Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"When Days Would Dream"

"When Days Would Dream" 

More than a month
and I'm still reminiscing.
Enough time flew by
for a "Hi" before kissing...
...wishing then that time would freeze
until my knees no longer buckled.
Thoughts huddled together
like clouds before the change in weather.
I was in the greatest state of whatever
whether or not she's noticed.
Took years to grow this
strain of mature affection.
In reflection,
these feelings were barely dormant.
Distance and the world itself
rendered as mere doormats
to an encounter worth the endurance.
The assurance was the fact
that I'd saved every single scrap
of sacrifice dedicated to her
because I knew the aim
was to see the face I've claimed
to be worth what life became. 

Her voice wet in ears
and her tone just as moist.
Would travel far from home
for her voice alone.
Aura trapped
yet flowing free behind
a silhouette well defined
by the standards of onlookers
amassed in awe and intrigue.
Speed itself served her in detail.
frail in appearance to the provoked
but enchanted and firm
to those aware of what she invokes.
Weeks since
and I can't rinse the swift
or the wishful
or the darkest of dirty thoughts
from this mind still processing the moments.
On this recollection
I would push for delay
just to relive the day
that Love,
and Desire spoke to me.
It was there that I left hope floating;
encroaching upon the deliberate
for what felt so close to the knowing.
Instance where air has no temperature
and distance doesn't control me.
Place where what I'm holding
is the only feeling plausible.
Horrible to recall
trying not to fall
as I forced the back pedal away.
Words that we would say,
embraces we can't talk about
but knew were ever present
on seconds to the stare.

Days the weight of years
and I can feel the separation
like this desperation
all at once in my thoughts.
Characteristics of a lack of patience
I wasn't taught.
Deviantly distraught.
Desire dancing with depression
in obsession so obscene
that I pray the dreams remain subconscious.
Wholly conscious of how I view her.
Knew her in ways
that contradict imagination
but the sensation is just as intense.
Incensed by her air space.
Entranced by her fair face
and skin as smooth
as stanzas spoken after first sips.
First trip into this mind
where lips climb
past word play
to serve an extended visit
where hips become barriers
between limit
and the longing languished and lamented..
..presented is she before me
adorn in the glory of the Supreme
whose screams breach the skies
until her cries release the evening torrents. 

These are the visions
sure to torment me
each day 

and I've yet to walk away from her....

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, November 4, 2016


Wanted to be there.
Wished to see
that look of disappointment. 
Thought it would help with the atonement
that was due to you
so long before this.
Hoped to notice the end
long before the fork
where my path wasn't as narrow.
You reach out for my shadow now.
Longed for a second chance
to show you
that I know how
and I know now
what I've ignored for years.

I should've been there
before the tears formed.
Before clutching my charm
was the most painful gratification.
Solace forgone
for the sake of consternation
washing violently over your face.
Your grace is amazing.
Steadfast love never changing
but holding all the parts
cannot protect a growing heart
torn between where life interacts
and one so desperate to keep it intact.

I wish I'd noticed.

The anger that wouldn't leave you alone.
That nervous shake in your voice.
The raw fear in your tone.
Lectures lengthy and lost to ears
on what you will not condone.
My call log.
A hundred texts
that have riddled my phone.
Observe you sob as you hold.
Sidewalk so brittle and old.
Wanting to chastise and scold
but my skin is getting cold.
Wanted to be there for you.
Wanted to comfort you too.
Hoped I would chase tears from eyes
but I'm the reason you cry.

Soon before help would arrive,
I hoped we'd get up and go.
Wanted to ward off the spectacle.
Didn't want you on the show.
I had no chance.
Yes. I know.
Just one new wrinkle in this story.
Another sign of the times
like those who were lost before me.
I'm what assumption expects.
The child whole cities will fight about
causing riots with fires out.
The man that Poets will write about.
My life which should still be talked about
will only incite debate.
I know your pain they'll saturate.
You'll cross through years of plains you'd navigate
for me.

Wished I could tell you
how selfish I felt
while knelt before us.
Rendered helpless
watching me lay as I once did:
Still and stubborn
while you struggle to lift me
once more
as you successfully did
so many mornings before.

Hoped I could be of assistance
but I'm out of vision.
That for you
and this from me
is not what was envisioned.
You'll beg and plead
as life impedes.
You'll say it was your fault
yet from where I stand,
all you demand
will not shift this result.

Wanted to be there
and here I stand
while lifeless in your hands
yet I can't reach out
and I can't touch you.
You rub my forehead.
I can't kiss you.
Your love I've misused.
Pain I can't diffuse.
I know we've had our issues
but I just wish I could tell you
how much I truly miss you.

I just....hoped I'd be close enough.....

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz