Friday, October 26, 2012

"Diary Of A Valedictorian"

"Diary Of A Valedictorian"

Only want to leave
If I can get far away.
I'm on par today.
System running well.
Had to dodge hell
On the way to occupation.
He who rules a nation
Must contain the infestation.
No more lent to clues;
So in other news,
I just stripped the taxes
From my daily dues.
Praise to him forever.
Faith kept me together
When I knew that it would fall.
Never knew much at all.

So focused on learning.
Interested in earning.
Longing for new lecture.
No time for Trendsetter.
Nothing circles the cortex
Quite like a pair of squares.
Three angles of my attention
And I'm in the fourth dimension.
Stirred cyphers in study hall.
More than books lined the walls.
Academic bliss like a french kiss.
Rosetta stoned from the tongues.
Rhetoric I rarely ever speak
Splitting space with her tongue and cheek.
Said my study habits were weak.
She's my tutor twice a week.

On my way soon.
Just had view her swoon.
Time rescues the truth
From it's cage tooth by tooth.
Always took a chance
Without relinquishing my stance
And when making my advance,
I wield my wiles like a lance.
Javelin meets jugular;
Tearing down her muscular tones
Until her voice invites dial tones
And the need to be alone.
Not under the moon's eyes
Have I ever felt the need
To make room for another
Atop my restless, wandering steed.

So here we are. No luxury.
Traveling far across country.
Culture rich like cream.
Creating tomorrow's dreams today.
So much left to say.
Struggled finding ways.
I'm so fond of being fancy.
I should just say that I'm happy.

System well oiled.
Above par today.
Got so far away
And we did it all our way.
Home is in the miles.
Deeply delved in these domicile detours
and a haven of vast horizons.
We don't hear the sirens.
Crime replaced by wind chimes.
Gunshots are now slingshots;
Launching bullets at half speed
In the form of nourishment for seeds.
Blue streaks no longer scar pupils.
No blood left under cuticles.
No woeful sights to see.
Just my tutor and me.

Just daydreams.
Mercy me.

Life is so very grand.
She has a mean handstand
and a marvelous grind.
Such a rare find.
I want to use my hands
But this back to school dance
Is riddled with chaperones.
We can't be alone…………
…………we still have our zone.
We silence our phones
And sneak off to study hall.
Time to line her walls.
Skirt dangles from her ankle.
Awesome display of an acute angle.
A perfect forty-five degrees
Starts with her separated knees.
Coursing through trembling thighs
And deep sighs between cries.
Her love of pain against the grain
Gives me a residual high.

Everything felt right.
We walked home that night.

Okay; so it's all a story.
Let me forge my glory!
I'll never be a jock.
Nobody thinks I'm hot.
I'm cool with being a nerd.
The jocks don't know big words.
They can't even spell "absurd."
I win most verbal disputes.
I won't choose cleats over boots.
I'm sarcastic and astute.
I love to play the flute.
My tutor thinks I'm cute.

My words will pave the way;
But anyway,
There's not much more to say.
We'll talk another day.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Suicide Beneath The Sky"

"Suicide Beneath The Sky"

Held hands with hope
While forewarned by fate
That the sky would be falling.
I ignored the warnings.
It all crashed around us.
Stubborn heart.
Foolish mind.
Had to leave my hope behind.
Lodged within the rubble.
Said that she was trouble.
Nothing was more absurd
Than her dieing words.
At least that's what I figured.
Felt broken and disfigured.
Days from reaching for the trigger.
Guess I was waiting to be delivered.

The setup.
The sketch.
The plan.
The schematic.
It was so awesome and tragic.
Head over heels between meals,
more thrills, high heels, deep chills,
Thick legs well fed.
Restless nights in bed
Pondering her like stories unread.
Festering fascination and infatuation.
I wouldn't own up to obsession;
Yet I clung to it amid objection.
Down to ride although unidentified
As her affectionate equivalent.
Monthly lease. Not even rent.

I was content.
I wouldn't insist.
Never could resist;
Even while she would enlist.
So willing to desist
That I ignored the list.
No way I'm on it.
No way it exists…………
Jumped over turnstile and fence
Against the grain of common sense
Even when it all felt tense
For a love worth three cents.
Phrases coined for wooden nickels.
Penned verses profound yet simple
From a heart so quick and nimble
Threading heartstrings without my thimble.

Daredevil duty in surrender.
Relentless consent to malicious intent.
Stalwart diligence in pursuit
Of branches bearing little fruit.
Our tree yields no nourishment.
Seeds planted deep in holes wide open.
Token child of love's light well rooted.
Hopeless romantic rogue to paths chosen.

Hopeless? Yes.
Love? Sure.
Learned to hope less;
Yet I still loved more.
Loved with all I had.
Would borrow more from lenders.
Thought I wore her heart tender.
Not much progression rendered.
Played possum and pretender.
Her and I.
Her for reasons why.
I as if it would never die.

She doused my sunlight.
Stole stars before midnight.
Cracked the crevice of our heaven
And crushed my clouds with might.
Fate and time screams loud.
I ignore and stare like I'm proud;
Overflow of elation like asphyxiation.
Ties never severed for sake of circulation.
Brother smothered.
Twisted sister.
Makeshift markdown hoping one day
To be addressed as her mister.

Sky falls with tears.
Moist eyes trace trickles to ears.
Hope is all I see
Since she no longer wants me.
Hope would lay with me
When my emotions were doubled
and I ignored impending trouble.
Held hands beneath rubble.

Debris cuts my face.
I still seek her grace.
Eyes scratched raw and wet.
Blood burns like mace.
Here, my dear.
Hope, draw near.
Even she forsakes me.
Hopeless love sedates me.

Nothing more to shake me.
Worked so hard to break we
That she would even berate me.
My lifeless love so unrequited.
Death of hope like life extinguished.
Hope floats; leaving me undistinguished.
No substantial trace. Just my disfigured face.
Life of love for the death of me.

Hope floats. Faith anchors.
Love desired. Faith favored.
Lust savored. Time trials.
Tread me thoughtless. Heart defiled.
Basked, wallowed and riled.
So much ambiance in my wiles.
Faith couldn't stall. The sky still falls
And love for her trapped me under.

Nowhere I'd rather be.
She means so much to me.
I'm sure one day she'll see.
My body scorched whole for we
And scattered across the sea.
Extensive stints of tears she cried;
But I don't understand why
She'd choose to lie under the same sky…………†EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Black Water"

"Black Water"

Rinse that mind with black water…………

Rinse your mind with black water..
Collect my darkness in a coffee cup..
Press your lips to my broken identity..
Consume me..

Expound in space.
Search for grace
in plain sight without light.
Conjure a cure for the pure
that never new bright for night.

But the pure dies in agony
atop the bed of nocturnal respite..
once drowned in blue matter
the crater of light ascends truth..

Pillar is not pedestal.
Even intellectual brilliance
claims no radiant luster to muster;
flustered by the fact that black defies

But black embraces the corrupt
beauty of altered lucifer..
muted light absorbing the
ever present anomaly of intangible dark..

I agree. Isn't it lovely?
Darkness……how her arms hug me
with no comfort displaced.
First tastes left me
to revel without fear…

She..a deity..
a noir queen taking into her soul
the pungent taste of wandering youths..
we move thru her like radiant children

We the woeful left seeds
that she breast feeds with earnest.
Character slips with every sip.
Skin masked and shrouded in tone…

We..the remembered wicker of her womb
gathered like pearls at her feet..
hearts absorbing the energy
of metaphysical symmetry

No counsel of divinity.
Obscurity fashioned in rhythm
akin to the blind
that never touch but always bind;
clinging to acceptance.

..but acceptance cures obscurity
that drips from clouds
spray painted the color of eternity..
dark expands time..and we..die..

I defy that notion!
I partake of potion set in motion
for those void of their fathers:
Mother's black water rinses daughter fresh.

But mother's seed is as bitter
as the fruit she could not refuse..
a daughter bartered against the image
of what black eludes.

Crude course across corpse corps
riddled with plague because
their sin was being vague.
Black is depth in a queen's silhouette.

..and with the sins of a queen
twisted in spirits like skeleton keys
that don't belong to anything..
sepulcher winds blow..

and the moon glows in mockery of thee.
So decrepit is the world's decadence.
Why would I want to see?
Black water soaks pupils……

..hanging in the shallow balance
between the sin & the shadow..
a black lagoon washes clean
the muse of midnight moon's blues.

And I incur fits.
I have seen wicks
that should have never been lit.
Used to miss the way you greet the day.
Now I steal away………

..and yet we set the night aflame
and burn the clever envy
down to the filter..
black water fills the substance..
molding men..

Black water in abundance.
Wear me thin like onyx torrents
sharp as shrapnel until housed
within this ravaged heart torn apart………

..your delicate ebony pressed
to the essence of the queen's clarity,
cut from stones of jet,
a tempest reign.

Dare I feign to subscribe
to blinding existence of an adverse nature?
Would I so much as pretend
that illumination is favored?

Lit upon the brethren convened
for the word upon a treasonous tongue..
you need not express your rebellion..
black oceans cry..

And these tears would have me die.
The years would have me hide away.
Not today.
Leave me to swim void of shore.
I implore you.

And I control you..
give me the strength of depths
too dark to abide..
give me the murkiest sunrise..
drink of this acrid black tide.

I am reborn derelict to said orders.
Structure secures dismay and disorder.
I flow free within black water.
Come to me.

Rinse that mind with black water…………

Written By: Brittany Perry(Harlo Haven) and Devin Joseph Metz(EndlessInkPen)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Crumbling Shelter Of Repugnance"

"Crumbling Shelter Of Repugnance"

I'm coming home.
Been away for too long.
Felt like forever.
There are skies where I stare
And it all looks bare
Until I close my eyes.
That's when I feel her hair.
She was there. I swear.
I was never scared;
But I used to run away.
These lungs never last long
So I never got away.

Certainly not today.

Fancy me.
Used to fancy thee.
Fond of we.
Late night longing.
Hands dig with grace.
Sweat eludes your face.
Curdling cries lead sighs.
Lapped you up lovingly.
How they squeeze and hug me.
Loving vice grips.

Still on my lips.

It's been years.
Just a little while.
I still smile, albeit brief.
I don't focus on the grief.
So many memories.
Good times.
A million ways to rhyme.
Artful sublime.
My muse of sensuality.
Greatest casualty
Of a failed recognition
Of our eroding positions.

Slave nor Master ever matter.

One comes harder.
One comes faster.
It all splatters.
Not much laughter.
Too much chill.
Too routine for skilll.
We've grown disinterested
After all the time invested.
Likely why I'm sitting here
Comparing lust to fear.
Trying to power up
Like I've never shed tears.

This is comedy.

Parody complete with puppets.
Pawns in a play
That went through swift production.
Where's the eruption?
Where's the pomp?
Are we out of ambiance already?
I'm kidding, love.
The supply was never steady;
Especially since she'd let me
If I told her I was ready.
If it's been that many years;
Then maybe lust is fear.

Afraid to purge the mind.

So we always look behind
Like there's something new to find.
Same old. Same role. Same road.
Sane to scold? No.
Nothing sensible about we.
I could find a new she.
She could fall for a new he.
This will always be.
So we can walk away
As moments have us rue the day
That we said it was okay.
Never had that much to say.

But anyway,

I'm coming home.
Been away for too long.
Felt like forever.
Nothing up high for me.
Just fume and feathers.
Some fluctuating weather.
I've managed to keep it together.
Wrote a few love letters
About how we should be together,
She made it easy to forget her,
How my words got her wetter
And how we could've done better.

Words she'll never see.

I know she's lonely.
She'd never phone me.
We share no medium.
The pull is premium.
Lips connect to tip.
Bodies forge the script.
Never ending trip.
Hearts and minds unzipped.
We don't share many goals.
Just two filthy souls
That would sell them whole
To let the other take control.

I'm almost there.
I can feel her skin.
I can smell her hair.
Nothing really compares
And I never cared.
Not a matter of emotion.
This manner of devotion
Is reserved for shallow oceans.
Puddles that last a few sips.
Ravaged till the record skips.
Will dismembered. Power trips.
Love disfigured. Lustful lips.

She drips with every lick
From this pretentious prick.
I her flame. Her my wick.

She makes me sick………… †EVL

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz