.
Too wet to drench.
I never flinch.
Don't hide the funk.
Increase the stench.
You live for this.
You're loving this.
I'm not much better.
I fulfill your wish. 

I say goodbye.
You're asking why.
Tears start to well.
You're about to cry.
Can't lend reprieve.
I have to leave.
I'm running late.
You negotiate.
I've heard enough.
You hang in tough.
You state your claim.
I call your bluff.
It's getting late.
Hands navigate.
You recall my touch.
You masturbate.
You want it back.
You need it now.
You'll have your way.
You don't care how. 

I'm guilty.
I'm filthy.
In my desk drawer
Is your room key.
I'm on my way.
I'm coming over.
I turn the key.
You're far from sober.
You invite me in.
You're stumbling.
You're paranoid.
I'm not mumbling.
You lash out.
I can't shout.
Bound and gagged.
I'm assed out.
Flesh wounds.
Wet womb.
Warm mouth.
Bled out.
You're living an illusion.
You're in complete delusion.
You give it to me good;
But you won't quell my profusion. 

Two blades to the throat.
You bask in the elation.
My blood leaves your face soaked.
You treat it like ejaculation.
Twisted celebration.
Such a disturbed mind.
The cops have searched for weeks.
You make sure they never find.
Love is only blind
When lust gets in the way.
I misplaced my wife's trust.
I kept your heart at bay.
I couldn't walk away.
I doubt you would have let me.
You loved when I would play.
Never thought about neglecting.
Never was so unsuspecting.
Never thought I'd have to fret.
Your desire was unrelenting.
All that's left now are regrets……

And cold sores……

And you still want more……

But you can't ignore……

You're haunted by the emotional chore

Of cold corners,
Closed quarters,
Wet floors,
Open pores,
Spinning heads,
Spread legs,
Moist eyes,
And burning thighs.


Written By: Devin Joseph Metz



I am me. Not a "we."
I don't know about the team. 
I don't sit on the sidelines
Next to girls who shout and scream.
I don't play between the lines.
I just stay behind the scenes;
But you can keep the credit.
Never was part of the scene.
Never wanted to be seen.
Never begged to be noticed.
Never needed TV screens.
In due time, I'll be promoted.
By that time, you'll swear I gloated;
Take your time. Hug and hold it.
I'll declare that I've transcended.
You'll just think I merely floated.

I am me. Not a "we."
I don't know about the team.

I am me not a "we."
Uniform is starched and clean.
I came up on Goosebumps books
And those children's magazines.
We all grew up reading highlights;
But what demands your eyesight
Are the things that children do
When they decline the night light.
They have become profane.
You say they are insane;
But they never asked to drive.
You just sped up in their lane.
Peer pressure can change lives.
Nothing remains the same;
But the stronger minds will thrive.
What's left over is ashamed.

I am me. Not a "we."
I don't know about the team.

I am me. Not a "we."
Don't care for designer jeans.
Never wasted all my profits
By the age of seventeen.
No protection for my pockets.
Just projectors and white screens.
Not concerned with buying lockets.
Just beakers and triple beams.
Wasn't picked on by the team.
It was more like an adoption.
They took me under their wing
When I explained the triple option.
They always paid homage
To the nerd at the cool table;
But when I dropped some knowledge,
They still chose to pick up fables.

I am me. Not a "we."
I don't know about the team.

I am me. Not a "we."
When recited, it sounds mean;
But my love is unrequited.
Still can't justify your means.
The sugar coating is corroding.
I'm just trying to stay clean.
All the gloating leads to bloating.
Cleave your ego and stay lean.
All your needs you haven't met.
You think this is your best bet;
But you can't indulge in knowledge
Until the table has been set.
By the time you become modest,
Realization will lead to regret;
So to be completely honest,
You shouldn't thank me yet.

I am me. Not a "we."
I don't know about the team.

Worthy me. Woeful "we."
I am greater than the team.

He will be.
So will she.
Discard your "we."
Reclaim your "me."

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz



Can't fight the fear.
Don't need today.
I've fought for years.
Take me away.
You led me here.
Lead me away;
Because one thousand of my tears
Still can't quell the fray.

It's just hell today
Followed by more tomorrow.
It was peaceful yesterday;
Twisted prelude for impending sorrow.
I wish there was some light to borrow;
Although I might not give it back.
This darkness is strategically stacked;
So I look high. The moon is black.

The warmth is gone.
This fire still burns,
But it scorches when I embrace it.
I suppose that lesson is learned;
So I lay here; freezing in pain.
I'm not concerned with the rain.
It doesn't wash me clean.
It just reveals my stains.

My mouth is always dry
Although I indulge in wet grains.
Can't say the same for my eyes;
But the raindrops mask my pain.
I probably look like a leper
To this weekly wandering lecturer.
He often comes my way.
I often shy away.

He never ends the day
Without granting me invitation.
I struggle to hide libation;
But he offers me salvation;
Saying he's watched me walk these streets
As I search for something to eat.
He offers pillows and bed sheets
And clothes that are crisp and neat.

He says that my bad luck
Is born of familiar traits:
When the mind depends on luck,
The heart may soon abandon faith.

He said that I still have a chance.
He vows that he is not deceiving.
He left me with a shining glance
At what I could be achieving.

He calls this place "His Father's House;"
Full of the faithful, steadfast and believing.
Since I no longer have a house,
I may visit his this evening.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

"The Lonely Poet"

"The Lonely Poet"

I may not be as captivating;
But I promise to be fascinating.
Won't you open your ears?
Don't you care to hear
About things that pique my interest
And tickle my fancy?
Let them trickle slowly within you
Before they begin dancing
In a concise pattern of movement:
Rubbing against cranial walls
And cerebral hemispheres
To the center of what we hold dear.

Am I selfish for expecting
Or am I just here protecting
The quality of my craft
While addressing your neglecting?
I like to think I'm swell
And my verses are written well
And the words I juggle and jot
Rarely share the same old plot.
I am a proponent of diversity.
I tell stories of adversity,
Those in search of forever
And helpless souls bound to eternity.

Don't walk away.
I swear I'm not stalling.
I won't take all day.
I just want to share my calling.
Besides, what good is a public speaker
Who cannot find his forum?
Sometimes I feel like a preacher
Encased in the majestic decorum
Of sky high chandeliers
And beautifully stained glass.
God's house he holds dear;
But most people just drive past
Without even so much as a glance
At what the sermon is about;
But if given just one chance,
He can bring them out
Of their hulls of mediocrity.
He can make their lives colorful;
Bearing the blessing of breached monotony
And truly offer something wonderful.

But hey; that's fine.
You've checked your watch five times
And it's only been seven minutes.
I guess I've reached my limit.
Sorry for keeping you so long.
Although your silence was prolonged,
I hope I've at least broken through.
Maybe you'll share this with a few.
Maybe not.
Either way,
I'll leave you to your ways.
I'll share with you some other day..........

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz