Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Bittersweet Subconscious"

"Bittersweet Subconscious"

Dreamt about you yesterday.
Found some time to hide away.
Found a place far from the chase
Where the mind invites a slower pace.
Thoughts of you sweet to the taste
Like candy chewed standing in place.
Bitter are the yearning moments.
Careful in chaste. No land of atonement.
Soft and delicate your pose.
Remnant petals from our rose.
From dormancy, the ones we chose
Befriend the wind and find our groves.
Cherry blossoms in the fall.
Hands sink deep within the wall.
Sorry that I missed your call.
I just needed time to stall.

Didn't want to wake up.
Our ringtone chose to shake up
My seldom surrendered faculties.
Wanted back my fantasy.

Dreamt of you tonight.
Felt more like a nightmare.
Felt like you didn't care.
Why did you cut your hair?
Swag in your bag,
Swerve on my nerves,
A woman full of fads
Claiming Barbie doll curves.
Wanted back my baby.
Only God could save me
From abhorrence so enslaving
In contempt of my fair lady.

Multicolored wigs,
as shapely as a twig,
and an insatiable itch
To cackle like a witch…………

My eyes twitched for hours.
Took a cold shower
and laid back down
After a few sighs and a frown;

But nothing was better
Than that daydream I had
While writing you love letters.
Sat among an angel's feathers.
Found myself surrounded by clouds.
Suddenly swept up in a swarm.
Spoke to my favorite storm.
She brought you to me.
Everything was so bright;
But I maintained pristine sight.
Dark as ever on this night,
So we collected shards of light.

Since we had light works,
We'll illuminate the sky.

And if it's light work,
You'll feel it in your thighs.

And if this light works,
We'll place it up so high

That Celestial vapors burn pure
Whenever God's angels cry.

How often my heart swells
Amid stints of pure hell
Where the only getaway
are those moments in the day
When I push it all away
And gently scrape the sides
Of this ever active mind
Where fond thoughts of you reside.

I wake up alone late nights.
I pull through with you each day.
I waive no anguish when I say
That my dream is so far away…………

…………I miss you. ♥

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Other Side Of The Highway"

"Other Side Of The Highway"

Was told I shouldn't concern myself
with the other side of the road.
Stick to my direction.
Avoid the interjections;
But I only see reflection
When I glance past dashed white.
Broken lines separate nothing
Between I and this light.
Broke stride with less pride
And more curiosity.
Wasn't concerned with privacy.
Who's around to stop me? Not you.

Early intent will win this late night.
I've no desirable extent for staying to the right.
It's always easy to delve
When you were never willing to fight.
I'm not looking to get away.
I just never promised I would stay.
So surprised to find belongings packed.
I remember saying I'm not turning back.
No knapsack.
No can of beans.
Just a wallet full of receipts
and balled up dreams in my jeans.

Day by day, the end hides away.
I thought the destination was getting closer;
But you have become my choker.
Fashionable shackles for the fearful.
Said that the other side if the road
Could only bring me back home.
You needed me to need you.
You feared that I would leave you.
Manipulation is a manic maelstrom.
I wish you good fortune;
Feverish fool stuck in your whirlpool.
Motives undisclosed will flatten the frequent.

I've read the signs.
I know what they say.
They weren't designed to lead the way.
They were forged to collect my days.
I even make note at night
Of such an unflattering sight.
Even when the path draws left,
Each sign will read "Turn Right."
And you think that some won't fight?!
I just chose to play the game.
Your aversion was never strange.
We both know where guidelines pertain.

So I'm moving down the highway.
The one that traces my life.
You protest, you wax, you forewarn.
You indict and vow to do harm;

But I'm moving down this highway.
The one that houses my life.
You can impart guilt in swarms.
Let that same guilt keep you warm.

Wonder what I've pondered.
Breathe hard when I blink.
Can't track what I've discovered.
You should've never made me think.
You watch my wheels fall off.
You saw my car break down.
You say that you're the one
And no more can be found.

Quite profound.

Not enough to make me stay.
I know where I am
By what you say.

So you see:

I can't be concerned
With your side of the road.
We've shed our last load.

So I'm moving down the highway.
My phone has a flashlight.
I'm not staying to the right.
Get some rest tonight. Goodbye.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Inspired By: "The Highways Of My Life" by The Isley Brothers

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Phoenix Force: A Writer's Wings"

"Phoenix Force: A Writer's Wings"

Got big plans on kickstands.
From tunnels to platforms.
The launch pad isn't a new fad.
Just a recurrent chance to take
For those who choose to skate
Clean past what's "real or fake"
For that courageous leap of faith
High above leaves they used to rake.
So much at stake
For this lifelong raffle
That I broke out of the crate
But grew fond of the shackles.
Slave self served sans shame.
Sharp tongue with no game.
Untamed yet far from lame.
Unsung with no name.

Never really could claim
To be one in the same.
I've no exploitative aspirations.
You look to lord over nations;
But why should I set the table
when you dine in privacy?
Your indictments are unstable
Yet you assign dichotomy.
You try your best to pick brains.
You can command lobotomies;
But arms and legs still remain.
What of your vasectomy?
Where's the manhood?
What manner of man would
Search so deep under the hood
In loathing of what he misunderstood?

I'm not a rude dude.
I rarely shift moods.
I'm such a nice guy;
So I can't understand why
Our oppressors scream in pain
While living in the land of plenty.
I'm an advocate of change.
I'd offer my enemies some pennies
If I ever knew their names.
Joy is free. So is shame.
I don't melee for a payday.
Those were times I overcame;
But my two cents will knock five,
ask for ten back,
write an I.O.U. for payback
And loan back what you lack.

I'd rather press my collars and seams
Than let dollars line my dreams.
I meditate and mull over visions
Too complex for missions
Yet much closer than impossible.
The society at large
And I am but a piece
of this intricate collective.
The wiles of a detective
Would deem our methods effective.
Deduction is rendered defective.
Not true intent to be deceptive;
But a writer's mind is not planned.
We leave not room for one to stand.
You must float to understand.
Just hope to land on a kick stand.…………

…………and once perched,
Look miles past the earth.
God's stars are scattered for a reason.
The cynics call it treason.
The critics assign seasons;
But our calendar is undefined.
No wind chimes mark our time.
No crows of desolation.
No birds in search of scraps.
Just pages scattered, perhaps.
What few feathers are unearthed
Come not from where pigeons perch.
Heaven's angels. Trumpets loud.
Racing down from parted clouds
Willing to extend their hands
To those leaping from kickstands.

Poets fly. No need to land. P†F

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Oasis Of Forbidden Desire"

"Oasis Of Forbidden Desire"

Woke up in malaise
And I never felt so dazed.
We haven't talked in months;
But I swear it's been days
Since I last had this dream.
Thoughts as rich as cream
And I still have that gleam.
Frigid room filled with steam.

Kept you deep in mind.
Swore I left it all behind;
But what degree of privacy
Comes without a little policy?
Sure. I've been sure.
Said I'd never have to ensure
That there would be any occurrence
Where I would clamor for insurance.

Did so well without you;
But I still tuck you in.
Seldom mentioned among Mrs.
Because it's none of her business
And it shouldn't still be mines.
I'm still doing fine.
Possessed my daily grind
but I'm teetering the line.

Acting like you're here.
Said that you'd always be there.
Moments dreamt in dare
That I'll likely never share.
Protecting my baby's ego
And my future in swift secrecy.
Lingering desire lets me perspire
Between stints of recalled indecency.

Guilt is a trip.
Life is a bitch.
I dream of your lips
And my legs still twitch.
Gotta scratch the itch.
You're so far away;
But different times during the day,
I find time to steal away.

Words you used to say.
That smirk that shapes your face.
The way you used to taste.
The expressions on my face
And this is my fourth time today.
Quick draw and swift stroke.
Never really took forever
Before I pulled myself together.

Felt a little shame
When I almost used your name
To address my incumbent.
Emotions so vile and pungent
As when he was still her subject
And I was settled into predicate.
Drove me months past insane
Just having to hear his name.

I won't play that game;
But I still protect the flame.
Lust is strong in linger
But the love still looks the same.
Get away from me.
Please hold on tight.
Leave me be today;
But visit me tonight.

Can't make up my mind
Although I've divulged solution.
Told her I was clean
But there's so much pollution.
Can't call it confusion
When I aspire toward seclusion.
Nothing tangible between us;
But you're far from an illusion.

I asphyxiate myself with you.

Noose loose neck tie
Fashioned from your thighs
As you stretch and dangle
At such a cute angle.
Constriction my addiction.
Such passionate praise
For a desire that closes my airways.

I suffocate.

It's never too late
To grant myself reprieve;
But I'm not ready to relieve.
What's most difficult to conceive
Is how I'm so willing to deceive
Although I'm sure that she may leave
If she knew you lined the sleeves
Of my inner recesses.
You command corners in my mind.
It gets harder to find
A way that will not bind
Thoughts of she with thoughts of we.
This will eventually tear me down;
But before she sees a frown,
I'll submerge myself in memories profound
Rather than cast them to the ground.
I'll fancy my ankles bound
And without making a sound,
I'll dive into our past…………………………
……………………………………and drown. †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz