Saturday, February 11, 2017


Reminded of the fall
so far from the summit.
It seemed so often that I plummet
that I wonder who watches anymore.
Any more liquor
before I'm delivered
to the top again?
I'm so high.
Free flying above the bullshit,
the President,
and the precinct I've seen
more than street signs.
Can't recall when I last reclined
given this bed held up by screws.
Back reinforced yet bruised
as tough as leather when you step down.
Feet of yours like
that of Persians
which have never touched ground
that would not be conquered. 

I wear labels of dishonor
with no proof of dereliction.
One may ignore the connection
but the direction must be followed.
Tears we've had to swallow...
...choking back
with broken back.
My son asked why.
You shot him back.
My sister cried
while on her back.
I press.
I try.
You take it back
long before I can touch it
and wonder why they say
"Fuck It."

What I covet is my life.
Built your nation in our strife.
Killed my father,
Raped my wife
and told me to pay the price
for this mess. 

...distressed and angry
as you have made me....
...obsessed and aching.
At best,
it changed me.
So when you claim we
are not the manner of political
capable of reaching the pinnacle,
make note of the cynical look
because you never took the climb
from what I can recall
but what we know is when we reach high,
you will campaign until we fall.

What's it like being colored in America?
Being told that everything your ancestors
fought and died for still isn't yours.
Laws that's been passed that
were never meant to include you.
People in positions of power positioned
to protect us, ignore our cries.

Living in a world that pretends
to want you to succeed.
Tailored made obstacle courses
retrofitted with obscurities.
Three strikes and you're out.
Jail cells constructed to not only
confine the body but; dismantle the mind.
... cell by cell.

System set up to make you fail.
Indoctrination is a weapon
of mass destruction.
Force feed propaganda.
Porous mendacity at every turn.
Double-dealing politicians.
Everyone's against you.
Media set in place to bedim your vision.
Can't trust them.

Hands up, don't shoot. I can't breathe.
Those actions and words don't
mean a thing to a officer of the
law with a hard on for justice and
an itchy trigger finger with only
his superiority complex to guide him.
Intruding into your personal space.

How can you resist arrest for being put under arrest for not committing any crime?
Infringement of the highest degree.

Ostracized from that of what
one would consider a human being.
Things we've created..
First, looked at as obscenity.
Next it's reverse engineered.
Then, you guessed it, 

it becomes alternative facts. 

But yet, with battered hands,
contorted backs, and with
feet that have become threadbare.
We have endured all.

Now, with fist raised high, it's time
to begin our accession to the summit.
The Revolution is upon us.

Written By: Eric Gumas and Devin Joseph Metz

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