Friday, February 3, 2017

"Blinks For Whispers"

"Blinks For Whispers" 

Still think of you when I smile.
Embrace in a dark room.
Stolen glances under bright moons.
Light appears but retreats soon.
Looked at me as if viewing the world.
Drew away once the phase turned.
My favorite days before the world burned. 

These were not the things you told me.... 

Out of town on the last night.
Sacrificed for the turnaround.
No chance of a cheap flight.
Stayed here instead of hotel rooms
yet we're further away than midnight and noon.
Grabbed the phone just to plug it up.
Ignored what I wouldn't cover up.
Reclined and pulled the cover up.
Maybe this time I've had enough. 

These were not the things you told me.... would you.....

Resting there with your hair down.
Felt dismissal in the air now.
Early flight in a few hours.
Could've sworn it was the next day.
Seemed fit to be a rest day.
These really weren't our best days
and the best way to convey it all
would be to say it all
but I wait and stall
and I lose my chance..... 

.....hands hide deep in the pockets.
Fingers often move when I speak
but the words to speak remain
etched in walls across my brain.
I hope they never breach where confined.
The mind won't mind
but the tongue is not willing.
This is killing me
and knowingly, 

These were not the things you told me...

No heads up for it all.
No safety net before the fall
and the ceiling looks like the wall now.
Let me lay.
Wouldn't let myself say
that I'd never let this go
and I'd never let you know
even when it starts to show.
Matte replacing the glow.
What was new now feels dusty.
How I feel when it's just me
searching everywhere that answers must be.
Can't say that I trust me
with this much me.
Just too much, see.
You just thrust me into this void
where the only noise heard
are the unspoken words:

Told me that my love was a gift.
Said that my love caused the rift.
Told me that I should be strong.
Said that I took too long.
Told me that patience isn't perfect
but said that the patience wasn't worth it.
Told me that this life is full of lies.
Pledged the truth to look into my eyes.
Said that I should ask then demand.
Told me that I'd never understand.
Spoke of healing when I felt my worst.
Certain wounds just couldn't be nursed. 

All these truths I wish I never heard
even when you've never said a word...

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

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  1. Devin, yet again your way with words weaves tales that few will understand. I have never tried to, I love letting your words carry me into my world and fit in the places of my soul that I need them to, that I relate to. Your words fill me with love and light and I'm proud to call you friend. Pens stay ready for inspiration always sparks a flow. Luv ya

    #SocietyOfPoets #TripleaDarkness #loveandink

    These lines gave me my whole LIFE.
    "ow I feel when it's just me
    searching everywhere that answers must be.
    Can't say that I trust me
    with this much me.
    Just too much, see."