Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Color Blind"

"Color Blind"

You disgust me;
and trust me;
this never ending pattern
that I have been forced to see
will only expose over time
how dark you should be.

You rive in the pain.
You live for the disdain.
You make these provisions
and embark on missions
to foolishly drown yourself
in love's relentelessly repugnant rain.

What's wrong with you?!
Where is the stronger you?!
How much unnecessary strife
will you put yourself through
before you realize that love
only seeks to weaken and subdue?

That's not true!
That's not what love is about!
It is duly noted
that I've engaged in arduous bouts;
but no matter the route,
I'm more than willing
to stand firm through the drought
instead of swiftly backing out.

Do you hear yourself?!
This is unheard of stupidity.
Do you honestly believe
determination will grant you pity?
Your point of view is severely skewed
and it has yet to harbor validity.
In fact: past endeavors have shown
how synonymous love is with infamy.

I don't believe you.
Love is a pure divinity.
It's the strongest dwelling in me.
It has it's portion of adversity
and a host of harsh complexities;
but it is not an obscenity.

Your vantage point is as pathetic
as the conviction with which you speak.
You paint the picture of a cleric;
but that facade just proves you're weak.
You let this groundless emotion
reveal every single crack and leak
and you have the nerve to wonder
why every situation ends up bleak.

You sing this melancholy song;
but have yet to prove me wrong.
I implore you: tell me why
this chastisement must be prolonged.
I dare you: show me the danger
in allowing this to go on.
Go ahead; because I know for sure
that this arguement won't last long.

Well now, arrogant much?
Do you honestly need 
an example of such?
Are you really wondering why?
I doubt that your flimsy heart 
is even close to ample enough
for me to generously display
your plight before your eyes.
but I've never been coy or shy.
As much as repetition angers me,
I'll make you fully accountable
for every tear that you cry.

It's right in front of you.
You don't have to search high.
You just act like you never knew;
but I hear angst in every sigh.
Hell: Your first tried to hide,
Your second manufactured lies,
and your third took ambition
in making you the bad guy;
and you gave them all a pass;
no matter how crude or crass.
Now I ask you: In each of these,
who can we call the ass?
You were so willing to confide.
There was nothing you wouldn't share
with this slew of deceptive equestrians
that rode you rugged like a mare.

That's enough! I've had my fill.

Oh I severly beg to differ.
It appears that this new thrill
has even more pain to deliver.
You see potential in her eyes
and have found yourself enthralled;
but what lies on the other side
left this unstable occurrence stalled.

She shares what most would conceal
and you swear that it's affection;
but what was recently revealed
stifles the strength of your connection.

You can't relate to how I feel;
so I've no need for your protection.

Your feelings are of no concern.
We don't share the same zeal.
I've no wish to shield your heart.
That wasn't part of the deal.
Such was never my intent.
I'm just saying what's real;
like how much your deducing
always causes you to question
the timid tone in her inflections
that leave stark hints of deception.

This is still very delicate and new.
Much understanding is still due.
I just want to support her
and try to see her point of view.

Well that's quite noble of you.
Such a foolish, kind shrew.
You've adorned her in your hue;
but she wants more than blue.
She could give her all to you;
but has motives for another.
Someone shares her heart with you:

You speak of red: her other color.

Ah yes: the maroon gentleman.
The crimson clad lad
that she wishes would give her
the love that she never had
until she found that in you;
but you'll never break through.
She will always yearn for him;
no matter what you do.

At the cost of being used,
she neglects what she should choose
even though she does peruse
that she's just playing by his rules.
She wants to cultivate and grow
what he's not willing to show.
It would be wise of me to go,

But you refuse to say no.

I know it doesn't make much sense;
but her emotions I can't govern.

Suspense is a heartless bitch
and she is sworn to be stubborn.
She gallivants and has her fun;
ignoring any damage done
but in her plight, she doesn't see
that failure is her only son.

Maybe this can't be undone.
She won't employ better sight
and break free from his grip;
even when he openly smites.

Don't be so willing to indict.
You aren't exactly void of plight.
You've made yourself her sanctuary,
so she runs to your monastery
when her want for him grows thin
but that's when he reels her in.
He gives her a little more
of that heartfelt,
profound and pure;
keeping her confused and unsure
while disregarding her want for more.

It must really suck for you
to share the top spot on her list.

I've heard enough of this!
I demand that you desist!

Blue is merely drops of rain.
Red is what runs through her veins
and her ambiguity spills freely;
leaving her with purple stains.
You delight in conversing at night
and you pray for her every day.

This is true. Try as I may,
she just will not pull away.

Have you grown weary of this ride?
Is this where you wish to reside?
Are you still willing to bide?
Are you, Mr. Bright Side?
Mr. Nice Guy?
Do you still wonder why?
Are you still willing to try?
Are you ready to say goodbye?

I just wanted to make her better.

Let the lame care for the lepers.
Love is a blemish that won't recede.
That's why I'm rid of such disease.

You can continue to believe;
but you will never gain reprieve.

I can constantly talk and preach;
but it seems pointless to beseech.

Be my guest: Kiss and suck;
but that won't improve your luck.

I try my best to nip and tuck;
but this knife is surely stuck.

This has been long overdue.
Remove that spectrum from your mind.
Let my black erase your blue.
Open eyes are now color blind.

There's nothing more that I could do.
There's no solace left to find.
This dark void has pulled me through;
So my eyes are color blind.

We are now rid of this hue;
so emotion can no longer bind.
We now bask in shrouded view.
Love has made us color blind.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz