Thursday, June 22, 2017



You only recall me
when the wind howls
and the fowl disperse for shelter....

In the dreary I find your beauty.
Something to look forward to
when I can't even push forward
through this measure of torrents.
The anticipation torments me
as much as your absence
when I sense the warmth
replace those turbulent winds
with such stale calm by night's end
just before daybreak.

I only feel your presence
when the showers are
present in my town.
I look around at shallow crowds
and watch ponchos
and raised hoods
that resemble cowls
meant to dry their faces
all while I stand
to embrace you willingly.
I'd wonder if you were hearing me
long before thunder rolled through.
Surely you'd answer,
Am I to hope that squalls endure
much longer than this night?
Why must my world's vision be
marred amid the wind
for me to clearly see you again?

You won't come to visit
if dark clouds will imbue
no blue and white streaks
to illuminate your path to me.
I imagine catastrophe
possibly impeding your advance to me
as if you aren't the
most familiar force of nature
that has ever drawn this close to me
so what semblance of
undisturbed condition of current
and darkened, dry pavement
gives you any conceivable limit
that would make sense of your
displacement from me?

If not for your delight
in wiping the mist
that would gently kiss my face,
you'd know nothing of this place.
Wouldn't recognize the streets
without the lights
through the downpour.
You would never smell the grass
encouraged by your steps
to eventually grow more
in the strength
that is your nurturing touch.
If nature were vocal,
the trees,
the air,
even the birds
that would usually take cover
would be sacrificial in hover
before you
to implore that you
understand that I need
more of you
than the forecast would render.
I'm tired of imagination.
I no longer pretend;
whispering to myself
"It's okay. I don't need her."
whilst cursing the sun itself
in all of it's radiance
for it's role in the slow burn
of what is left
of our brief encounters.

If not for the rain,
I'd eventually embrace the pain
and forget about the harm
of having to miss my storm
each time
all over

Soak everything.

Everything that would stand between us.


Come back to me.

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

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