Thursday, December 20, 2012

"By Our Hands"

"By Our Hands"

Peel away my skin.
Dead skin with the nerve to bleed.
Alive it rives in pain of need.
I need you to touch me;
But you weren't here today.
Our minds have gone astray.
Found reasons to delay.
When there's nothing to say,
We slowly drift away.
There is bound to be a rift.
Something shifts us from our hearts
To that which aims to tear us apart.
Late night and one wonders.
Midnight milling through phone numbers.
There was no we today;
But did that incur dismay?

How about leeway?
Intermittent in a segue
Bred of what fortifies the wedge
That breaches such a fragile hedge.
Our house is broken.
Homeless amid four walls,
drippings sinks, dark halls
And shallow sheets in the fall.
So who is there to call?
Who lurks among them?
What unspeakable girth of men
Have clamored for severance?
There is no portion of reverence
Reserved for the hearts it truly deserves.
It gets on my fucking nerves.
Don't dare label me absurd.

I'm not insane. There are just implied times
When one's definition of sanity
Resembles that of a vanity
And that mirror never stood a chance.
At first glance, I may appear at ease.
Nothing easy about my grace.
No energy wasted or misplaced
Because I'm saving it for the chase.
I will lay here on this floor:
This broken house with padlocked doors
And I will dream of ways
To bring this drowning life to shore.
Swore I'd never let us die.
Let this fly. Don't ask me why.
My patience is wearing thin
And I'm not even trying to win.

So please.

Peel away my skin.
Wear my tendons thin.
Tussle with my muscles
Until my bones are crumbled.
Slam me against these locked doors
Until it leaks from my pores.
Plunge me into these windows.
Sweat and blood drips as wind blows.
For once and for only.
Don't leave me so lonely.
Against what you're condoning,
Be here like crowds before stoning.
Witness all the trials.
Watch my mind race for miles.
Soak up all this shame
As loved ones fight under my name.
Partake of my failure.
My self imposed disaster.
Embarrassment so damn extreme
That no one should have to look after.

Be here when it hurts
To be attentive through the spurts.
And the shouting.
And the screaming.
Be here for excuses
that I make to keep believing.
Tear down the cluster fuck:
Down on luck per his own volition;
Granting procrastinate permission
To wash away what should be.
This should not be me.
This will not be we.
I'll have you steal away.
I'll have you remain at bay
Before I rue the day
That I let it end this way.

Before I accept this sin
Of not reaching deep within
For where our forever should begin,
I'll let you peel away this skin.

And shatter all these bones.

What remains can be left alone.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Help me.
I couldn't see
Above this wall
Placed in front of me.

I'm bound to fall
In floods so deep.
Can't weather the squalls.

Stood up straight but I'm on my knees.
Figured I'd scale these bricks with ease;
But with the dawn of new days,
You simply spread more clay.
You wouldn't dare let this wall decay.
No breakaway. No brief delay.
Determined to view me serpentine:
Crushed under you, life much maligned.

No life of mine.
Far from complete.
We've drawn our lines.
They're obsolete.

I stand more than six feet tall;
Yet in your hands, I feel so small:
Fragile in wind that howls and blows.
Fingertips feign care before you let me go;
But even if I fall, I'll never be free.
A year full of squalls prepared for me.
No one to call trapped beneath the sea.
Then you lower your wall in taunt of me.

Scaled your wall hoping to survive.
Pain ingrained so I'm still alive.
You let me live just to mock my drive
In hopes that I'll soon take a dive
Face first so that I lose grace first;
Embracing your quench like endless thirst.
You thirst for plea. I thirst to be free;
But one can't flee from uncertainty.

So tall this wall.
The gusts extensive.
The love is free;
This life expensive.

We cannot afford one accord.
No fee will ensure that we agree.
I will never give you all of me
And your rain will stain if I try to see.
Violent squalls that scratch these eyes.
Storm surge rapidly starting to rise.
Spiteful dam placed against the seas.
Flood for the forlorn gathered at my knees.

Leave me.
Just let me be.
Remove this wall
Placed in front of me.

Even if I should fall
In floods this deep,
I doubt you'll cease these squalls.

Hands hang from nails. I'm crucified
Until your storm takes me for a ride.
You know how badly I want to get over;
Yet you sweep me off like I'm perched on shoulders
Another splash in your grand scheme.
Bound my ankles with an anchor of shattered dreams.
Never knew a mother's love so destitute.
If I gave you chance, who would you shoot?

no one at all.
Won't even breach this wall
Placed in front of me.

You're so ready to stall:
Keep me between this wall
And this flood too deep
Until I fall asleep;
Tired from times when I weep.
Bricks so slick that I lose grip.
Can't clutch this wall; so I just fall;
Washed away beneath these squalls.

If you truly love me…………

If you really want me to succeed…………

Then why hover above me?

Why can't you accept what I truly need?

Raised me to stand tall.
Taught me to look high
And here you've built a wall
That you won't let me climb.
Showed me how to swim
Should I ever take a fall;
Yet you refuse to calm your winds.
You won't sweep away these squalls.

The rain rinsed away fond memories.
I'm afraid this is as close as we'll ever be. †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, December 3, 2012

"Shards Of Honey"

"Shards Of Honey"

Sharper than fresh thorns.
Roses picked in the wiles of winter.
Air left to those who dare
To toil for one so fair.

I'll pick you some flowers.
I'll bleed for the need
To snatch up what's born of seeds.
Place them in my lap.


Maybe there's no need.
You don't have to save me.
I am not green to this enslaving.
Martyrs always die twice.
So many mini deaths.
So marvelous is the massacre.
Meticulous disaster.
I rive in it like little else matters.

Died thrice times after midnight.
Made me tremble.
I've shed some tears here;
But I've never cowered in fear.
Did you hear?
Nothing reminiscent of a cackle.
No chains or shackles
Yet screams fill my dreams…………

Drawn out like fresh cream.

I steal away.
You snatch me from so far.
You plant me in so deep.
Petrified in elation.
Excited in the rapture
Of such an exceptional capture.
Tight lips like vice grips.
Hands slip and I free fall.
Slammed against walls.
Stained and scratched fabric.
Wreaking havoc.
Never got used to the habit.

Nourishment delivered
From the sacred river.
Floating in ambiance.
Circumstance must stand aside.
I will take control…………

…………I will fold.
…………I will yield.
…………I will give in.

This beard shapes my face
As I run through bare fields
Like one in search of refuge.
I seek something to live in.
I dig in;
Drawing warmth in generous squalls.
Walls close in abruptly.
I've the divine luxury of excavation.
The thrill of the thrust.
Lust in my drill.
Anger in my stroke.
Moist tips and soft lips
Trapped between teeth
That have torn bed sheets.
Teeth that grind and grit;
Only standing aside when you spit…………

Spit trickles where the whistle meets the missile;
running free before tracing your face;
following tears through ears
like they've fallen from grace misplaced…

Lost are the wholesome means.
Whole tongue and cheek.
Knees weak from work and withstanding.
The unspoken so demanding.
Words never heard exclaimed so plain.
Pleasantly listening to me complain
While you willingly drain;
Knowing not where dilemma stakes claim.
So satisfied in my frustration.
Your unruly demonstration demonic;
Unholy your actions. Your devotion celestial.
Pedestal reserved for the one it deserves.
We perch together.
No jocking for position.
Your glowing skin glistens.
Never felt so funny.…………

You inquire: "Do you need me?"
I admit with great anticipation.
Legs streched far across nations.
A world of love where thighs rub.
Soft are the peaks I seek.
The valley thick and slick.
Wandering about plains that transform pain
Into a degree of pleasure yet to be measured.

You feed my greed
You acquiesce in lieu of need.
I crave you more than money.
Swallowing shards of honey whole.

Sharper than fresh thorns.
Your flower void of scar;
But it's dew flung like shrapnel.
Deep cuts only I can handle.

Nothing new for honeydew.
Passion fruit out of pursuit.
Heaven sits higher than melon.
I want the pain that is your rain.

Soaking in your torrents.
Nothing worse than the abhorrence
that is your clear skies.
Can't wait to rinse these eyes
With outpourings from your crease.
I hope it will never cease.
Drenched in drops like towels rung.
Sweetest remnants line my tongue.

Sharper than the winter rose.
Worthy of all fawn and prose.
Shards of honey fill my cheeks
Until words I barely speak.

Went down low to take you high.
Shoulder smolders. Burning thighs.
Daggers falling from your skies.
Sticky swords splash and gash my eyes.

Sweetest cleaver ever felt.
Passion surges as it pelts.
Where love stands, I've surely knelt
Until your shards of honey melt. ♥

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

My desire undeterred.
All admire. Few discerned.
Those in wonder will infer;
But this piece? It's about her.