Saturday, April 15, 2017

"The Village"

"The Village"

Place I've come to like
after just visiting once.
Would stroll past cars and bikes. ...

Never rode there once.
Drawn long across those ten minutes
bypassing big business,
Mom and Pops
and all the hipster hangouts
where regulars would stay out
until panhandling garnered success.
Saw a girl I went to school with.
Sometimes shorts.
Sometimes sundress
but always only on the way.
Had as many words to say
as when I had that crush on her
but that was way back when.
Opposite direction of the barber shop
where friends from my childhood would stop
and share their account of nothing
and everything at the same time
until the local artist gets exposed
for using a different beat
with the same rhyme.
Can't determine if
I made this walk
around the same time
in my stints of frequency
but I would frequently
try my best to stay late.
Knew I'd gone too far
if I crossed the intersection.
Convenient placement of the sign.
Blocks away,
not hard to find
if one would take the time
to simply look up.
Took up the senses
in my nostrils first.
Pungent potpourri of spices
set on enticing my thirst.
Hint of sugar slightly flavored
I'd breathe in layers passing merchants
No more for me this moment
than price tags attached to purses
purchased by those aiming to impress
but I digress.
Would sip to sort out life's grand scheme.
Would sip again and before the end,
the evening dream that once gleamed
would seem
to last as long as the steam
blown away before each taste.

Place I've come to love
before long
like an old song.
New affection I'd have found
before returning there.
Scent of her hair
played fair with the aroma.
Routine all her own:
Fruit tea,
Vanilla scone
and the subtle rush of color
washing over her face
as she drew her mug near.
Sight so familiar
I've only ever seen after we've kissed.

Reminisced while stirring slow.
Lonesome now where lights once glowed.
Memory I'm too strained to show.
Years since I've been inclined to go
by myself.


What does it really take...

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

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