Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Bleached, Faded..."

"Bleached, Faded..."

Found the middle of our hottest days.
Forgot then remembered how to pray.
Cold sip sitting on the porch.
Meals would be arriving soon.
Said we'd be ready for the change.
Just waiting to see a purple moon.
Impatience rose and inhibition moved.
Nasty sex in the last room.
Air conditioned to chase the steam.
This must be exactly as it seems
or I at least would like to lay and dream
as long as I can.
Thoughts and plans.
Thought we'd planned our getaway
from less purposed days.
Figured out what words to say.
Practiced til blue in the face.
Recited then rewrite it
then recite it once or twice more.
Knees and palms on the floor.
Taking me amid shoes and jeans.
Twice that night before games.
Love and Lust
and all the same.
Insane how much I thought we knew.
Convinced that we truly grew.
Couldn't see the dark for the colors.
Concentrate on one.
Ignore the other.
The end smothered by hopes and wishes
and the wettest kisses
on lips so syrupy and viscous.
Fast forward from then for a reason.
Never really paid mind to the seasons
until my desperate case made for overtime.
Hoped it would work out over time
and it did
not how we expected.
Requiem for the neglected.
Accepted you as what I knew I wanted
while becoming what you don't deserve.
You get on my nerves.
How I wish the swerve
was much more deliberate.
Delivered it as "remember when"
between friends
still fawning over more than.
More than some years since
and a stolen glimpse
still invokes the reminisce
but the lights aren't as bright
and that moon is still white
and you still can't see
past yourself without me.
The biggest reason to forever doubt we. 

Written By: Devin Joseph Metz

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