Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Inauspicious Homecoming (Unbridled Relapse)"

Inauspicious Homecoming (Unbridled Relapse)

I now reside deep inside: 
where darkness gives way 
to my departure from this ride. 
I can now discard emotion 
and latch solely onto pride.

I now reside deep inside: 
Where the shadows dry moist eyes 
and any pupils 
that remain moist 
are extinguished. 
No company for anguish.

I now reside deep inside: 
Where fear goes to sleep 
and ambitious fury creeps 
through my cerebral chasm 
as the light goes to sleep.

I now reside deep inside: 
where Zen is more important 
to Yin than Yang 
and Luster grips his hilt 
while darker pigments 
expose their fangs.

I now reside deep inside: 
Where no one really cares 
if time ever passes by. 
The darker hue is more outspoken; 
but we both pretend to be camera shy.

I now reside deep inside: 
where well wishes 
for deep kisses 
have been diminished and dismissed; 
displaced among the realm of the discarded.

I now reside deep inside: 
where the thoughts that one harbors 
takes form and shape shifts 
after being filtered through sifts; 
removing joy.

I now reside deep inside: 
where what one tries 
to keep from feeling 
is now completely worth revealing. 
We don't conceal what is now real.

I now reside deep inside: 
where the only semblance of normalcy 
is a domain brimming with dormancy. 
Shrouded captivity is now familiar plains.

I now reside deep inside: 
where darkness makes surreality 
seem more like a fallacy; 
eviscerating earnest dreams 
while still sneering at reality.

I now reside deep inside: 
where bleeding hearts impart 
nourishment to the filthy, 
decrepit and blood thirsty 
whom creatures of light deemed unworthy.

I now reside deep inside: 
where the glass that was 
half full of hope 
gets swallowed whole; 
replaced with a chalice 
of 151 proof souls.

I now reside deep inside: 
where eyes that searched 
for love are now blind; 
so they now stand behind 
the purveyor of distorted hindsight.

I now reside deep inside; 
and this will be my new home; 
whether others come to visit 
or I roam this host alone. 
I may never leave this zone.

I now reside deep inside: 
where my darker side 
has made provisions for my rest. 
No longer will I endure tests. 
We are invincible at best.

I now reside deep inside; 
and I may not choose 
to return until this host 
is burned and scattered 
across the seas from his urn.

Okay, Dark Side. It's your turn.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Shine And Darkness"

Shine And Darkness

They say that it's extremely hard
to keep one's identity under wraps.
This is true. 
because the truth was in your lap
and all you cared to do
was incessantly shout and clap
when your mind should be running laps.

You invite me to accompany
as you bask in your lapse;
but filling in your gaps
will never grasp my ire.
I've no degree of desire
to walk into such traps.
I'm a more intricate set of wires
and I've never been easily tapped.

I don't take part in bouts
in hopes of gaining clout.
Most find it optimal to stalk
in hopes of standing out
until someone will let them talk;
but the roads that some walk
tend to impede and balk
what they should really be about.

I'm too diligent and driven
to conform to your commission.
I'm well aware of my condition;
so I'm inclined to my own mission.
This loathsome world's finite list
of progressively pedantic positions
was all the coercion required
for me to employ this disposition.

My bright side wished to see
what this world had in store;
so he worked consistently
and even planted some trees;
but such an uninspired place
lacked the necessary consistency
to divert from dull tendencies.
Possibility now resembles contingency.

He's definitely had his fill
of mental overkill and predictability;
so he relinquished fleeing thrills
and now resides here with me.
He is every part of me
He and I are now we.
He favors the antithesis of secrecy;
but he is now my blatant mystery.

We are one fluid meshing,
but we are NOT the same.
He will pray for your blessing.
I'll intentionally forget your name.
He'll stand between you and strife
like raging water to a dam.
I would likely see you drowning
and find no reason to give a damn.
It's just a part of what I am.
I represent what you will see
when he has had enough
of what this place has offered we.

He will still walk among you;
but you won't see the change.
He may seem very near,
but he's so far from your range.
Light will only linger as long
as what it illuminates will follow;
but what your dormancy prolongs,
my shadow will surely swallow.
Even after his luster dissipates,
Your shallow ways will abhor sense.
It may take a desolate future
to liberate you from the past tense.
He has decided to cross that line.
He saw nothing left to harness.
You may have stalled his shine;
but you can't escape our darkness.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Luminous Nocturne"

Luminous Nocturne

We haven't been here long.
We've no list of pet names;
no collection of favorite songs;
but what we have is special.
The purest intentions exchanged
between two shining vessels
That spill light into darkness;
increasing daily in high levels.
This disclosure is our delight.
It's the joy that we have earned.
What was dim will become bright
as we compose this luminous nocturne.

My wish to be left alone
was granted by that which
I no longer wish to hone;
so now I'm here alone;
but I'm never truly alone.
You're right here; walking with me.

I had to sharpen my vision.
That which used to house my view 
left it decrepit and distorted.
I've stomached enough; so in lieu,
I discarded what I thought was due
for a crystal clear view of you.

The path I forged out of love
for those of stubborn inclinations
was too cluttered to tread;
so instead: I've been led
in the way of your interest;
evidenced by all that we've said. 

My mind is far from blind.
It's own set of eyes
saw you in the midst
of "Wonder whys" & "potential lies"
because truth attracts such sight;
exuding a gleam that never dies.

None of this seems to make sense;
but I understand it still.
We're both aware of the pace
and are ready to move at will;
but we're not chasing a thrill.
Such a confusing, twisted pill.

This capsule that we swallow
makes us want to bask
instead of wishing to wallow.
We follow bliss; longing for a kiss
without any outright concern 
for what is potentially missed.

So what is left of this? 
The ride is certainly over; 
but the thrill is far from gone. 
Time is moving considerably slower 
and we don't have to go home... least not alone.

This slow stroll has become 
our zone for new thoughts 
to be harbored in their varied castes: 
from potential to possibility;
which invoked this synchronicity
that is obviously void of simplicities.

Have we found solace in this mystery?
Sporadic seems steady. 
Unsure resembles ready. 
"Not yet" looks like "COME GET ME!"
We'll figure it out one day....
.........if we haven't already.

For now, all that is known
is how much we have grown.
We should likely take more time;
but this pace is our paradigm.
This feeling truly is sublime,
but we must adhere to fate's decree
and wait patiently for the signs
that our light allows us to see;

But if you are earnest and willing, 
I'll gather all I can muster
to keep the road that we travel
soaked in our radiant luster
and I will always aim to show
with every moment that we earn
how beautiful our path will glow
as we compose this luminous nocturne.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, January 17, 2011

"Sharp And Hard. Nice And Easy."

Sharp And Hard. Nice And Easy.

I can't yet see sounds;
but I can taste words. 
Every single bit
of decadence I've heard
has been evenly dispersed
between lobe and palette.

Keep talking, baby.
I love the sugar sweet sound
of your profound adjectives and nouns.
Pronunciate and articulate freely.
Feed me.
Keep me.

Speak the words I favor
in a myriad of flavors.
I want to savor your verbs
like fresh herbs:
generously scattered across
my silver dish of cerebral desire.

I race home frantically
in hopes of sitting
at your table;
because I know that you
are the only one able
to serve such delectable conversing.

You tout such a stout
range of tantalizing terminology.
That's what you're all about.
I can't ignore your clout.
You're more than worth my acknowledging.

I'm drowning
in my own pool of drool
and still don't feel like a fool;
because your words
are of rare choice
and are enhanced by that voice.

That tone....
that sound....
constantly spinning my mind around
until I crash to the ground
and shatter into shards of bliss.
That's when I start to reminisce.

I recall.
I recount.
I am befuddled by the way
your lovely voice
coaxes me in conversing
and even more so in rebuttal.
It's ever so subtle.

So supple.
I don't even feel the need
to heed admonishment of trouble.
I walk blind and free to you.
Bind me with your vocal sinew.

I rive in anxious angst
as you tease me.
Your poignancy truly never
ceases to please me.
The words that you disclose
never constrict or squeeze me.
You project each sharp and hard;
but they flow so nice and easy.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Declaration Of Futility"

Declaration Of Futility

You are destined and deadlocked 
to that which you rile and defile.
Every memory is on file.
Every single absurd word
that you've presumed unheard.

No need to stay for awhile.
The silver platter
is out of free trials.
You feign a sincere smile;
but all I see
are blood stained tiles.

What hurts worse than learning
that dormancy is all
that one can hope to gain 
form "hard work?" 
Our sky high plotted coordinates
just violently crashed to earth.

Maybe it's our turn
to crash and burn.
When there is nothing left to earn,
we lose the desire to discern
between all things concerned.

Past fears drew cold air
and dried up with the tears
of "yester-year." 
We both stand here;
but aren't looking to draw near.
We just leer.

We sneer.
We vehemently tear through
what was once so dear
in every ridiculous way.
This is the overlay
of our past-to-present days.

We pretend we want to get away;
but we are so ready
to engage in child's play:
We trade blows with thin air
and honestly expect it not to stay.

Such is the makeshift makeup
of our dreadful future together.
Bad weather and ruffled feathers
nestled in our own maelstrom
with no sign of an umbrella.

Increase the speed.
I need a turbulent experience
in order to shred
every shard of our existence:
I'd prefer every gleam of evidence
completely cleaned from the scene.

I've fancied this ending
in hopes of starting over;
but now I just want it over.
Let's make this obliteration
our definitive, diligent obligation
Then just live on
departing from the aftermath
of our imminent damnation.

What was ebbing and free flowing
became too much to manage
and slowly garnered viscosity
until we dried up:
brittle and damaged
in dire need of fluidity.
This fire we used to feed
was sharply smote in infamy
so it will forever be perceived
as our declaration of futility.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Negotiations: Explicit Articulation"

Negotiations: Explicit Articulation

Grab a match.
Slip the latch
and let's whip up
a batch of fun
until we both catch one...
...or a few....
...far more than two.
Just let that cauldron brew
such a savory stew...
each morsel dripping free... dew.

I'm more than happy
you are willing
to oblige me.
My imagination:
Fueled on the thought
of you being inside me. 
Drive me like a daredevil:
Running speed and swerve.
I can only hope
that you are eager
to get your hands
on my curves....

More eager than
my resolved demeanor 
may imply.
If you're keen enough,
you'll notice the hunger
in my eye.
I'll be sure
not to let
one second pass by
without the warmth
of my hands gliding
freely between your thighs.
You'll salivate
whilst I captivate
with the sensual authority
of a seductive magistrate
on his conquest
to circumvent and navigate
past flesh laden valleys
a mile high in glorious design...
......Care to be my concubine?


.....Yes; but a concubine
cannot cater to you as I can.
I have the skills aplenty
that can please any man.
I stand............... give you what you want
and everything you need;
whether you find yourself
between my thighs
or if I'm pleasing you
..........on my knees.
Please believe:
Upon arrival, 
You will neither want
nor need another.
Let me please you
and I'll prove:
You'll never need
another lover....

Written By: Amber Crawford & Devin Joseph Metz