Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Dirty Laundry"

"Dirty Laundry"

Feelings this hard to explain
Can't make sense of all this pain.
In my mind, you're thriving again.
Dirty cloths highlighting the stains.
Honestly don't know what I'm feeling.
Not quite sure I should be revealing.
Quite impure. You should be concealing
But you're so focused on appealing;
Peeling stitches back like skin.
In God's eyes. Wonderful sin.
You would dare invite me in.
This beginning has no end.

You just slide it to the side.
Hold on to that pride.
Can't afford the price of shame.
Free admission for this ride.
Steeper than the price of fame.
I'm all for it. Play the game.
Guilt looms forward as we hide.
You just slide it to the side.

Stayed up for you last night.
I'm up for you most nights.

Didn't need distractions.
I just wanted action.
I have purpose. I want passion.
I want unruly. No rations.
Don't need to be told
That I shouldn't be here.
I'm truly not concerned
With what they see or hear.
My mind is at ease
Yet I coast like the river.
You lay here in need
And I stand to deliver.
So ready to overflow
That we push past the simmer.
I'm on a stint of greed;
In need of a giver

So just slide it to the side.
Let me grip and glide.
I'm done with the patience.
I am not willing to bide.
I forgot your name.
Can't remember while inside;
But I know you'll surely guide
So just slide it to the side.

We haven't talked in weeks.
Yeah, I know the rules.
This game is for fools.
We cross paths and don't speak.
Her touch lines my arm;
I act like it's warm
But you know better.
Knew that I'd let her
Lay around and linger.
I rub and lick these fingers
That have split and spread you wide
While you take it all in stride.

You gladly slide it to the side.
Temptation was tried.
Told myself I didn't want it.
Fed myself some lies.
You don't hesitate. You flaunt it.
I'm hardly surprised.
No campaign or compromise.
You just slide it to the side.

And if I knew this years ago,
We wouldn't be here years later.
I would quit and find favor.
There's no shame in my behavior.
This is our fault;
Vaulting from on high
To plunge in darkness so deep.
We don't even creep.
As they go separate ways,
We work well around the days.
The malaise should be considered.
We briskly shake and shiver;
Braving circumstance so vaunted.
We jaunt through excursions;
Collecting halfway diversions
For our bevy of perversions.
What is certain is uncertainty.
Certainly, the curtains will be torn.
Discovered by jealous lovers scorn.
Sworn to never see the forlorn.
Never knew what I needed
Or why we never conceded.
Contrite couldn't frame our means.
Just a silhouette in jeans.
Used to be once in awhile.
Now we travel mile for mile.
Used to erase every trace.
Now we keep it all on file.
Would leave in the dead of night.
Shameless skin shines in sunlight.
I no longer wonder why.
No remorse left in these eyes.
Hunger stronger than you know.
Doesn't mean I'll let her go.
I reserve what I will show;
But before I let you go,


Just slide it to the side.
Not about the pride.
I'm a man of many faults;
So please spare me the snide.
We made this addictive now.
Don't dare resist the ride.
It's like hell on this carousel
but just take me in stride.

Dim eyes. Blank stare.
So high. Dry air.
Moist thighs. Wet hair.
Just stay right there
While I climb deep inside.
Let me grip and glide.
Nothing left to hide.
Just slide it to the side.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"The Knew Me"

"The Knew Me"

Peruse the meaning.
Those closest to me fiending
At the first lapse in control.
Stranglehold softened
And I rise out of my coffin.
You say you knew me
As if this is the new me;
But if you truly knew me,
then you'd know that truly
There is no new me.
Change is relative
And we've forged a disconnect.
Subjects you require.
Derelict in my desire
to break free from the "knew me."

Change is relevant,
a requirement in a sense.
I was a broken case quarter
before I made change for 15 cents.
The blocks raised me
and corner arithmetic was bliss.
These combat boots molded me
and the result is this:
The new me
don't require the old me crew;
So to knew me must mean
that a new fee was due.
I live life like cashier
and my mistakes are often few.
So if you're still who I used to be,
your change might be due.

Change is evident.
Evidently, nothing remains the same.
Won't return from whence I came.
I refuse to play the games
that ensure a lapse in progress.
Progression enslaved and staved
By those concerned with the banter:
Mindless chatter from the envious.
Those who love to show
How much they claim to know.
Never here to watch me grow;
So I'm not what you used to know.
As sure as wind blows,
Inevitably I will see
That the knew me you wish to see
Can't hold light to the new me;
Chains like thick veins
Imposed will coursing intravenously.
You impart your will to knew me.
New me with bolt cutters,
Crushing links and closing shutters.
While the weaker hearts flutter,
I proclaim.
No semblance of stutter.
Originality is seldom slept on logic.
What makes it tragedy
is when we use it for profit.
If not for the swerve
or the fits of hot topic,
lost souls would never line pockets.
I've found it in the knew me:
Knew he didn't reach his worth yet.
There's still some work left.
There's time to perfect.
Haven't expunged my perks yet.
New me knows knew me had regrets
So I decided not to settle.
Revel in past where fault clashed
Or treat present day like yesterday.
Change has occurred
and the control freaks weep.
Blatant in the burbs.
Knew me used to creep.
New me never discreet.
For every me you used to know,
I will have more to show.

Change is indispensable,
a self journey ritual.
Had to appreciate my proceedings.
for guidance towards my pinnacle
Many cynical wishes disguised
but hate is typical.
I'm a antonym to settling
so I focused on changing my syllables.
Once stood in crowds of many
but my presence wasn't integral.
Their realities were fictional
so I became invisible
Constantly transitional while remaining original
Progress is essential
Disoriented directions will always dead end
before the reach is potential.
The Knew me and New me
embraced the differential before they assembled.
Amazed at how they resembled
cause even congenial siblings are identical.
Their disgust is a constant menstrual;
Clearly exhibiting how growth is non consensual.
My wish is that it comes eventual.

Written By: Infragilis A.K.A. Frag Da Scribe and Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Gray Matters"

"Gray Matters"

The hardest questions to answer
Are the ones I can't evade.
I could use some illumination;
But I just sit back in the shade.
I watch the water stand still
Just before the sky blackens.
You would swear I'm right at home.
I never notice when it happens.
I don't have to find a way
Or scramble to hide away
When I can take one glance
And see the sun just ran away.

The hardest pills to swallow
come with consistent prescription.
Never mind the diagnosis.
I rarely ever cared to listen.
See, I know my reflection glistens
As sure as water is wet
So denial is not tradition.
I embrace all my regret.
I let time consume me whole.
It might even claim my soul
If I sit here long enough.
Guess I knew it would get rough.
Nothing smooth across these pores.
Gave me silence. Give me more.
Do the job until it's finished.
Make light of this gruesome blemish.

Am I ugly? Are you squeamish?
I wonder who else might've seen this;
But I'm past the point of concern.
The stares used to burn;
But I'm indifferent to it all.
Downfall like cat calls.
Sharper hearing through thick walls.
Vision clear in what I hear.
I can't vouch for lack of trust
Without disclosing the lust.
Flushed between what I pursue
And the heartache that ensues.
The toilet backs up
And I wake back up;
Submerged to my surprise
But never close to my demise.
Decrepit under it all,
I drift and await the fall.
I subscribe to lifeless labor
As grounded as every anchor;

But I still float back to shore.
Some call it hunger for more.
Others see it as my fate.
I've stopped asking what's in store.
Nothing offered by the merchant
Could truly ever be worth it.
If I'm flung back to the sea,
most of me would deem this worthless.

Most of me.

Some questions I still can't answer.
I may still look to evade.
The light is bright and warm.
I'm complacent in this shade;
But I glow beneath the garbs.
I'm not always willing to admit;
But I've no true will to quit.
Every dire decision is split.
Scenarios and variance.
Dormancy in decadence.
Made darkness my norm
Like I knew it wouldn't harm.
I observe the swarm:
My black hedge serving as shelter
from the hands that keep me warm
And the pain I've surely dealt her.

Trust unfamiliar as it sounds.
Fragments of atonement abound
And I've barely been around.
If it ever comes crashing down,
Before it cracks and hits the ground,
From the shade where I am bound
I will swiftly expose my crown.

Shells must remain hollow. No inquiry to follow.


Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

The Gray Always Matters.