Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Lesser Nights"

"Lesser Nights" 

One half block between
my body and the damage.
Stared at the wreckage
since the landing.
Where I'm standing,
hands are fanning
blowing harder
cups of water
that should be buckets.
Wouldn't touch it at gunpoint.
One point can't justify the next
if unrelated to the previous.
Needing this logic
like the neediness:
Violent to a fault with a purpose.
Blacked out as if I've purchased
less time to process.
Stake driven through the progress
so life is chill until the next thrill. 

Smoke and heat becomes sunset
but not yet.
Things to say
and words to do.
Phrases I'd perform on who
like delicate experiments.
Mellow in my madness.
Fellow following her black dress
laden with accessories
likened to well placed necessities.
Noticed me and then my grin.
Whiskers underneath my chin
yet you draw near,
confide within
and say that I'm your favorite sin.
Next speed on the blender.
Siphoned through the spinner.
I can't win this far away.
Sinner can't sin in delay
and now who is gone....

........alone now.
At the rave to misbehave
but I'm trapped inside this cave.
No numbers saved
or face for that matter
so I navigate the maze
hopeful for familiar chatter
to lead me away from lights.
Heaven bless me.
Bright and mean.
Neon green.
Meshing hues.
Orange and Blue.
Tables floating.
Walls that flow.
Nauseous tremors.
Time to go but can't close tabs yet.
Should've noticed tablets
floating in between the cubes.
Neat or rocks?
They let me choose
my hair of the dog.
I'm not hungry. System clogged.
Room still spinning but they've logged
every sip it seems.
Slipped my hands into my jeans.
Zipper undone. Ripped a seam
and the cash is gone. 

Song I used to sing
while hoping for a video
but then it goes dead.
In my own head
I've defined those lines
as issues with confinement.
One I would ride with
to make fact of opinions
when one who assumes control
throws away those preferred roles
as if destiny is under contract
but at a premium with personal contact.
Clocked that
and just chose to bide time.
Here one finds the cold sweater
wearing his hot clothes.
It was not over
but I knocked over
this clock colder
than bedside water.
Lost that charm
and incurred harm.
Blaring alarm forcing me to embrace this day
when I just wished to run away.
Far back.
Back to whatever the opposite of this was.... 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

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