Sunday, January 22, 2017



I sat too close to the screen
and it claimed some vision.
Sight held ransom.
Paid quite the handsome price
to suffice with these frames
and suffer through these names
I've now grown numb to.
So much from you
I've had to endure
in a distortion as pure
as this saline solution.
Said I'd gain my retribution
but I don't think I want it

Imagined life through the monocle.
Focused and trained the eye that goes
wherever this mind would have it. 

For what it's worth,
I keep them clean.
I channel surf through TV screens
and study long on what is seen
as worthwhile among the peers.
These years have been different since
insurance covered every cent
so that this world would make some sense
at least from where I sat....
"Who is that?"
"What are those?"
"What's worse: his posture or his clothes?"
"They sit crooked on his nose."
"How could he see to read his prose?"

I suppose,

or anything
or any way but me.
The right inclined and will to see
I've now ignored vehemently.
Saw what they saw
so I hid from me. 

Emerged from
the dirge of my depression
with lessons learned in fear
prolonged like the essence burned til seared
into my mind certain and clear
as my reflection
as they rest upon my ears.
Years made a fad of the forlorn.
Once scorned now lauded.
Applauded even.
Receiving what I have no use for
Remembered how
but you're forgetful now
and I find that entertaining
amid the maiming with your games
and barely recalling my name
except when exacting some shame
to promote your own effort to fame.
You see me.
You always have
and I am now
what you'll never have the chance to be.
Fancy me in my frame
when your she recalls my name
but would exclaim yours in intimacy. 

and you can't even examine yourself.
Lies are not fair to the health
or the eye sight
so while you fight through the tears,
think of one among your peers
that once had to choke them back,
turn around and not push back
just to preserve what you now lack. 

Protect your face when fate attacks.
Don't break that frame.
They won't take it back....... 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Candle Wax"

"Candle Wax" 

Raining sideways.
The bulk of my days
spent searching for the sunlight.
This mud might be the blessing.
A lesson taught yet ignored
here on the floor
with this wet book of matches.
The drapes
match the skies
and my disposition.
Envisioned a much brighter place.
Felt that to hide my face
would be protection from the rays.
Now I'm content concealed from days
in ways most introverts would question. 

in my mind
in my head
in that bed
sunk deep into the fabric.
Figured me elastic:
circling back with the charm
that always guaranteed some harm
to one
or many
of the select few
who knew I'd soon return for rest
but even the best of my acquaintances
could not have possibly foreseen
exactly where I've been these days. 

Would raise up from any position
to make sure it glistens.
Listened as fingers snapped.
Waited for the scratch
that would give way to clarity.
I would practice nights
but tragically
had no similar effect on illumination
at first
but in my worst of determined works,
both ends would smolder.
I the holder
in control of absolutely nothing.
I hoped it would last
as long as my pride
but in my ways,
I have learned that the day
will not delay for me.
What I can see
is relative to my portion of time
and mine would be considered mismanaged. 

Fortunate for the darkness
as no one can see the tarnished
remains of what I took for vain
until maimed further than I can bandage.
This source of power damaged
and sticky in my hands.
Used to burn bright where it would stand.
Ignored the breeze or ceiling fan.
Made clear the path to my demands so hollow. 

Now what have I to follow? 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz