Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Stitches And Scotch Tape"

Stitches And Scotch Tape

I try not to move it.
It's tired of being tossed around;
because if it's juggled too long,
it eventually falls to the ground.
Then come the footsteps
of a lost relationship yet again.
that trample through the flesh
that once held so much promise within.
It isn't always their fault, though:
Sometimes, the purveyor of cirumstance
firmly flattens it with his boot
as if to block better happenstance; 
but It just keeps brushing off
the remnants of love that always escape
and pieces itself back together
with these stitches and scotch tape.

I honestly don't know
how this keeps happening; 
but it's evident that my heart
can never evade emotional trampling.
It's as pure as can be.
It doesn't deserve the pain
of being shot, stabbed, sliced,
and thrown out into the rain.
Although this is the constant,
It just absorbs the beatings
and still searches for solace
amongst the realm of mistreatings;
and when it seems too much
for my flustered heart to take,
he uses hope as a crutch
and adds more stitches and scotch tape.

I took every relationship serious;
but my heart became the punchline.
It longs for vibrant, new life;
but always gets left with a flatline
Even when I can't take it
and don't want to try anymore,
He just patches himself up
and hopes that happiness is in store.
I often painfully implore
for him to stop hurting himself; 
but he just keeps dragging hungrily
with a painful optimism that can't be helped;
and even though he's dying slowly,
he still holds on for love's sake
and gets back to bonding & sewing
with more stitches and scotch tape.

Look at him:
A misconstrued mash-up.
A haphazard hodgepodge
of different love components
that have been ravaged
and forcefully dislodged.
He is stripped of all comfort
as his flesh hangs loosely.
He can hardly sustain himself
as he continues to bleed profusely;
so to whoever he ends up with:
Please don't burn him at the stake.
I doubt he can hang on any further:
He just ran out of stitches and scotch tape.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Twisted Elegance"

Twisted Elegance

I've grown tired of this:
I'm done with all the pain;
so give me back my umbrella
and promptly walk out in the rain.
There's nothing more to gain
from trying to keep you near.
I'm finally ready to be free
from what I used to fear.
I'm finished with the tears.
I never really had to cry.
I just look up at the sky
and let the sun dry my eyes.
Buried deep beneath the lies
were all your broken promises.
That dealt me a critical blow;
but not enough to shake my confidence.
I've reclaimed all that I am
and my heart is now at rest.
I used to give a few damns;
but you'll never see the next.
If these words seem too harsh
for you to continue reading,
then feel free to turn the page;
because I am not conceding.
I'll admit: It's truly sad
that it had to be like this;
but after how you've treated me,
I can't say there's much to miss.
There's no need to reminisce.
I can't conjure up a reason
to dwell on how quickly forever
eventually became a season.
I no longer have the time
to notice the writing on the wall.
Life is entirely too short
and I prefer to stand tall.
You were fully aware.
You know the condition of my heart.
Yet without even a somber stare,
You chose to tear it apart.
I loved you with all I had.
Part of me won't let that go;
but time ministers to the heart.
Who knows if again that light can glow?
The structure we built so high
is now void of it's residents.
We seemed to be beauty defined;
but that was just twisted elegance.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Further Than Near. Closer Than Far."

Further Than Near. Closer Than Far.

I hardly ever fall asleep;
but when that time draws near,
I can't help but think about
how I wish you were here.
When my mind is at rest,
I submit freely to my dreams
and thoughts of you always erase
how harsh love sometimes seems.
When my emotions envelop me,
I just lay back and sigh
and that image of you appears
every time I close my eyes. 
I don't know where you are
or when you will appear to me;
but one thing that remains certain
is you are all I've hoped you'd be;
so I happily fall asleep
after staring at the stars
knowing that you're thinking of me:
Further than near. Closer than far.

You're nowhere near my grasp; 
but your presence is enormous.
I have yet to view your face;
but I already know you're gorgeous.
I live for the precious moments
that I spend thinking of us.
I've yet to enjoy your company;
but I still get that rush.
I fancy you when loneliness looms
and your radiance catches my ire
as warmth fills this cold room
whilst my heart overflows with desire.
You effortlessly take me higher
when others could barely meet par.
Distance can never extinguish our fire:
Further than near. Closer than far.

I just can't wait for the day
when I can finally behold your beauty
and melt away this vice of sadness
that constantly strived to subdue me.
It's never easy stepping out on faith;
because sadness usually follows my sublime;
but for you, that chance I'd take
because I know you're my last first time.
I don't need you for means of solace
or to pacify me through my pain
because life has taught me the importance
of thanking God for every drop of rain.
Don't get me wrong: We all need help
when pushing through the muck and mire;
but I want you to be my yearning
rather than something that I require.

I want our love to endure
through the toils of every season.
That will show me your heart is pure;
purging the need to doubt for any reason.
I love how your fair countenance shimmers
even though I have yet to see.
I know you're more than a fading glimmer
of what you promised you'd be.
Our time together is secure and safe.
God always holds firm to what is due
and when he's ready to reveal your face,
His loving light will lead me to you.
You already possess the best of me
as well as the healing emotional scars.
Our love will surely perpetuate destiny:
Whether further than near, or closer than far. 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz