Friday, June 29, 2012

"Wrath Of Phoenix: Firestorm"

"Wrath Of Phoenix: Firestorm"

One step and I'm wet.
No regrets.
Just a few showers.
Feels like new power.
Exponential omnipotence
Increasing with each passing hour.
Bred of nightmares.
Bad dreams.
Cold air.
Long screams.
It's hard to stay within means
When you're soaked to your jeans
And you're afraid to flee the scene;
Feeling dirty when you're clean.
Familiarity is shame
When someone mentions their name.
The grief is hard to tame
When you take part in the games.
When you feed yourself the lies;
Holding on to what will die,
Stomach filled with tears you cry;
But you say they're butterflies.
Dry eyes are once again stained;
But I no longer feel the pain.
Rage is all that will remain.
I've found vengeance in this rain.
Beaten. Bludgeoned. Bloody. Bare.
Her drops gently rinse my hair.
Scornful soul of silent stares.
I have found someone who cares.
Streaks of light scratch through the skies.
I no longer wonder why.
I look high upon her grace.
She washes my face and eyes.
Can't recall when I last cried.
I've grown fond of flying high.
Moist air sings from silken wings.
Icy frost that used to sting.
Was once such a feeble thing.
Thought to be weak and frail.
Loosely bound in string and rings,
I found freedom in her hail.
Frightened faces flushed and pale.
Pleasant plains rough shod and ravaged.
Whether saved or bound for hell,
None are exempt from the savage:
Trials of torrents wreaking havoc.
Embers shimmer bright and warm.
Hearts will cower. Flaming showers.
Every soul exposed is harmed.
Every life is proven valid.
All will suffer through the swarm.
She will dictate who is salvaged.
What remains burns in our storm. †EVL P†F

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

"Introduction To E.V.L.(Every Valid Life)"

"Intro To E.V.L.(Every Valid Life)"

My tongue is EVL.
sharp daggers to your conscious,
I love less. Speaking truth,
hurting roots and making you re boot.....
When I write, I ignite,
rewrite and comprise,
my demise lies on those sheets of paper.
Love ; my raper.
My heart is occupied.
Love with nowhere to go.
Stop sign on expression.
But when I'm on stage,
that's my heaven.
Erogenous Pain.
Erogenous Storm,
forever on the rise.
True beauty in my eyes.
Full off lies and starved in reciprocation.
My mission is to heal, NEVER conceal.
My body is my instrument.
Play me and see what happens.

Loves Medusa, Grand Ruler.

We'll bring you to your knees.
Impart with crushed hearts
Of scornful swarming bees.
Make it hard to see.
Share stories of minds shattered.
Disdain and pain scattered
Across the wall. Let it splatter
Like bits of brain matter.
Told us the shame matters;
But love was deemed insignificant.
Cower before the omnipotence
Of vessels void of innocence.
This is the cruelest climate.
Light hides as the Storm swells.
Phoenix flames untamed burn violent.
This is pure hell. E.V.L.

Crash course

Full force

Loves bullet

I light it, you pull it

In love with my hands

Take care of my demands

Every Valid Life counts

Pain is strength with continuous growing amounts

It's easy to hate you

And the lies still seep through

Triumphant in my care

No longer there

Loves rare

I never knew a heart so lonely as to where they neglected a broken one

Whose holding the gun

Of sacrifice

...This is our life

So bold.
Too cold.
I will scold
Before we grow old.
Told you tomorrow
And repeated it yesterday:
Not today.
No longer asking why.
I just gouge your crooked eye
Until you kneel to 5'9" high.
My slaughterhouse sigh.
Made me cry.
Pupils and retinas leak.
Made me feel so weak,
So you're bound to these sheets.
Fangs replace teeth.
Flesh tastes sweet
After the punch, slap,
Bang, skeet feat of defeat.
You wish it was discreet.
Let the block see
What you mean to me.
I love you, baby.
Sweet lady in her splendor:
Mangled and dismembered.
Product of my new temper
And I'm the proud presenter.


Written By: Erogenous Storm and Phoenix Force(Evelyn Rivera and Devin Joseph Metz)

Monday, June 25, 2012

"Number Won"

"Number Won"

I'm on one, too.
Three strikes.
Four scores.
Five stars
and six degrees
on the seventh day
of figure eights
around nine lives.
Perfect ten.

I'm all eleven wonders in one.
The ace after the even number
with the convenient clarity
of a multitude or singularity.
Blackjack barometer.

Your makeshift thermometer
Accuses me of fondling numbers.
Well when I'm six feet under,
Will I replace the ninth wonder?
I'm searching for answers
With this eight ball in my hands.
Does it say I'm twice as lucky
Or I don't stand half of a chance?

Stood still from four points
Just to view the Sabbath
With no statistical chance
To engage in bad habits.
Three sixty five days
And I only got it twice;
So on day three sixty six,
I better get my fix.

On an arithmetic mission
That requires lowered eyes,
A rock solid coefficient
And two separated thighs.
Submission to long division.
Variable extraction.
Addition by subtraction
Always simplifies the fraction.

You think that's incredibly sexy.
Likely why you call and text me.
I know you wouldn't test me;
But something tends to vex me:
This is your seventh visit
To my domicile to date.
If the clock creeps past eleven,
Would you consider that too late?

It's ten thirty nine,
your fourth glass of wine,
And the last forecast
Said the weather wont be fine.
Found about three blankets
And an extra two pillows.
Air is sixty three degrees.
You're on true chill, though.

Damn. Was I too uncouth?
Was that vermouth eighty proof?
Maybe platonic is the truth.
So much for my sweet tooth.
Thought I was deep in the game.
Thought we were one in the same.
Riled me up and left me tame.
I just lay here feeling lame.

It was twelve fifty four
Before I slept through your snores.
Now it's one twenty nine.
You reach in from behind.
Two or three blinks
And I can feel you wink.
Lust level at eleven.
Hands squeeze as they sink.

Had too much to drink?
I mean I've learned my lessons:
Know when not to think
And avoid twenty one questions.
Forget that last minute.
Make the most of each hour.
Actually, no time limit.
Just a session and a shower.

Ten fingers.
Yeah. Two hands
And a pair of lips
Surround one shaft
Like one bad mother.
Damn right.
Lost track of time
But we both won tonight.

Never knew where or when
I would get back in those guts
As you scaled numerous limbs
In hope of more than two nuts.
Enjoyed eight little deaths.
Was going for all nine lives,
But we've lost enough sweat.
It's five fifty five.

You sure you have to go?
Stay a little after six.
I've so much more in store.
Learned a handful of tricks.
You say "On day three sixty six,
I might check up on you.
But hey, we did have fun."
Damn. She was on one, too.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, June 22, 2012

"Conscious Coitus"

"Conscious Coitus"

Knead what you need
on knees for seeds
like bath beads
from the membrane
that scatters splattered batter
across mainframes before laughter.

My thoughts are spilling.

Duck and cover.

Let me leak, then…

Let me leak then.
Find my peak with
no words to speak.
Barely mumbled.
Never humble.
Toss, topple and tumble
til snores follow grumbles.

Brains listen with ample ear lobes
to one who takes them
halfway around the globe
with the least of clothes.
Traveling free for me to see…

Far from a god but
across the sheets from deity;
immaculate injections
melt into skin
clawed so raw till pain
resembles the stars they saw.

Body parts pinned down;
so dead to rights
that you'll whisper
"Fuck Life."
Repeated deaths craved
and revisited like relapse
as you gasp.

Can't fall back on top.
Won't fall over bent over.
Survey follicles
and rove with mandibles
across the tangible.
Concrete meat meets sheets.

Blatant when discreet;
so if this isn't the preferred feat,
say "Stop" and I might go.
Think "Stop" and I'll say "No."
Mind and mouth fed.

Head full from what
emerges from the cranium.
Cranium on E like
happy candy and epilepsy
with side effects like
dry mouth and damp panties.

Envied by those
who befriend me
before they see
their fair ladies
fawn over daydreams
of their flagrant foul fantasy
involving "He" or me;

But I'm selective with my friendly.
I see your shimmy
and thickness desired.
Desired by the skinny.
Thigh plans and ass interpretations.

Never thirsty but
I appreciate the great lake:
Moisture assured from words
you may have read or heard
too absurd to hide
quivers and shakes.

Not ready to recall.
Still enjoying the free fall:
Waist follows.
Face first.
Doing my very best worst
to make more than the voice burst.

We shine in the center of a shrine:
Hapless artwork
bred of short skirts
and torn shirts.
Followed a flirt.
Forgot mourning.
Good Morning.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Hot Nights(Asylum)"

"Hot Nights(Asylum)"

This is just…………

Late night.
Dim lit.
Smart scenery selection
For acting like dimwits.
Get stupid.
Get lit.
Go dumb.
Can't quit.
Held you tightly.
Hands so numb.
Biting your lips.
Give me those crumbs.
Here we go.
Here they come.
The music is loud.
Blend in with the crowd.

This is so…………

You say I wont make it.
You think I can't take it.
You think I just fake it.
You act like I'm naked.
You like pushing buttons.
Quit talking. Move something.
Slow then fast.
We'll finish last.
Just instrumentals.
Pick up the tempo.
Pace is incremental.
Leave me a memento.
Hips to bottom lips.
They both graze the dental.
Time to dip and slip.
So much for the simple.

This is all…………

Corks explode from bottles.
You take me full throttle.
Eyes just look around.
Damn. It's going down.
The whale just sunk the boat;
So you begin to float.
You grind against my growth.
I grab you by the throat.
Clap it in my lap.
I just wanna tap.
It feels like I'm trapped.
Homie gave me daps.
Something must be wrong.
I start feeling weak.
You expose that thong.
Separated cheeks.

This right here…………

That's your jam.
Here's your favorite spot.
Skin is wet and hot.





Profuse perspiration.
No interpretation.
Lost in the translation.
Such a warm sensation.

Dyslexia in facets.
Distorted and loud.
Ninety-six drink glasses.
Sixty-nine ways to clear the crowd.

Groups can't help but stare.
Sweat drips from your hair.
No one calls Security.
We don't even care.

I swear this is…………

Delightful dementia.
Our favorite dilemma.
Your soft lips caress me.
Twisted epilepsy.
Strobe lights shining bright
While we wrestle and fight.
Garments are displaced.
Scrambling for a taste.
Pull it out.
Put it in.
Wipe my chin.
Evil grin.
The crowd starts to cheer.
Moans fill every ear.
Time is drawing near.
The club begins to clear.

This was…………

Unheard of familiarity.
Unmatched similarity.
Murky, shrouded clarity.
Deranged means of charity.
Gave the crowd some levity
Instead of things to hide from.
Insanity is fantasy.
The floor is our asylum.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, June 15, 2012

"Dripping Lips"

"Dripping Lips"

I hold quaint conversing
With the mere thought of you.
Dreams manifested under the glow
Of a moon that only shows
What I reserve under secrecy
Until none are near me.
None are present to dash you.
No dominion near to steer me.

You exude slippery smooth tones.
Your words feel slick and greasy.
Could it really be this easy?
I fear that I may become queasy.
Don't just look to please me.
Don't stroke my ego with trust.
It's days past swollen from lust.
One sharp thrust and it may bust.

Messy hands you willingly examine.
Feast on my offering after the famine.
I love to watch you gorge
With a hunger most can't imagine.
Your image will fade away.
Such is outlined in life's script.
All that's left to greet the day
Are remnants of dripping lips.

Brush strokes slam against canvas
As you peel through the pastels,
Glide gracefully past watercolors
and greet me where the ink fell.
A Scotch soaked mind
Found focus through the tears
To use what colors he could find
Just to briefly bring you here.

I discuss life with your portrait.
Your silhouette is fresh and wet.
Five glasses made you wink;
A gesture I'd never forget.
You sound so very soft;
Liquid lover sent from high
To cater to my afternoon.
I don't want the paint to dry.

You blow the sweetest kisses.
You command those batting eyes.
Your lashes highlight those eyeglasses.
I lean back and graze the skies.
I believe it was glass seven
When I came back from my trip
To see my angel return to Heaven
And leave me with dripping lips.

Walked hand in hand with your desires;
Words that strike me to this day.
I hope that we find a way
To make sure they finally stay.
You're such a tease;
Telling me you hold me dear,
Swearing that you've held back tears
And I can hardly keep you near.

Regardless of how bad it seems,
This is not a sad love scene.
Thoughts we trade are perfect. Pristine.
We just stay within our means.
I sit with you.
You lay with me.
I feel you near.
We just…………can't be.

We swap out our well wishes
To trade decadent, explicit dishes:
Desire through the wire.
Advances by text message.
I download your attachments
And get lost below your hips.
Fond memory cluttered with tidbits
Of those swollen, dripping lips.

I want a sip.
I want to be soaked.
Run down my throat.
I want to choke.
I want to drown.
Cut off my air, baby.
Don't you dare save me.
Leak with frequency, fair lady.
The aftertaste is sweet.
I don't mind a little savory.
Put this face to work, love.
I don't mind at all. Labor me.
I don't care who finds out.
It matters not who sees.
Just grab each and every braid
And bring me to my knees.
Try not to lose your grip.
Just let my fingers slip.
My tongue will dance and flip.
You just dunk and dip.
He's still out of town.
She left on a trip.
Let it come crashing down.
Drench these dripping lips.

Let my hand go.
I'm not Picasso.
I speak as night air flows.
I drink and talk slow.
Your touch is brief at best;
Likely why my mind skips
Between soft kisses from Mrs.
And your dripping lips…………

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Thursday, June 7, 2012



I had to turn my head
On an angle just to see right.
Could've hid my face; but instead,
I let you blind me with your light.

You're out of this world.
Where did you come from?
Your existence is minimum.
Your rarity is premium.
Time space continuum?
Could I still be dreaming?
You say I fit your curriculum.
There's no need for screening.

Maybe I am a case study.
I'd gladly be your subject;
I'm so delightfully objectified;
So why would I object?

Can't fathom how this feels.
You sure you're here for me?
This is simply unreal.
It's still too bright to see.

I've wondered what would be
Should we ever come in contact:
Would I follow willingly
or find reasons to retract?
Not like I have a choice.
My decisions hardly matter
When such a lovely voice
Imparts endearing chatter.

Elements gather when you talk.
I swore this was a fallacy;
Because I don't even hitchhike
But I'm wrapped within your galaxy.

You've that supernatural rhetoric.
I take in everything you say.
I may never walk away.
Let's make forever our first day.

Your glowing skin
And silky sway
Makes me crave you
In the worst way.
Drown me the milky way.
Smother me.
Make me want to stay.
Make separation a hardship.
Remove it from my logic.
Replace it with soft lips
Wrapped around identifiable objects.

You're special.
Not like endangered species;
But more like extraterrestrial.
How dare I be so skeptical?
How could one be so critical?
Why latch on to cynicism
When such a lovely individual
Dashes all of my criticism?

I've showered in the sun's rays
And swam freely through the moon;
But I never dreamt that one day,
The universe would make me swoon.

Under God's concentration,
The stars were formed and aligned
To create beautiful constellations
In honor of his design;
But if his endless power
Was never clearly defined,
I'd show you to the planets.
Your grace will be the underline.

It would be presumably tragic
To say you're merely magic.
Kiss me through the static.
I'm done with temporary.
Let's make love automatic.
Feed me til I'm manic.
For you I'm a fanatic.
Blood rushes like I'm frantic.
I need you like a cure.
I want you like an addict.
You're light years past pure.
Your love is intergalactic.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz