Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Holistic Haiku:" 2011 Edition Volume 1

"Tuesday Evening" 7/24/11

I love how that felt.
It's still quite fresh in my mind.
Rub my back again.

"Homicide" 7/25/11

Warmth was extinguished.
Crimson stains create blemish.
The concrete is cold.

"Ultimate Offering" 7/26/11

Sacrificed his life.
Selfish souls received pardon.
We don't deserve it.

"I Promise" 7/27/11

Said I'm coming back.
I would never lie to you.
Just wait for me, love.

"Provocation" 7/28/11

You make me notice.
You defend when I get mad.
Recognize your plight.

"Everlasting Blemish" 7/31/11

They torture and taunt:
The things that I've done still haunt.
Needs have become wants.

"Sucker For A Sucker" 7/30/11
Saliva falls fresh:
From her palate to my pores.
Deeper throats get more....

"Fire And Ice" 7/29/11

Scorched with frozen flames.
Molten snow consumed our love.
Warmth: a frost-bound farce.

"Rescue" 8/1/11

Dreamt of you last night.
Tossed and turned between my tears.
Woke up in your arms.

"October's Own" 8/1/11

Show me a good time.
On that "Twerk something" basis.
Oscillate my hand.

"Sistine" 8/2/11
So close to your touch.
Heaven smeared against ceilings.
Let the world witness.

"Realization" 8/2/11

I can understand.

You really don't at all.

So why waste my time?

"Painful Proximity" 8/3/11
Hard to bear sometimes.
I need you to be closer.
Distance cleaves my heart.

"Vesper" 8/3/11

I heard the bells ring.
Come, children. Service starts soon.
Wind calms at sunset.

"Hidden Ceiling" 8/3/11

I saw shards of glass.
I was sure that I broke through;

But I bumped my head.

"Ambitious Infant" 8/3/11

Bottle full of food
Sitting high up on the shelf.

I don't need your help.

"Explicitly Illicit" 8/3/11
You're such a skeptic.
Forget morals and ethics.

Come earn your necklace.

"Routine Heart" 8/4/11

Blood seeps from it's pores.
It's cool. It's been there before.

Leave it on the floor.

"Package Deal" 8/4/11

Give me all of you.
I deserve the good and bad.

I won't accept less.

"Passion Dispersion" 8/5/11

Moans fill up the halls.
Clusters scatter and splatter.

Our sweat smacks the wall.

"Stigmata" 8/6/11

I bleed profusely.
Floating high. Moist limbs stretched wide.

.Save me from myself.

"Tempting" 8/6/11
I wish it would rain;
But I ain't too proud to beg:

Would you be my girl?

"Fair Weather" 8/6/11
My words take you there.
Otherwise, you're unaware.

Weather remains fair.

"Omni Ambience" 8/6/11

All encompassing.
Not bound by time and distance.

Universal love.

"I Want You Back" 8/6/11
Remember the time?
We never could say goodbye.
Heaven can wait, love.

"Loving Wings" *Dedicated To My Girlfriend* 8/7/11

They lay in their nest.
Blue Jay and Hummingbird rest.

God's love protects them. ♥

"Leaves" 8/7/11
Whispers shake them free.

Their home is cold and dried out.
Time imparts new life.

"Body Of Lies" 8/8/11

Riddled with fabrications.
You will be sanctioned.

"Parental Discretion" 8/8/11

Tied and bound my hands.
You never gave me a chance.
You just dash my plans.

"Sippin' On Her Sizzurp" 8/8/11
Sticky to the touch.
That serious sugar rush.
I might drink too much.

"Among The Stars" 8/8/11

Laying in the sand.
Wrote her name across the sky.
Constellations smile.

"The Juice" 8/8/11
Just make it gush, babe.
Give me all that yummy pulp.
I thirst. Let me gulp.

"Lend You Some Levity" 8/9/11
Set worries aside.
Strip yourself of stress and pride.
Open your arms. Confide.

"Credence Claim" 8/10/11
You gave me your heart.
I will provide foundation.
I just need your trust.

"Surveillance" 8/10/11

I always look in.
I see where it all begins.
Learn to hide your trace.

"3...6...9..." 8/10/11

All three sixty-nines
At around three, six, and nine.
Cheeks too full to wine.

"Warm Covers. Cold Blood." 8/10/11
You plan to kill me.
You puncture my heart at night.
At least hold me close...

"Club Scavenger" 8/10/11

No; It's quite alright.
Of course you can stay the night.
Just keep off the lights.

"Enough" 8/11/11

Can't go much further.
I've been pushed past my limit.
I just want solace.

"Affirmation" 8/13/11

Words I say to you
hold more than one can fathom.
The truth will not hide.

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #13: "All Or Nothing"

Tell me I'm the best;
but only if you mean it.
I don't have time for tests.
I'm sensitive; not conceited.
Compliment my work;
but not because you feel I need it.
Don't feed me ritualistic complacency.
Help me do my best to exceed it.
Support is invaluable.
Fake is far too palpable.
Honesty is free.
Bullshit should be taxable.
I've too much to gain
for you to act like it's a strain
to offer acknowledgement
yet still want to remain.
I've too much to show
for you to wait for me to grow
until I've reached a new plateau;
and then you act like you know.
I don't need you to see
only when you need something from me.
You may not remember honesty;
but I'll never forget how to "be."

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #12: "File Away The Foolery"

This is a mess indeed.
We might be here for awhile.
Okay: come down the aisle
And please line up single file.
So many different styles;
But none of them seem for me.
I'll just analyze their wiles
And place them into categories.
Let's pair exuberant "Go-Getters"
with the loudmouth Trendsetters.
They should cancel each other out.
Countless others will feel better.
Who here goes by "Ladies Man?"
You know: "The ones who get it wetter?"
Quit writing to your one night stands.
Trash those ridiculous love letters.
Where are those who claim telepathy
That "already know the depth of me?"
Here's some cents for common sense.
You can have the rest for free.
It's time to open up this clinic;
So place the doubtful with the critics,
Let the skeptical get technical
And save some room for the cynics.
Let the ignorant meet the militant.
That way, no one gets ignored.
Give the arrogant dried up sponges.
There's no room for the self-absorbed
And to all who say they're "official:"
Remove your stripes. Swallow your whistle.
Those who flash superficial symbols
Are subject to an early dismissal.
Those who choose to walk blind
Will surely leave wisdom behind.
None of them are one of a kind.
All of them are ignorance defined.

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #11: "For The Love"

This heartfelt devotion
makes puddles out of oceans.
That may be hard to believe;
but try to understand the notion.
This is much more than promotion.
It's stronger than any potion.
Fresh ideas and raw emotion
mixed well and set into motion.
Literature is my life.
My heart beats through composition.
You don't see the toil or strife.
You just call it competition.
You can adhere to that mood;
but don't call me "that dude."
I'm not all nice. I'm half rude.
The other half is that smooth.
I don't battle. I don't diss.
That takes time that most miss.
This open mind and closed fist
Puts such petty things on the black list.
I just keep to myself.
I know we'll all need help;
but if you can't help yourself,
you'll sit alone on your own shelf.
I'm not the big deal.
I just stand still
as a man blessed with the skill
to creatively express how he feels.
Truth is: you really can't deny;
although you're welcome to try.
Sit there and wonder why
whilst I grow and pass you by.
This vessel can't be dismembered.
The shell is strong. The words are tender.
One day, you will remember
that this man is no pretender.
I don't write for profit
and I'm not a lender.
If you don't like that,
then return it to the sender.
This is my literary address.
I've written enough love letters.
You don't have to say I'm the best.
Just admit that you don't know better.

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #10: "Silence"


It's scary.
Not a little bit.
More like very.
It ignores the clueless.
It discloses no movement
And no matter how often we use it,
It still carries substantial newness.


It is indeed definitive
But only the purveyor can define it.
It creates barriers
Without having us hide behind it.
It's easy to identify;
But it's source is hard to trace.
It often smothers us in confusion;
Leaving it's victims distraught and displaced.

Silence won't let you save face.

It reminds us that we know better.
It creates rifts between
What was once held together.

Silence will take no prisoners.

It won't respond to "Why?"
It will let whole days go by
While it's victim slowly dies.
It isn't shaken by cries.
It isn't fazed by tears.
It lashes out at what we hold dear
And feasts on our most profound fears.

Silence is unrelenting.

You can run away;
But there is no safe haven.
It will serve as an anchor
To all that is laden.
It is ambient in nature
Even when people are around.
It lends no solace or favor.
It just envelops and surrounds.

Silence is stark.

Dare I say:
Borderline sharp.
It cuts deep;
Incurring profuse bleeding.
So painful when it seeps.
Try to go to sleep
And insomnia will aid in the torture
Caused by this stealthy, clubbing blow
That is felt long after it's departure....

....if it ever leaves......

....I believe it lasts.....

....it will never see the past.

The thing about silence....

Is that we know how to use it;
Yet it feels like an act of violence
When we start to abuse it.
Maybe if we lose it,
Damaged hearts can look new.
I don't want silence to destroy us;
But I can't keep it from you. ♥

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #9: "Gentleman's Club"

It's getting late.
I'm running out of time;
So I'll lean against this Buick
Although it isn't mine.
The late picks are in effect.
Most of these girls are far from fine;
But word play hasn't failed me yet.
I just call these nickels dimes.
I remember my little car:
An Escort with two flat tires,
A garbage bag in my back window
And an engine that caught fire.
I post up, posing by the car;
But I couldn't catch their ire.
Don't they know that I'm a star?!
They should cater to my desires!

I'm heavy in the streets!
I mean, I'm working on my mixtape,
I opened up for local talent
And my radio show comes on late;
But they don't show me love.
They barely speak or give me hugs
And when I tell them who I am,
They just look at me and shrug.
I know that it sounded raw;
Maybe even a little disrespectful
when I used to shut girls down;
Telling them they had "potential."

Maybe I should be resentful;
Because now, I'm in their place;
Feeling like the only tortoise
To have never won the race.
I thought it clever and cunning
To take a peek under her lace;
But nothing is more unbecoming
Than a hand print to the face.
I watched kings get their queens
With the grace of an ace
While this jack always left the club
Walking home at a slow pace.

I'm always ready to make haste.
I guess I can be a little rude.
I think I'm getting a taste
And they think I mean to intrude.
Maybe I am that dude.
It never registered in my head
That girls hate when we holler
"Yo Ma," "Ay bae," or "Say Red!"
They say that chivalry is dead;
And it would be hard to disagree
I used to chase them all; but instead,
I think I'll do what's right for me.

Even if the club stinks
And they serve up cheap drinks,
I'll change my flavor in this blazer,
Collar shirt and cuff links.
I won't go looking for winks.
I won't announce that I'm there.
I'll just blend in, be patient and think
Before I sound dumb and unaware.
I'll give women the respect they deserve
Instead of exploiting them for my means.
I'll try not to rattle their nerves
And be the nicest guy they've seen.

That's where it has to begin.
I'll still walk home from the bar;
But one day, I'll make a friend.
Maybe I'll walk her to her car. ♥

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #8: "Olive Branch"

I've been there before.
I know what it's like
When your search for more
But it feels like nothing is in store.
I can truly relate.
I know how it feels
When even your best doesn't feel great.
But it's not too late.
Don't give up now.
There's more to see.
I'll show you how.
Just trust in me.
Take my hand.
Reach for me.
I need you to understand
That you still deserve to be.
Life bore into the ground
In hopes of inducing my burial
But I couldn't stay down;
Even when happiness seemed hysterical.
Someone cared enough to pull me out;
Offering more than most would lend;
So I can't let you subscribe to doubt.
I'm taking you with me. You're my friend.

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #7: "Cold Shoulder Conviction"

We were so Connected
Until you decided to Leave It All Behind.
I guess that's the extent of your Authenticity.
So much for our Foreign Exchange.
We should just stay out of range.
I no longer wish for change.
No more stopping by.
You don't need to say hi.
There's no reason to try.
Don't waste your time asking why.
Reserve that time for perusing.
Question it all.
Employ concise deducing.
Do you feel my bruisings?
Do you regret the abusing?
What size belt are you using?
Do your wins feel more like losing?

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #6: "Lingering Remainder"

All that's left
Is silver necklace.
It came in the mail
While I was cooking breakfast.
Such an act was reckless;
Quite unexpected to see.
It may have lost value to you;
But it meant much more to me.

All that's left
Is bracelet lined with symbols.
You tried to write it off;
But it was never that simple.
You claimed it hurt your wrist;
Said that it gave you pimples;
But you never could resist
Rubbing it against your dimples.

All that's left
Is a pair of earrings.
You used to cherish them.
Now, you say they're flimsy things.
When I presented them to you,
I could see your heart sing
But nowadays, they lay on the table.
The memory alone continues to sting.

All that's left
Is the ring I never purchased.
At first, it made me nervous
To even consider such a service.
It would appear that such an act
Was never in God's plan or purpose.
I should be grateful for the fact
That I've had a chance to learn this.

All that's left
Are these trinkets and toys,
A backpack full of nicknacks,
And remnants of forlorn joy.
There's no drive to subscribe to;
No ambition to employ;
No one left for you to lie to.
Assume modesty; but you're not coy.

All that's left
Are memories of our children:
A boy and two girls.
I ponder them often
As if to miss them
And they've never seen this world.
They only shine in memory
Like murky oceans with few pearls.

All that is left
Is a rusty handle,
A treble clef,
A beautiful work of art
That has gone to waste,
A moist face full of tears
That carry a sour taste,
And a love scorn man
More than ready to displace.
Determination is now sullen.
I've lost the will to chase.
It burns worse than mace.
This treasure is broken.
All of it's songs are in bass.

So all that is left
Under this pile of smoldering rocks
Is our old music box.
Looks like we won't need the locks...

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #5: "[He] {She} *You* (Me) We Pondering"

I still think about

How this all came about.
You were different.
There was nothing to run game about.
You were a change of pace;
You never seemed concerned with clout;
But there were remnants to be discerned
And things to be concerned about.

I still think about

The first time you saw my face.
You said it had the kind of grace
That most would dream about
But I left the sugar out
And closed the container shut.
It wasn't unappreciative.
I just felt like
I was being buttered up.

I still think about

Our trials.
Your error.
Broken glass.
Shattered mirrors.
You knew it wasn't getting better.
I still held you accountable
But wanted to be your shelter
Only to see that
Even a heart this warm
Couldn't shield you
From your darkest terrors.
You shared conflicted stories
Of exploits and past endeavors.
It wasn't always easy listening;
But I kept it together.

I still think about

Countless nights
That led up to the day
That I almost walked away.
"Don't treat me like a stray!"
"I won't remain at bay!"
"I won't subscribe to dismay!"
You wanted me to stay.
Indeed I did;
Although I deserved much more.
I couldn't explain it back then.
I just felt something was in store.

I still think about

What you mean to me.
The future that I see.
What I believe you can be.

I still think about

That look in your eyes
Coupled with a familiar sigh
That always makes me wonder why.
Why this scenario?
Why this way?
Don't get me wrong: I'm happy.
Don't be cleaved by what I say.
I just hope that all is well.
I pray that you're alright.
I know it feels like pure hell
Because I'm not there every night.

I still think about
What our bond truly means.
It gives me strength.
It keeps me lean.
It's crystal clear;
Ever so pristine.
Not cluttered. Just clean.
We mesh so well
And have yet to share a love scene.

I still think about

Impending first impressions.
How will you sound in person?
Will I notice inflections?
Will I fine tune my perception
Or buy in to discretion?
What will this experience yield?
I'm eager to learn the lessons.

I still think about

What I know is true.
I don't key in on clue;
Because that's not for us to do.
All I care to ponder
Is one heart shared by two;
And if memory serves me well,
All I'll think about is you. ♥

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #4: "Escape From The Doghouse"

Just saying....
....can I....

Stay the night?
I mean
You did pay for this flight
Only to hug and kiss me,
Show how much you miss me,
And then randomly fuss and fight.

Can I make it right?
How did I make it wrong?
I'm playing your favorite songs.
I handled the salad with tongs.
I even threw away the bong.
Why is your silence still prolonged?

I'm just saying.
Quit playing.
Why play hard to get?
I'm no half wit.
I want us to work
But I know when to quit.
I won't beg for scraps and bits.
I'll get over it....

.....but baby.....

.......Just saying.....

.....can I......

Can I get close?
Can I touch it?
Just a few times?
Can I share these words with you?
Just a few lines?
Can I express how I feel?
Can you see that I'm for real?
Can we close the deal?

I'm just saying....

I know you're mad
I'm not downplaying;
But I won't be here for long;
So we should stop delaying.

So can I have another chance?
Can I try to make it better?
Can we share one more dance?
Can we please pull it together?

If you say goodbye,
I won't ask you why;
But I'm just saying....
.........can I?

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #3: "Industry Cliche'"

‎"I say "Nigga" 90 times
And I call women bitches.
I only spit basic rhymes
About money and riches.
I wouldn't know sugar from shit
And my white tee is too long.
My pants never fit
And my ad libs are prolonged.
I brag about being with people
That I may never meet.
I'll lie and say "I fucked your favorite singer"
And pay her to remain discreet.
You'll have to look up my lyrics
If you want to recite them;
But you can find them anywhere;
Because all I do is bite them.
I have dark lips,
Keep a full clip,
And a bunch of no name losers
Just waiting for you to trip.
I get angry with the media.
I'm sensitive to criticism.
I won a high school rap battle;
But I can't spell lyricism.
I won't make you think;
But I know I'll make you dance.
I should save my money;
But I'd rather take a chance.
I'm crude and crass
And I still get a pass;
Because I throw cash
At any girl who shakes her ass.
I make fun of backpackers;
But I can't define "Trapper."
I'm the reason for your laughter.
Call me an ignorant rapper."

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #2: "Every W Won't Be"

I'm sick to my stomach.
I've had my fill of Glee;
So I left the House
And met this girl from The OC.
She had a crazy Nanny
Who popped pills
and played possum,
Had a gnarly twitch,
And called her a Teenage Witch;
But we shared Cheers
and Good Times;
So our bond began to Blossom.
Her name was Buffy.
She was lovely.
I was sure that she loved me;
But she left me in Smallville
To meet Dawson at the creek.
Something about this one tree on a hill...
I may never find another.
Should've listened to those Wayans Brothers.
All she ever remembered
Was that my name is Earl.
This Smart Guy fell
For a Gilmore Girl;
But now, there's nothing more to tell.
Ah well. I guess this Boy Meets World.

Conscious Chemicals: Elixir #1: "Treat Her Right"

Lay next to her.
Feel her pulse.
Listen to her heart beat.
Wrap her within the sheets;
Keeping her snug and warm.
Protect her from harm.
Don't allow the swarm
Of egotists and know it all's
Befall upon it; enthralling it;
Changing it into something scorn
Like after fights when clothes are torn.
She deserves much more
We are her faithful concubines.
She is not our whore.
Love your literature.
Good Night.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Jerk Off"

"Jerk Off"

Man, it's been awhile.
That house party was wild:
A good girl with stiff drinks
Will do more than a problem child.
I've no money left to blow,
Can't remember how I got home,
And my alarm didn't go off...
...and I'm sure I lost my phone.
I lay here; hungover in my bed
And I'm every form of pissed.
I can retrace steps in my head.
I don't know how much I've missed.

Not much can be made
Of this sudden plot twist.
I gotta find that phone, though:
In there is my "To Do List:"
A few places to go
Where there's money to lend,
This lady I met last week
And a few ex girlfriends,
A late reminder for the rent,
Clothes to purchase in the fall,
And five numbers from that stalker.
It's getting harder to dodge her calls.

Anyway, the highlight of the day
Happened a little after noon:
I went back to dude's house
And this guy was in Marvin's room.
He sat in this wheelchair,
Had wavy hair with curls
And was saying outrageous stuff
To who I assumed was his ex girl.
He may just have been
At that party last night.
He was talking about groupies
That he'd take on long flights,
He cussed out her boyfriend,
She hung up. He called again.
He said his heart needed to mend.
He said she was his only friend.

I'm choking back tears;
But I couldn't contain the laughter.
Dude was a train wreck in traction.
This little emo was a disaster.
My dude just stood around.
He was obviously doped up.
He just kept reaching down
For his styrofoam cup.
I looked around as he took sips.
My mind was still in a trip.
That's when I found a phone
Next to this bowl of bean dip.

It's not mine, though.
Damn; I gotta go:
The girl this phone belongs to
Doesn't know how far to go.
We have the same kind.
Any other day; that'd be fine;
But my phone was unlocked!
I've likely run out of time!
Things I've done with that camera
Should never be publicly seen;
But it's already too late:
It's on emo boy's computer screen.

It wouldn't make sense to log out
Of my Twitter or Facebook account.
Posts and retweets in large amounts.
Now everyone knows what I'm about:

Stacy saw the shower scene
That I shot with Layla,
Layla saw the drunk texts
That I sent to Deja,
Deja saw the call log
That had her friend Carla in it,
And Carla saw pics of Nicole 
That I took while digging in it.

It looks like I'm sunk.
These things happen when I'm drunk.
Wheelchair boy is laughing hard.
I can't even call him a punk.

What term can be derived
From self-implied bad luck?
Some call it catch back.
Others say I'm a cluster fuck.

Stacy was the reason why
I was tardy to the party.
Layla brought me some chicken.
That's why I ate hardly.
Deja brought the Jagers
That went into the punch bowl.
Carla and I chugged Four Loko;
But what happened to Nicole?

That's when the phone rang.
It was a whole gang of voices:
Her and five others.
They said that I have two choices:
Fess up like a man
And apologize to them in public
Or read the school paper tomorrow
And find all of my exploits published.....

.....suffice it to say,
My pride said no way;
So I'm staying back of town;
Miles from where it all went down.
They wrote a colorful story
Complete with shots of my backside.
The least they could do, though
Was just keep the story inside.

10,000 hits in three days
Of my "graceful" shower scene
Plus a plethora of comments
Taking up my computer screen.
I doubt this kind of publicity
Will ever really be worked off.
I wanted to screw around;
But I became the jerk off.


Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

"Everlasting Flicker"

‎"Everlasting Flicker"

"I've often found myself
Bypassing the introduction.
I've become far too content
With ignoring the production.
I like being behind the scenes.
I rarely follow the instructions.
If I see no justified means,
I'm sure to question the conduction.

I've been told that it's unhealthy;
But I need to feel secure.
Some say I'm way to stealthy;
Citing my efforts as obscure
But they don't know what I've endured.
They don't know my heart's condition.
Never again will I allow myself
To embark on dangerous missions...."

....it's definitely hard to listen
When I repeat those words.
I now know how you feel
After hearing what I heard.
The timid nature of my speech
And insecurity in my tone
resembles a man far out of reach
Who can't see that he's not alone.

All this deducing.
All the perusing.
The emotional bruising.
I was so afraid of losing;
And I still am, to be honest.
You're priceless:
The closest I've ever come
To a happiness that feels timeless.
Less time should be spent
Pondering that which I resent:
Words spoken and exclaimed,
Ultimatums that were proclaimed,
Overt detection of your inflections,
All of those redundant question games,
My addiction to predictions
That have often become an affliction,
Composition of dark diction
Layered with intensive conviction,
And every time that I've claimed trust
Only to adhere to contradiction.

I want to clear the air.
I know I can't repair;
But I will no longer impair.
I want to climb these stairs
And know that you'll be there.
I want to gawk and stare
At a beauty beyond compare.
I'll strip myself completely bare
Of every single accusation
That claimed you as it's destination.
My penchant for such inclinations
Will no longer render implications.

I just want we.
I just want you to see
That what is meant to be
Will not be dashed by me.
Remove your feet from jagged bones.
Trot across these cobblestones.
No more night lights alone.
Shine bright atop your throne.

Love comes at a steep price;
But I won't make it your vice.
Don't worry about thin ice.
Don't make the truth look nice.
Just share your heart with me.
I want you to feel free.
Let's both do our part to be
What the world should want to see.

I need you to be aware
That I'm not going anywhere.
I need you to believe
That I'll always try to be fair.
Without you, I can fare;
But I likely won't fare well;
So I don't want farewell.
That's the closest semblance of hell.

I have much left to learn.
I still have trust to earn.
I don't want to cause concern
That may resurface in the long term.
There's nothing more to discern.
I've waited so long for my turn
To preserve a love soaked wick;
Gaining strength as it slowly burns.

Even after I'm in a casket
Or tightly packed within an urn,
Our light will remain placid
And our fire will not be spurned.

I promise.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, August 15, 2011



She twists.
And twirls.
And flaunts.
And taunts me.

Ever so vaunting in her movement.
There's little need for improvement.
Nothing is dubious or hesitated.
Every move seems premeditated.
She's quite skillful in nature;
As organized as nomenclature
But still reckless and frantic;
Moving free willed and sporadic.
She's confusing in design;
Leaving no traces to find
Yet her motives are defined.
Her plot is obviously outlined.

So she jumps.
And humps.
And thrusts.
And vibrates.

So enthralling when she gyrates.
I love the way those thighs shake.
So very inviting.
Nothing short of exciting
Can accurately serve description
To something so enticing.
Her glare houses the prediction
That I'm ready to do some biting.
I've lost the will towards contradiction.
It's too late to start fighting.
My stare gave the prescription
That her performance is already writing.

Yet she'll still kick.
And bend.
And extend.
And continue.

She binds me like sinew.
If only other men knew...
They'd briskly search their menu;
But only I can get through.
This isn't all inclusive.
That wouldn't be conducive.
This is very exclusive.
Her means are now conclusive.
I envy the chair that she rides
As if it cared to steal my pride.
Sweat leaves her hair with each stride
As she glides from side to side.

Now she smiles.
And provokes.
And disrobes
And reveals.

Such raw, untampered appeal.
So organic and real.
My words were her's to steal.
All I wanted to do was feel.
I wanted her as my meal:
I would consume her whole;
Devouring all of her pink flesh
So that I could taste her soul.
I've obviously lost control.
I'm compelled and confound
By someone so daring and bold.
It never felt this good to be bound.

Then she totes.
And she pokes.
And she prods.
I can only nod.

Her next act is very profound;
Nothing submissive or meek.
She won't even quell the sounds
As she toys with what I seek.
She grazes it slightly
As if to invite me
And then she politely
Spreads and positions herself.
She doesn't need help
But still calls out my name
As she pleasures herself
Until she becomes tame.

Her body quakes.
Her limbs shake.
And pulsate.
And contort.

She achieved what she purports.
This was far more than sport.
This wasn't a form of recreation.
It was sort of like inebriation:
Her gyrations served as libation.
I developed a keen fixation
With each intense vibration.
Nothing compares to this sensation.
It was far beyond description.
I gave yield to full subscription;
Needing her like an addiction.
Gleefully trapped in lustful affliction.

Watching her twist.
And twirl.
And shake.
And flow.
And get low
Only to rise up slow
As she captivates
Whilst I profusely salivate
As she conducts and orchestrates
With no lapse or break in time.
I love how she aims to satiate
While placing me in her paradigm.

I'm so damn close;
But I can't touch.
I've been immensely provoked;
But I can't rush.
The pathway is paved;
But I can't steer.
She's so far away
Although she seems near.
This is hardly fair.
In fact, it's quite mean
To have my progress impaired
By a computer screen.
I know she aims to please;
But I surely won't rest with ease.
All that occupies my mind
Are images of my little tease.
Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Inadequate Fragments"

"Inadequate Fragments"

Don't look at me.
I'm not what you want to see;
Although you pretend to be
What I feel is good for me.
You look me in the eyes.
You tell me all these lies
And I continue to try
When I should just say goodbye....
...but you won't let that fly.
You refuse to let me go.
You don't see the tears I cry.
You won't allow me to say no.

Don't look at me.
Don't take my mask from me.
I perform these tasks for free;
Yet you still embarrass me.
You flaunt me in front of men.
You taunt me again and again;
Making bets with all your friends;
Already knowing that you will win
Because I knew better than to resist
And you never would desist.
You just take me by the wrists
As you repeatedly persist.

You don't look at my face, though.
You just pick up the pace
Before inviting them in for a taste.
That semblance of intimacy is replaced
With a God forsaken rush
Of hands that violate and touch.
You demand that I hush.
You say I don't deserve this much.

Don't look at me.
I resemble mold and mildew.
You get me to befriend you,
Invite me to the venue,
Make me a part of your menu,
And then pull out the Ginsu.
You stab me with your blade.
You smack me with your glaive.
You enlist me as your slave
And demand that I behave.
You mock me; say I'm the knave
And beat me until I cave.

Don't look my way.
I've had quite enough today.
I just want to run away.
You say it's best for me to stay.
You keep me at bay.
You keep me decrepit and filthy.
You look at me and turn away;
Making me feel wretched and guilty;

But I can't let you get away:
I refuse to rue the day
That you no longer want to play.
I'll fix it. I'll make a way.
I'll make you stay.
I'll give you more.
You tire of the slut?
I'll give you the whore.
You hate my guts?
Would you fancy the gore?
Are these tears not enough?
There's no sweat left in these pores.

I'm ashamed. Look away.
I'm rotted to my core.
Drugged up and dragged around,
You now leave me on the floor:
Run down and roughshod
Among moist gowns and dust clods.
But if you promise to stay with me,
Request whatever and I will nod.

Don't condemn me.
Withhold your sod.
You have free reign:
You can still poke and prod.
What do you mean by overdue?!
Why would you want something new?!
For years on end, I've remained true!
Don't leave me! I still need you!

......I'm sorry.
I know that was hard to see;
I care about how you view me....

But please: Don't look at me.
I am grotesque in sight.
I detest the light.
I still don't look right.

Don't turn around.
I resemble mutts and hounds
That don't make it to the pound
Before their corpses are found.

Don't even take a peek.
I'm no longer what you seek.
I feel numb and weak,
My flesh wounds surely leak,
Infected lungs smell and wreak
Upon diseased tongue and cheek.

Shield me from the sun above me.
I am repulsive. I am ugly;
But I know that you still love me
Although you never kissed or hugged me.

Look at me now!
I invite you to see
How I can get closer to you
By just taking away from me!

It's so simple:
I don't have makeup or stencils;
So I'll hack off the dimples
That have housed my pimples.

There are gashes in my legs;
So I'll just do us the favor
And remove these hairy pegs
That have never seen a razor.

I'll be your charm
As soon as I lose these arms
That have been badly bruised.
You no longer have to harm.

Don't you see?
I didn't do this for me.
I just really want us to be.
All I really want is we........

......why won't you look at me?
You say that I'm dramatic?
This isn't how you planned it?
You say that I look tragic;
But we have so far to go!
You want me to be stagnant?!
I have nothing left to show?
You won't accept my fragments?

........I need you....
........I love you.
Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Futility (The Discussion)"

"Futility (The Discussion)"

I didn't want to argue.
I didn't try to ignore you.
I would never dismiss you.
Let's not make this an issue.

You wondered if I miss you.
I leave you there to wonder.
I cast your cares asunder.
Your penance for your plunder.
You swear that it was blunder;
but I won't let you duck under.
Plight can't hide from lightning
and you can't dodge the thunder.

Why do we have to argue?
Why care if I ignore you?
Why shouldn't I dismiss you?
Why is this the main issue?

Peculiar to see how much you care
although you use it as a crutch.
This proves that you were aware.
No one forgets that much.
So often, you said "Wait up."
You let me sit and stay up
only to leave me stood up.
Go ahead and raise that hood up.
I want to see the face
that I've longed to see before.
Show that sullen disgrace
of knowing you could do more.
Let those tears elude your face.
Let that sweat escape your pores.
Give me more pain to view.
Show me the shame you've stored.

I don't have time to argue.
You give me reason to ignore you.
You make it easy to dismiss you.
I'm done with this issue.

I'm in no mood to do this
we will never share congruence.
Don't say you are respectable
The neglect was unacceptable.
Let's not make this a labor
Just do us both a favor
Leave some silence for me to savor.

We will have nothing planned.
You don't have to understand.
I don't care to reprimand.
I just want to rinse my hands.

Thanks for the eyes.
They've helped me see
that what was meant for me
never really involved we.

Thanks for the feet.
They've helped me to stand
amid the heartbreak and defeat.
Without you, I'm still a man.

Forget about the years.
Forget about my tears.
I'm not what you hold dear.
Just drink another beer.

Don't think about the needs
of prematurely planted seeds.
Just fall back. Concede.
Sit back. Smoke some more weed.

Don't inquire about my direction.
Don't ask if I have protection.
Impart no interjections.
Make no amends for rejection.

Don't cite the introduction.
Don't fret the repercussions.
Pardon the interruption.

Just close the door.
I don't want to talk anymore.
End of discussion.

Goodbye, Dad. <3

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz