Thursday, April 28, 2016



The road less traveled
with our roles mishandled
where potholes dismantle
things we shouldn't look to build...
Holes we've created
never filled past the extent.
Intent burns quicker than desire
and it hurts to feel the fire.
This warmth between us.
Knowing how much we need us
whilst hoping the world can't see us.
Love this strong between us  

is the puzzle that stumped the genius.

We are Rubix and Crucifix.

For you my feelings sacrificial
while better served in dismissal.
I shouldn't need you to stay.
Fought through things to say
to push away
but somewhere inside,
I haven't matched six sides yet.
You take me high

I've grown sick from this.

If you knew of my regrets,
you'd stop asking if I'm okay
and let me just exist.

This too must cease
but we don't desist
and we draw closer to death
with every breath pondered.
Wandered through possibility
trying to justify our ability
to coexist with some stability
but we are cylinder and square peg.
Watched my heart beg
beyond my judgmental mind.
Rationale rationed well
enough for me to hide behind
the darkest part of a truth
that most would call a lie.
I look to text you "Hi"
and you won't say "Goodbye."
Over the phone:" Are you alone?"
and I'm not asking why.
We find a zone then you go home
and I just want to die
but I
much like you
stretched this heart in two places.
Knots much larger than shoelaces
as we make faces that subdue
the curiosity they drew.
I hide from her.
He's fine with you.

What new have we discovered?

These thoughts,
they hover over me so thick
and intimate
and personal.
Pictured things I've hoped to know
past the passion of imagination.
Calling you my fixation.
Broiling with indignation
when he pulls you away from me.
Love of yours he takes from me.
He takes for free
something so priceless.
Full of envy and I don't like this.
Rush of lust and I can't fight this.
Not much longer.
Something stronger must become my distraction.
Reactions once easily concealed
are revealed with much more frequency.
You cross my mind frequently
and I know my place in yours.

Several scores of emotions
that we shouldn't have to deal with
rise on purpose
with great purpose
to the surface and I feel it
and I'm filled with so much of you.
There is just so much of you.
Too much of you to keep at bay.
Can't get a way
to get away
so you get to stay
and what I try to say
isn't what I really want to.
I really want you.
I need you bad.
Another dose of what I never had
in the first place.
That first taste of the sweetest bitter.
Eyes well from the endless river.
Bit my lip just to stave the quiver
of speaking promises that I can't deliver
and I'm sorry
and it's all me
and it's us too.
I wish it was all you
and we both know
how far this goes
but please,
don't go.

Just don't.


Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Dark Matter"

"Dark Matter" 

Broke the bulb
when the flicker turned dim.
Child of light
complete with devilish grin
all the same with no fangs
concealed behind whispers. 

This per the patience
that was once religion to me.
Time drove division through me
with each new incision soothing
as the strain progresses. 

I've done less with hope
and much more without the wish
yet I insist upon wondering
if I'm among your favorite sins committed.

Repeatedly livid perceiving the possibility
that I might not be granted inclusion.
Exclusion an acquired taste, after all.

So used to crawling to the finish
just to witness a prize as diminished
as my pride has grown after ambition. 

I no longer care to listen.

Watch me slaughter every light
and make the world stop.
Shadows no longer fight
in corners to remain on top.
Lay where light used to hide.

Shimmering remnants trapped inside.
Lodged deeper than shrapnel
from the shattered shards of shine
less divine in this design
than the coarser grains refined
until fine as that of sugar.
Took your gleam and scraped it clean.
Fit to fiend for the obscene.

Think on dreams you'd never speak of
where cheap love
is ransomed for lust.
Each hug the precursor for trust:
the tool that rules before us.
Blew dust from the wicked ways.
Foundation built amid this haze
of guilt you've no doubt succumbed to
until I reach deep enough
for you to come to
and come for me
as I came for you
under shade.
Lost the days.
Savored nights.
Little sight needed when near.
Fear once a formality
is now a residue to be rinsed clean.
Don't be afraid of what is unseen.
There are no screens forewarning.
The adjoining lips,
and fingers
linger longer
where the stronger urges outlast
what time presents
when light is cast upon it. 

Flaws flaunted
once haunted
encourage the charmer. 

Used to need
the talk and chatter
to get here much faster. 

Thought it right
to embrace light
until it all grew darker. 

Not need to fight.
What comes this night
should be all that matters.... 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz