Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Hummingbird And Blue Jay"

"Hummingbird And Blue Jay"

She can run for miles. 
She can move all day. 
She can fly for hours. 

I'd give chase forever. 

She shines in sunlight. 
She sparkles in the shade. 
The brightest sight God ever made. 

Her luster never fades. 

I flail. 
Wings flap til weary. 
I fail. 
Wide eyes become teary. 

Yet another somber day
That she isn't near me. 
There has to be a way. 
I truly want her dearly. 

I can hear God's Angels sing
Every time she flaps her wings. 
I'm left to manage rosy cheeks
Every time she parts her beak. 

But my eyes still leak
And my strides deplete
And my wings get weak…

…but my heart still speaks. 

I watch in awe as she flutters
Whilst my days decrease in number. 
Some days are spent wondering why;
But every time, I trust a try. 

Every day she passes by
Grants me the will to fly. 
I follow through the darkest depths
and even where it seems too high. 

Far be it for me
To give up on what I see. 
This degree of affinity
Is crystal clear to me. 
She is divinity. 
My fond memory. 
Daily mystery. 
Nightly serenity. 
My springtime majesty. 
Perched high above the litany
Of squandering swallows and ducks
That can't hold a twig for me. 
She is my shining vision. 
Her wings hum like harps. 
The envy of every pigeon
That wished they were as sharp. 

But what is given to he
Who chases symmetry
Only to remain outlined in misery?
This is my tragedy.
My greatest travesty. 
I guess it must prove true
That I'm destined be as blue
As this coat that houses my hue. 

I recall the day
When it became too much. 
She was so far away. 
I just wanted her touch. 
She didn't stay very long. 
I listened to her song. 
She glistened in the wind. 
Our embrace closer than friends…

…thats where this begins…
…I don't want it to end…
…but my wings need to mend…
…is there some strength to lend?

She can run for miles. 

I'll endure the trials. 
I'll withstand the wiles. 
I'll just heal awhile. 

She can move all day. 

Try as I may,
I will find a way. 
I'll push through the fray. 

She can fly for hours. 

I will find the power. 
I will navigate these showers. 
I'll climb the highest tower. 

I'll deal with the weather. 
Nothing will cleave these feathers. 
One day, we'll be together. 

I'd give chase forever. 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

For You, Hummingbird.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"The Last Resort(Suicide Watch)"

"The Last Resort(Suicide Watch)"

I won't close my eyes.
I've no regrets.

I've every single reason
to employ these means.
It only lingers for a season;
so why briskly flee the scene?
This is the grand scheme.
This is where we're at:
A long road of swift souls
lost in a twisting path;
but we can find our way.
Don't let me rue the day
that everything is snatched away
because of words we didn't say.

I won't bite my tongue.
I've more words left.

If I had reason to lie,
you would never see my eyes.
If deceit was my mission,
I wouldn't need ambition.
If I aimed for confusion,
then I would feed you illusions;
leaving you to fret
over what you don't know yet.
Truth hurts; but I'll take it.
Time is scarce; but I'll make it.
We don't care; so we fake it.
Clothe my soul. I feel naked.

Time consumed, 
in my room, 
wondering where did love go.
Not just ours.
Minds devoured this prize
Unknown wisdom to the demise of our lives.
Together ;
In depth streams of schemes
To be left unseen ;
through the truth.

There is no surprise. 
All has been set.

Truth refuses to hide away. 
You assign it to another day;
Only to feign fits of dismay
When your "patience" doesn't pay. 
Is it really that unreal
When you allow old habits to stay
And hate the way it feels
Trying to pull frost from the fray?

You take this in stride. 
This is not your best bet.

Complacency will shroud that soul. 
It will simplify the process;
Letting you think you're on a roll
And withhold your lack of progress.
I give you this advice;
But I likely won't take it. 
Hypocritical cloaks have a price;
So my soul may remain naked. 

Naked my ass, 
but of course that's what you'd want.
Stare at women with who don't even flaunt.
Excuses make inconceivable muses.
Diffuses situations in CONTEMPT.
I am held. Bound.
Drowning in your dismay.
Go away.
for I am growing angry.
Can't see,
is what you used to do
to  me.
But i'm blind with your discomfort.
Can't see.

If you leave my side,
I won't object.

Don't get me wrong.
I also tire of this song;
But I pursue us for a reason;
Not just to stall or prolong.
I will not pretend
Or offer you stale amends
I think I should rescind.
Let's bring this to an end.

I release you from your bind.
I hope your needs are met.

I've tainted you far too much.
I've watched you wipe the stains.
Our love is reduced to grains
That washed within the rain.
No longer will you stammer
Through your fits of rage and pain
After I let this hammer
push this bullet through my brain.

A bullet of time
Tainted from your painted filth.
Dark strolls,
Long walks,
Uneven talks,
Who am I talking to?
I'll be more than glad 
to pull the trigger for you;
But for whom? 
You are someone else.
Must you deceive me
When I've weaved thee?
Made you into something great
Only to be filled with hate?
Leave me with sores?
After I off you,
I'll leave th(us) on the floor.

Please don't shiver, baby.
Pull that trigger, sweet lady.
Eviscerate my face.
Decorate the place.

Pick up the pace.
Make it quick.
Go ahead. Close the case.
I bet you think I'm sick.

All we've become is a wick.
No light remains to flicker.
One shot will do the trick.
I won't even flinch or quiver.

Have at it.
Punish my bad habits.
Purge what is left of we.
Go on, love. Be free.

Oh you're funny now.
Now you're ready to bow down?!
You make me fucking sick!
Where was this devotion 
when I asked you to commit?!
You're full of shit!

I won't close my eyes. 
I've no regrets…

There is no surprise. 
All has been set…

Set up,
Sat down,
Cast aside with the pride.

If you leave my side, 
I won't object…

I release you from your bind. 
I hope your needs are met…

We can no longer be;
So I refuse to see
What would become of me.

Precious like porcelain. 
Fancy like wood grain. 
Colorful like glass stained. 
But not as clear as window panes. 

Nothing left to gain. 
You're so pissed. You still cry. 
I've caused you enough pain. 
I'll squeeze the trigger. Goodbye.

Coward flees from seeing 
seas of burnt trees.
I'm gone. 

Written By: Evelyn Storm and Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Platonic Preservation: Emotional Deprivation"

"Platonic Preservation: Emotional Deprivation"

She asked me how it looks.
Of course, I said it's gorgeous.
Thing is, I really meant it.
I didn't plan or scheme it.
I doubt she even noticed.
No need for her to know this.
I'm not trying to grow this;
But I can't help but show this.

Blushes and light gasps
concealed within slight laughs,
struggling to withhold my frown
when I have to turn her down,
such enthusiastic smiles
when I sit and stay awhile.
Quaint conversing while traversing.
I could ride with her for miles.

Ah well.
A man can wish.

Skirts lay about her legs
like wrappers around chocolate.
If I stared any longer,
one would swear that I lost it.
Eyes locked on her dress.
I should digress;
but carefully selected words die
when truth lingers within the eyes.

Am I a jerk
for glancing at a short skirt?
Is that so crude?
Am I that rude?
Maybe I'm the dude
that she perceives as prude.
I may be too modest;
but I'm worse when honest.

I just can't be;
But a man will lust.

How does one speak their mind
with no risk of regret?
This solution may seem simple;
but I haven't found it yet.
Spending so much of my time
trying hard to resist.
I've no lease to expression;
so I struggle to desist.

She's confused.
I'm maligned.
Awkward silence protrudes.
We're lost in time.
There isn't much sublime
about a mind filled with tension.
When infatuation leaves you floored,
it gets harder to invoke ascension.

Maybe she isn't paying attention.
Why do I want her to?

Why do I take delight
in sitting around late at night
only to say that I can't stay
and have to reluctantly walk away?
What manner of friend am I
if I can't maintain my disguise?
History has consistently proven why
cloaks are worn by the wise.

I can't compromise our friendship;
but it's not fair to my feelings.
Comfort and choices rarely share kinship;
so it might not be worth revealing.
Besides, I know why I'm concealing.
It does stem from noble stances.
Things are great; so why take chances?
There will be no awkward advances.

Still in all, some part of me
really hopes that she can see.
I'm not concerned with what will be.
I just wonder what would be.
If this were a different time
and things weren't strewn and misplaced,
maybe then I'd share with her
that which I cannot give chase.

That would be nice.
Maybe she thinks so.

So much for that.
A man can wonder, though.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz



Left to think about
All the times that it went south
And the words we blurted out. 
All we did was scream and shout. 
All that would elude my mouth
Short of rum and lifeless kisses
Are feelings I can't shut out. 
We can no longer dismiss this. 
You say that you understand;
But you only want to rush me. 
You don't have to hold my hands;
But I do want you to touch me. 
Consider what it means
To venture far beyond your means
In search of what remains unseen:
Lands where true desire leans
Against these battered, fragile walls
Of a heart that surely lobbies
For much more than nightly calls;
But all that remains are bodies… 

Like a bee to its hive 
I've only seen divine eyes
That trapped my soul from within
to never win 
with you
What could you possibly see
when you are looking past me
You hug to catch mugs from the free
and bow down to me in discreet
to only call me your Queen
show me more that meets the eye
than just a few words to make me shy
blush in rush for you to just be
Deceitful grins to contrary to belief
are simple griefs to you being bound
confined and enslaved within this love
Trickling with despair i dont know what this is
To you, sweet words remain hobbies
but according to my knowledge
all that is left are bodies..........

I never wanted to be a bigot. 
I don't need five wives. 
I'm familiar with this divot. 
Thank God for nine lives. 
Feline facets have proven essential
When placed alongside my masculinity. 
I must be agile, quick and nimble. 
It seems like a futile trinity. 
You take your time in public;
But move ever so swift in secrecy. 
The closest I've come to your subject
Is when light dims on our indecency;
But I'm a man, right?
We don't complain about frequency
Or how much affection is lost
When you don't visit frequently. 
I just sit in the shade. 
I just lay here alone
Until you need somewhere to fade
And you want to jump my bones. 
No tears escape these eyes;
At least not in God's grace. 
His sunlight won't acknowledge the smile
That I've etched across my face. 
This has become our commonplace:
I have employed pretentious means
To shy away from feeling dirty
So you'll always think you're clean;
But our love is a disease
That was administered by me. 
I doubt that it will ever recede.
It will likely claim our bodies…………… 

Written By: Evelyn Storm and Devin Joseph Metz