Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Well done
and hell spun
and charred to my furthest extent.
So done,
I'm outdone
that all I could think to offer was spent.
Tossed me and flipped me
and you just would not relent.
Pull up a stake from the tent
and try your best to breach me.
You'll have to do better.
Elastic as plastic
and tougher than leather.
Exposed to the point
that I forgot how to cry.
Pulled me within an inch
in a pinch
where a flinch
would be worth much less to try.
Might find some sign
if I opened my eye.
Somewhat enclosed
but you pull
and you pry
and I start getting dry
but you won't let me die.
Tortured me long enough
to bring some tender to pink.
Just enough tilling
and grilling
and sealing
to make me think.
Concise in tactics
like that of a shrink.
Inches away from the brink
but close enough to
guide the blade that would follow
the course you have set forth.
The easiest swallow.
Displayed this setting
to those who bothered to care.
Figured me too well conditioned
to portion
or section
or share.
Figured out how best
to take me there.
Barely in need of repair.
Fondled me
like fingers through
follicles of hair
and furnished me fickle and fair.
Barely apart.
This barely the start.
I for others to please.
I am flaunted while teased
while tazed
while fazed
while wondering when.
Will it be longer?
Will I turn again?
Fixed before friends,
I am naked yet clothed.
Tend to my temperature.
Climate controlled.
Savored me like that of
savior when they kissed his feet.
Worked long enough
through the tough
that your penchant for rough
leaves you somewhat complete.
Finished before one knew of the start.
Barely a glance.
Hardly a chance.
Just the first part.
Just the preview
and we knew the risks involved
if you wouldn't go further.
Flirting with heat,
I am removed from the seat
and thrown around
just for the presentation.
Thin is this layer of hesitation
for fear of rejection
and subjection to trials.
Who would dare claim me early?
Why aim for something so vile
and say this much is
all that you've wanted?
Have you not trifled and taunted?
Am I not vexed and haunted
but the seconds that you
have exposed me to?
Finished already?
No more to do?
No more from you?

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz