Monday, May 23, 2016



Greed for the speed.
This much I don't need.
Exceeds and impedes
what was meant in my pacing.
like my legs
like my heart
just racing
and I'm facing more than I've explored.
I cannot afford under duress
so the stress I call progression.
I promised to learn the lesson
and apply it well.
Well said.
Loop I can't thread
when my tires fail tread
and hydroplane into the next measure.
Eyes locked on treasure
can't appreciate the distance
or the time spent bridging the gap.
Mishap of the shaken.
Mileage much mistaken
and my cruise misconstrued
so I've lost some control.
Sold on the search for the soul years after
when I'm close to the crash
and my first is my last chance
to brake and drive slower.
Nightmares of the smolder.
Afterburner hotter than a furnace full of coal
and you wonder why I signal.

Burned into my mental
are events instrumental to acceleration.
Elevation once a foregone conclusion
now resembles confusion in clusters
and short spurts I've not mustered
any sufficient resistance to.
Those who know knew less
and those who knew knew nothing
of my turbulent times.
Tumultuous times
where the line blurs
and my sight once sharp and stern
is but a distortion aggravated in increments
too well placed to be perceived coincidental
but who do I blame?
Time is untamed
and famous for the push forward.
Somewhat infamous.
Some of it I trust
but most of it has forsaken me.
Can't catch up to what chases me.
Trapped in steam and vapor dreams.
View less pristine awakening.
Time loaned taken away from me.
I can't slow down
so pray for me....

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Monday, May 16, 2016



Acting like you lost the invitation.
Attacking like you weren't in the equation
when you took shortcuts
just to skip a few levels.
Walking back defeated.
and even more envious of the bezel. 

Why couldn't you just take yours....

Better with mine.
I'm better defined
and rather profound.
More effective when found
after all that is lost.
Attempts have a cost
yet you've tossed them into dirt
like it wouldn't hurt.
Rain helps with the pain.
The less that you know
while I soften the blow.
Always had more to show.

Thankful for distraction.

Our interactions critical.
The sad part?
This is vintage.
Rough on the eyes.
The uncomfortable image.
Unbearable sight when we fight
where I let you be right
when I still wasn't wrong.
This is taking too long
but this is life prolonged.

Better with signs
to assist with detection.
Better outlined.
I could use some direction.
Tried self protection
but I've hemorrhaged lately.
Veins drain from the chains
to the ankles on an angle
and we both had to dangle
when it was time to step up.
Thought myself a step up
but you can't hide demeanor.
Air much cleaner
when I choose to concede.
You get the chance to succeed
but is that all that you needed?

Better when I'm
not willing to challenge the words.
You ask me what you heard
as if I were to flinch.
Teeth clench
like the fist does.
A kiss does
absolutely nothing for me.
Can't pacify the fruit
and expect fermentation.
At least when routinely pulverized,
I had reason for this fixation
upon the process of potential.
Convinced that the process was essential.
No easy sell presumably
since you knew me
and thought that I
would rather die
than be alive and alone.

Grapes aren't grown in such shade.

Should I fade,
please watch me wither
if you won't dare
impart as giver
to lend a hand
and tend to vines.
Your pride our trap.
We are confined

and the raisin wasn't meant to reach the water.

Better with time
that I've used on the specifics.
Richer with time
much to the chagrin of the cynics.
The clinic designed
to manage, process and refine
but I am small batch.
No use for tall vats and latches.
Threaten with matches.
I will be the year lamented over.
Functional tears tell of a fear
that you have taken over.

You see,
under the heat I smolder
but with the cold I build.
Dash of vermouth
to up the proof
so please indulge when chilled.
Every bit worth the field
where vines have grown in measures.
The rarest wine made over time

and this life is looking better.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"F.M.L.: Detour"

"F.M.L.: Detour"

We took this path
when you took me back
and I took this fall
and I took your call
then we watched it all.
We heard the blast
and we felt the crash
but we could not stall.
The worst of it all
on display in the shade
of a veil forged in wells
more saline than the tears
that have run to the ears for refuge.
To choose is a struggle
that should never have been.
The love that of a friend
becoming a "remember when"
is much more than either of us bargained for.
The smoldering shelter
filled with burning letters
has taken the form of a deleted thread.
Patience depleted and optimism premium
over me not being the "him"
that you never wished to pull from.

Here it comes......

The haphazard,
frantic attempt to push away.
Far away
until the day you impart the stranger words:
"Hey Stranger."
Made your point as clear
as the haze in your perception.
Gave direction without the map
and memory never applied.
Lied to bide
because you need to hide
when you'd much rather confide
but there is harm in these arms
no matter how warm.
Thoughts will swarm across the surface.
I'm anxious.
You're nervous.
We're angry.
This ain't we.
This can't be.


Neither can we.


Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Thursday, May 5, 2016



Tall order for short measure.
You only notice when I talk reckless
and to talk reckless,
I need the checklist.
Checkered past
but a chest filled with pawns.
Floored on the board
and the chess is prolonged.
No vest on my chest
cutting through like the bishop
more ruthless than rook.
Castle with hooks
and never paid for the bars.
Real mean for my queen.
That's why the king has his scars. 

Still don't know who you are. 

More easily identifiable by far
than by most up close.
Recognition up to par
from the way that you boast
but what is noticed the most?
You only see me
when the back meets the ropes
and you're trapped
and you choke.
You would laugh unprovoked
as if I couldn't stay woke.
I don't sleep on subliminal.
The criminal caught
is the lesson taught
where few have listened. 

I guess tradition doesn't matter. 

I suppose I'm to be flattered
because you were just playing.
I romp and ridicule
and now you want to fight.
Took your night
and let today have a look.
Time frame for mind games
and still found time to cook.
You can't play by this book.
I wrote every chapter.
Wouldn't feed on knowledge
now you're starving after the fact..... 

........what remains intact is the fact
that you don't want me to release the evil.
You blink or sigh
or question why
and there will be upheaval.
Stabbed with the sharpest needles.
Wounds similar in dimension
that slowly drain what you've sustained
to invoke your ascension.
Lest I fail to mention,
I'm not one for boast or sport
so when I come for teeth and tongue,
consider it retort.
The spoils for such a chore.
Nothing less. Nothing more
and that's me being nice.
A meager price
just to settle the score
and before you gain sense,
I will have rinsed away the remnants.
Was offended that you'd try.
Thought at first to wonder why
when you know how hot the flame burns
in an instant for onlookers in the distance.
The one thing worse than a death sentence
is your existence
during my relentless persistence.

You can't prevent this. 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz