Saturday, October 31, 2015



If I made time
to look at your face,
I'd tell the truth
but all I care to see
sits still in this flute.
Silhouette yet adorned in soft light
so I can't hide from you.
Not even on late nights.
Flights from common
to the rarest of cities.
Felt the frost of regret
long after hoping you'd come with me.
The sun just fills me
with reasons to abstain.
The bubbles in this glass...
they run away from the rain
to stain this tray.
Figured they'd gain a way
to secure their getaway
but they lost their vessel. 

How have we managed? 

Advanced your vantage
from meager to militant.
Innocent in perception.
Favorable dereliction from the norm.
Used once as fear from harm
to tell the tale of half truths.
Another half flute and debate ensues.
Conversing I've come to rue:
Confirmed again that men
are truly demonic creatures
with such heavenly features.
The staunch teachers of irony.
Loathsome, tiring, uninspiring, conventional
words bred of the cynical
recited in cyclical rhythm
as often as the songs taught to toddlers.
I find her and request another bottle:

stay awhile.
I am throttled by my company.
Come now.
Comfort me.
Let me not suffer this alone."

Majesty upon your throne
sneering away at me,
your assumed vagabond
perceived as plotting between your legs
and those of the next waitress that smiles.
Wiles I've no reason to confirm
or beg pardon for if affirmed.
Tiles harder to walk across.
With every sip,
a slip awaits the stumbler.
Your slumber my reward.
Life is hard.
Love ain't easy.
That was painful.
I am queasy.
Found this so easy to drink.
Sipping between every blink.
Gulp til we don't care to think.
Stemware strewn across the sink.
Detergent can't wash away
anything about we.
Hungover for days
finding ways to dream about we:

About how it fizzles
and tickles when we kiss.
About our favorite year.
That one bottle we've missed. 

About how crazy gets
a little lazy when we're drunk.
About minds so hazy
we locked the keys in the trunk. 

About the only way
to ensure that we reconvene.
About how I'm an asshole
for perceiving you as mean. 

About time that is better when
it is experienced instead of measured.
About our blatant obscenities
trapped in moistened love letters. 

I highly doubt the fact
that this is a public conversing
will encourage some tact
before more yelling and cursing.
Blurt in spurts words
that the heart should never hear.
Asking you to go back home
when I still want you near.... 

Choke the tears back.
They make it taste flat
and we've paid too much in privacy
not to have something of quality. 

Call over the waitress......

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"The Wages"

"The Wages" 

Wire barbed
and my thighs are scarred
and my skin is scored
and the open pores
mark a thirst for more.
Torn through flesh
to a solid core.
I am violent more
than I was before.
Keeping score?
Liked me less
when I would talk more
but loved me best
when I could not best
though I would resist
and you could desist
but you would not cease
so I tend to wounds
and I seal each crease.
Before I heal soon,
you would steal my peace. 

You don't have the room.
Nothing in the least.
Time I would not lease
So let me speak my piece.

My only demand
is that you understand
before you rake my hand. 

I spent the best days of my life
looking for the right people.
To be truly honest,
I really don't think I like people.
Unlike people,
I don't square off in an instance
for a problem better solved
beyond proximity and distance. 

So you wonder why I climb high;
sliding through the sharp.
Not for rainbows, milk and honey
or an angel with a harp.
They will see me mortified.
Teardrops dangling from their eyes
at the view of hanging flesh
in lieu of covet in distress.
Dress this scene.
Press it clean.
Pull the remnants from my dreams.
Nothing left of the obscene.
Every rung a truth unseen.
Secrets stashed upon this ladder.
The latter I've fancied created.
Wished for ways to make it
easier to vault
without impedance and halt.
Metal burning scabs like salt.
You learned nothing from your fault 

but I have earned today
regardless of what you will realize

and my eyes are fixed
on these jagged,crumbling bricks
that break and crack
before they fall.
Watch me crawl
if your heart will allow
as I hang from it all
and you aim to stall
the journey that will surely
claim you as next to embark.
Destined to rise from the dark
since sandcastles in the park

but this climb won't end until we start. 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Warm Sugar"

"Warm Sugar"
Imagined you breached.
Briskly broken.
Blissfully burst forth ...

from the very first moment
that my lips intended to graze.
Softer than glaze
dancing in ribbons
as it twirls about fingertips
to land on the tongue.
Hung well
on promises of the milky.
Sweet cream this young.
This fresh.
This silky
This pure.
Enduring no process
to progress through maturation
in the manner nature envisioned.

This is what endears me to you.

From your scent
to your hue
to your texture so complex
and intricate
and delicate
and decadent.
The frost left in your wake
serves to confirm why I am seething.
Perceived somewhat misleading
until the day my breathing
sweetened the taste of every sigh.
Wished for what
and wondered why
while wanting how

to take place here and now.

Rubbed you slow against my brow.
Felt you quake and tremble.
Actions that resemble
anticipation from neglect.
Starved for one who will not let
one single grain escape unclaimed.
The lust untamed.
I bust the frame.
I break it out.
I take it out.
I let you come.
I feed you some.
It smears across the teeth.
The spell is strung.
Sensations sung
too loud to be discreet.

Every crease a compliment
on counters sitting pretty
resting wide with eyes and grinning
lower lips that whisper

"Come And Get Me."

Sitting plain
on marble plains
where streaks and stains
have stated plain
that I acknowledge pain with more.
Portions of you on the floor
still dripping from the handle
and I handle the upholstery
for sake of savoring the morsels.
What gathers in a pool below
to crystallize in viscous flow
is drawn from where the kisses go
while braids are held beneath torso.

Watch it crush and crumble
as it tumbles across tonsils.
Taste buds tingling in counsel.
Lost to wander at the knees.


My imagination
goes further than fascination.
Potent as libation
proofed to the next degree
like a syrupy sea
washing across my sweet tooth
tingling to chew
all that is you
until quivers become numb.
Licking lips and sucking thumbs.
Sweetest scent filling my lungs.
Stole from shame collecting crumbs


and you don't even know........

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Wet Blades"

"Wet Blades" 

This traction.
....Palms over awnings.
Drawn to the scent relentlessly.
Spent after dreams
realized through screams so violent
that used to vex in silence.
I am conscious of what led me.
Head swimming in the rapture of it all.
Soaked walls with sweat
whilst we kept regret at bay.

Today has taken place
for what felt like lifetimes
before this very instant.
Can't afflict while distant.
Can't invoke unprovoked.
Can't tie the rope.
Can't watch you choke
so deep the air escapes
with fairer drapes to peek through.

Moistened sharps.
Torn apart.
Peeled you slightly.
Let you bite me
and pretend to fight me
only to ensure disappointment
should our bond become disjointed.

You're too sick for we....

So I'm tarnished
here and there subsequently
Your character haunts me so violently.
Shall we overcome?

Shadowed and shamed through black marrow
Rained on with sparrows
I can only feel your arrow

Piercing my lungs
Harder to focus with short breath
Your new nest
Sits best
; heavy on my chest

After this relentlessness
I need bed rest, yes.

Mere formality
For pageantry that ensues.
Imbued with a lust
That trust identifies as forsaken.
Awakened in full bloom.
Away locked in this room.
Array that I assume.
A way this milky moon
Vanishes in our shadow.
A zone fit for the shallow.

Cracked bones to sip the marrow.
and slashed.
Embattled victim.
Watched you sulk for savages
Nowhere near as ravenous as me.
Aimed to ravage. They just feed.
My advantage is your need.

Rip and ram to spill the seeds.
The moon will hide.
She cries.
We bleed. 

Roses growing from concrete.
Stiff feet
Mere formality
Blurry realities
I'm back.

Up against the wall
I won't crack
This is clearly a hack
Time tested
Unwavering projections
life lessons
No contestant.
I'm looking for a simile
to hide the things I really mean
But ain't no half stepping
when I'm left second guessing.

What remains certain is the temperature.
We won't grow old

if the blood is cold
and the edges crust over time.
Sublime that fateful encounter.
Fruitful reminder
of what surfaces
when motive is not disclosed.

Clothes stained
from exposed membranes
I have sought to poke and twist.
More fun when you resist
and reach for me.
Expose your
and watch the essence flail.
Cascade high then fall like hail
Smooth the swing. The slice won't fail.
Saw you cry but they can't tell... 

Written By: Evelyn Rivera & Devin Joseph Metz